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Anders Behring Breivik’s Irrational Belief about Muslim Immigrant Colonization

Oslo Rose March

Oslo Rose March

It’s not like I need to remind you that Breivik’s belief that immigration and an eventual Muslim take over were kooky, but here are some facts.

The sinful lies of Norway’s madman: European immigration in the wake of Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik, the butcher of Norway, believed the “Muslim colonization” of Europe – aided and abetted by multiculturalist fellow travelers and colluding weak-kneed politicians – was poised to destroy pristine Norway unless he acted. Breivik’s European Declaration of Independence lists a series of demands, above all that “immigration in whatever form should be immediately and completely halted and that our authorities take a long break from mass immigration in general until such a time when law and order has been reestablished in our major cities.”

The irrational fear of immigration does not align with the facts. Immigration has remained remarkably stable over the past 50 years – with approximately 3% to 3.2% of the world’s population as international migrants.

Norway, which sent to America some 522,000 immigrants over a century ago, is paradigmatic of the status quo. Over the course of 150 years, it has experienced a minor net migration gain. Today, it has approximately 550,000 immigrants – half of them originating in Europe, with Poles and Swedes leading the way. Norway has a small Muslim population (roughly a quarter of its immigrants).

Immigration’s stability is remarkable. While the potential for immigration continues to grow in our increasingly mobile and global world, the reality of international immigration remains quite stable – with more than 96% of all human beings living in the countries where they were born.

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  • Sam Seed

    @truth says “Sam, you’re the fing idiot. Do your basic research online. The Oslo police department has acknowledged to the press that in the last five years every single violent rape was committed by a non ethnic norwegian of immigrant status against an ethnic norwegian woman. I spend a lot of time in Oslo and the Norwegian girls will not go out at night any more alone, they used to be able to walk home alone safely at any hour , now they are in very real danger of being raped. Americans who come here for a day and don’t ask questions, or armchair liberals back in the states have no fucking clue what is really happening here.”

    Again, the onus of providing evidence rests with you not me, provide evidence drone boy, if you can’t don’t talk out of your ass.

  • Khushboo

    maybe its just internet day at the asylum and she will go away soon.”

    Lol must be. You should check out Porky’s comment on the Threat to America post.

  • Khushboo

    ^I doubt it. He/she doesn’t sound at all like BMD. BMD was certainly opinionated but not a racist.

  • NassirH

    Obviously “Latma TV” (whom I suspect is the BMD of old) is a racist. Amazing how many bigoted stereotypes she (or he?) has managed to fit into one post.

  • corey

    @latma tv
    “The society and other ethic groups at large ignores them because of the knowledge that blacks aren’t capable of achieving anything.” here is a website of those “achievement lacking blacks”

  • Perseveranze

    “85% of all rapes in Sweden are commited by muslim immigrants.Stop muslim immigration it hasnt worked in any other country in history before its to late.”

    That’s a nice made up statistic. Is that how desperate we are? I mean, I understand your still upset that reports prove Jews/Christians would justify killing civilians more then Muslims, but surely, this is going very low indeed?

  • Syed

    ^ I started to respond to LATMA TV – but soon realized that she’s just another TROLL. No one can have so many prejudices and survive outside the loony bin – maybe its just internet day at the asylum and she will go away soon.

  • Syed

    “they have only 1 aim – to kill all Israelis and Jews”

  • @AJ

    That’s because those turks and africans take their religion too seriously like the christcons and many others. They are nearly the complete opposite of many Indopak muslims in the way they view education.

    One more thing I observed is that blacks(whether in USA,South Africa or europe)are mostly disenfranchised(unemployment, crime rate etc etc) by themselves making poor life choices.
    The society and other ethic groups at large ignores them because of the knowledge that blacks aren’t capable of achieving anything.

    That’s why the white south africans have no problem abolishing the apartheid as all the white boers need to do is fence up and get ammo. Look at the crime rate of the blacks there and you’ll know.

    An Israeli expat who just finished his IDF service in Singapore that i’ve had the pleasure of chatting with told me that the problem with the middle eastern situation is that palestinians and arabs are nothing like blacks. They are organized and they have only 1 aim – to kill all Israelis and Jews. They will lie, act like victims and pretend to surrender but they will never give in.

    During his IDF service, he learned to respect them and the way they fight for their ideals and islamic values.
    That’s why he told me if the Israeli government were to stop their current policies like the South african government did, the jews there would cease to exist.
    This is not as simple as fencing up and getting automatic rifles for self-defense.

    If the current immigration in europe continues, Europe will cease to exist too as these turks and africans will give up their value until they conquer all.

  • AJ

    In USA, the inner city blacks do more crimes than everyone else combined. Now if the moron, LATMA TV, were to be giving a presentation somewhere and say it’s the “blackness” of these criminals or the “Christianity” of these criminals that is the underlying cause for these crimes, he/she/it would kicked out and dubbed a racist.

    But if the criminal is a Muslim, forget about his socioeconomic status, forget about his education, forget about what opportunities are presented to him, it HAS to be Islam that is responsible for his deplorable actions.

  • @Khushboo

    Sorry but i beg to differ ->

    These stories are easily searched out from google. Most of the perpetrators are either muslims of turkish or african descent.

    I know that while there are some good turkish and african muslims, these people are mostly easily agitated and are low education guest workers. Just look at the muhammad cartoon riots and you’ll know.

    I have known many IndoPak muslims who actually admire israel and jews in the way they do business and how they view education.
    Importing these muslims would be much more beneficial than those turks and africans.

  • Khushboo

    truthteller, show us the proof!

  • Khushboo

    “Europe should emulate USA in importing more of indians(and probably pakistani?) muslims as they seem to place higher regard on education instead of importing lower quality turkish and sub saharan/north african muslims”

    While I’m flattered that you complimented Indopaks but am offended at you insulting my fellow Muslims whom are known to be intelligent and educated people. I happen to know of some of the finest Turkish and African Muslims.

    “Try walking past muslim neighborhoods in malmo and paris with a star of david t-shirt and see what happens to you”

    nothing would happen. I’ve been to Paris.

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