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The “Allah is the Moon-God” Nonsense Could Be the Stupidest Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theory Yet, Page III

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Please make sure to read Page I and II first, which were recently published.

Robert Morey’s primary “proof” that Allah refers to the pagan moon-god is that “Allah” was known to the pre-Islamic Arabs.  Argues Morey on p.47 of The Islamic Invasion:

By this time it should not come as a surprise that the word “Allah” was not something invented by Muhammad or revealed for the first time in the Quran…

For those people who find it hard to believe that Allah was a pagan name for a peculiar pagan Arabian deity in pre-Islamic times, the following citations may be helpful:

Allah is found…in Arabic inscriptions prior to Islam (Encyclopedia Britannica).

The Arabs, before the time of Mohammed, accepted and worshipped, after a fashion, a supreme god called allah (Encyclopedia of Islam, ed. Houtsma).

Allah was known to the pre-Islamic Arabs: he was one of the Meccan deities (Encyclopedia of Islam, ed. Gibb).

He goes on to quote several more such quotes to buttress his argument.  He summarizes his three main arguments, and two of these involve the above point:

1. In Pre-Islamic times, “Allah” was used by pagan Arabs in reference to one of 360 gods worshipped at the Kabah.

2. This “Allah” may have been a high god or even the top deity among the gods but he was not viewed in the monotheistic sense as the only true deity.

Morey bellows on p.45:

A Serious Threat

We are aware that these kinds of questions and the historical research that they generate pose a serious threat to the religion of Islam…

We understand the agony of Muslims over this issue.  They are in a tight spot…

Robert Morey’s self-congratulatory chest-thumping is ill-founded: Muslims are not in “agony” over what Morey considers “a serious threat to the religion of Islam.”  In fact, Muslims have always known that the pre-Islamic Arabs worshiped Allah.  Muslim jurists, Quranic commentators, and Islamic scholars from time immemorial have discussed this in-depth.  Indeed, it is even a central part of Islamic theology, which is openly embraced.  It is stated explicitly in the Quran itself.  Morey’s belief that this would “pose a serious threat to the religion of Islam” is only a reflection of his ignorance of Islam, Islamic theology, and the Quran.

Theologically, Muslims don’t believe that Muhammad brought the Arabs something “new.”  The Quran itself repeatedly asserts this, saying that the Prophet Muhammad was “not told anything that the previous messengers were not told” (Quran, 41:43); in fact, the Quran commands Muhammad: “Say, ‘I am nothing new among God’s messengers’” (Quran, 46:9).  Instead, the Prophet Muhammad came to simply remind the Arabs and all of humankind what they had been earlier taught by God’s prophets but which they had forgotten, perverted, and discarded.  Indeed, the Quran is called “the Reminder” for this very reason:

We have sent down to you this Reminder to make clear to the people what was sent to them aforetime, that perhaps they may reflect. (Quran, 16:44)

The Quran teaches that Adam, the first human being and prophet of God, built the Kaaba in Mecca.  Eventually, Abraham and his first-born son Ishmael rebuilt the Kaaba on its original foundations.  Ishmael is said to have settled in the Arabian peninsula, and he thus became the forefather of the Arabs.  Muslims thus believe that the early Arabs were monotheists who worshiped the one true God, and who followed the same religious tradition as Abraham and his son Ishmael.  Later, however, the Arabs fell into a state of jahiliyyah (ignorance), and forgot, perverted, and discarded the religion of Abraham.  They associated other gods with God (Allah) and thus became polytheists.

Muslims have always believed that the pagan Arabs were “fallen monotheists.”  Having thus understood Islamic theology, it is no surprise at all that the pre-Islamic Arabs knew of (and worshiped) Allah.  The Quran didn’t condemn the pagan Arabs for rejecting Allah; rather, it condemned them for associating other gods in the worship of Him.  Robert Morey’s “discovery” is thus only 1,400 years old and inconsequential.

*  *  *  *  *

Where Robert Morey and other anti-Muslim Evangelicals are completely mistaken, however, is their claim that Allah represented “one of the many idols in the Kabah.”  There is no proof at all for this.  As Prof. Jonathan P. Berkey notes on p.42 of The Formation of Islam, Allah “represented a remote creator god” who “apparently played little role in religious cult;” instead, the pre-Islamic pagans of Arabia worshiped lesser gods that took the form of various idols.  Professor Robert F. Shedinger writes on p.76 of Was Jesus a Muslim?:

Pre-Islamic Arab society was also polytheistic.  While there was a belief in a supreme creator deity called Allah (an Arabic phrase that simply means “the God”), most members of the society believed that Allah was a remote, detached deity who had little concern for human affairs.  So pre-Islamic Arabs worshiped a host of lesser deities, mostly in the form of idols carved from wood and stone.

Prof. Roger W. Stump writes on p.60 of The Geography of Religion (emphasis added):

Allah appears to have been identified within this context as a remote, creator god but was not the object of tribal worship.

The pagans of Arabia neglected the worship of Allah and directed their prayer to their more tangible idols.  In this regard, the Quran chastises them in verses 23:84-94 for focusing their worship on other gods even while they acknowledged Allah as the supreme creator God.  Similarly, in verse 29:65 the Quran chastises the pagans for calling on their idols on a day-to-day basis and only calling on Allah when in extreme distress.  “The object of tribal worship” thus became focused on the practical idols in the Kaaba as opposed to the nominal belief in Allah.  In other words, -doxy may have rested with Allah, but -praxy was directed towards the lesser gods.

It is true that the Kaaba was associated with Allah, but Allah was not an idol within the Kaaba.  When the early Muslims conquered Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad destroyed all the idols within the Kaaba.  There was no idol called Allah, evidenced by the fact that no discussion can be found about whether or not such an idol would be spared and the others destroyed.  Professor William E. Phipps writes on p.21 of Muhammad and Jesus (emphasis added):

The Ka’ba contained hundreds of sacred rocks and statues from many Arabian tribes, but no images of Allah. No special cult was associated with Allah.  In the pre-Islamic era, Allah was recognized as the creator of the world and as the giver of rain.  He was revered but was considered to be aloof, so popular piety was usually directed elsewhere.

Compare this to Robert Morey’s claim:

An Allah idol was set up at the Kabah along with all the other idols…Since the idol of their moon god, Allah, was at Mecca, they prayed toward Mecca. (p.52)

This, the basic premise of Morey’s moon-god theory, is nothing but fabrication.  Allah was not one of the idols in the Kaaba.  Yes, the pagans recognized Allah as the supreme creator god, but they believed him to be a remote god who retired from and was aloof from his creation.  The pre-Islamic pagans of Arabia therefore focused their cultic worship on lesser gods represented by over three-hundred idols in the Kaaba.  Muhammad “cleansed” the Kaaba by destroying all of these idols, rejecting all lesser deities, and calling the Arabs to the worship of Allah alone.

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  • Hatethehaterz

    @kosher pork: “If Allah is not the moon god then why not remove the CRESCENT from all the Mosques.”

    So, then do Christians worship a cross and Jews worship the Star of David? These symbols are often displayed in their houses of worship. Your “logic” fails miserably.

    And your reading comprehension sucks porky. This one verse from the Quran is enough to refute this moon god nonsense:

    And from among [God’s] signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not bow down in worship to the sun or to the moon, but bow down to the God (Allah) who created them, if it is truly Him you serve. (Quran, 41:37)

    Maybe you should try actually reading the whole series by Danios before typing your nonsense.

  • Sahra

    LOL.@Kashir..dont read to mutch into this, its no-more offensive than any other loon pasting a saudi flag on the top of the walling wall in east jerusalem, that’s all, any child can produce this..lolol, but maybe yeesral prophecy couldn’t fulfill a yet unknown to us deep soul searching of zionists and they see in Mecca something greater and are coming home to redeem themselfs and bare their soul in submition in the only recognize house for mankind in Allah’s eyes’, and the best place to get a little closer to Him, dont forget Allah works in ways unknown to us!!….Salam

  • Kashif


    To all the knowledgable amongst you can you please answer this idiot, with his obfuscation and lies. It is on a FB Anti Muslim hate page. Read the thread please.

  • Sahra

    By the way, they can call Allah whatever they want to, heck! they can even call Him “caca” if they wish to, is that going to take anything away from Allah’s majesty? NO, so let them..
    In my point of view, they’re just trying to prevent Islam’s natural expantions, at the same time trying to kill muslims’s spirit. Are they going to succeed? NO, cause others have tried before them and failed miserably..
    Danios i hope this is on topic…Salam

  • Sahra

    Sorry Danios, althought i understand of where yu’re comming from, its just that to accuse Allah a ‘moon god’ by a people who have a questionable believe system themselfs when it come to monotheistic beliefs, its inacceptable, we’re just presenting the other side of the coin here that’s all..peace

  • Sahra

    @Kushboo..I’ve read the article yu’re reffering to before, although i agree with it to a certain extent, it’s also kind of apologetic and very weak in argument.

    “we may say that christians ascribe to polytheistic beliefs, but should not called them polytheists, as the Qur’an dont call them polytheists” … Sorry but, that’s a very weak argument..

  • khushboo

    To stay on topic, calling our God “moon god” is insulting to us just like calling Christians “polytheists” when they said they believe in one God is insulting to them. I’ll leave it at only Allah (SWT) can judge. :)

  • Danios

    Warning: please stay on topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted. This article is about the moon-god theory.

  • Sahra

    @ibnAbu..@khusboo.. Sorry to say bros, but yu’re both falling off the wagon here, @Muhammad is right on this one, there is no reason to tip-toe around the subject, when the facts on the ground speaks for itself about christianity basic doctrine…
    But just explain to me one thing, what is the difference between a hindu deifying lord krishna and worshipping him as such, and a christian deifying lord jesus and worshipping him as such, and yet they(hindus) are called polytheists..

  • Khushboo

    “Also, to insist that Christians are polytheists is to ignore 98:1 where the disbelievers among the people of the book are clearly separated from the polytheists and hypocrites”

    Right on!

    Muhammad, I respectfully disagree with you about Christians being polytheists. Perhaps this article can explain better than I can:

  • IbnAbuTalib

    muhammad abdl haqq, must you always characterize those who don’t adhere to the traditional framework as Muslims without “ilm”?

    “For example, some Muslims say that Christians are not mushriks(polytheists), when the Qur;an says that most of them are”

    You then quote 5:72. Does Allah call Christians polytheists? No. Also, to insist that Christians are polytheists is to ignore 98:1 where the disbelievers among the people of the book are clearly separated from the polytheists and hypocrites. You also ignore the fact that in 22:40, it says that Allah’s name is mentioned in the churches. There’s more but I will stop here.

    “Here he has presented and authentic Islamic teaching(that most Non-Muslims are Kaffirs, Christians are non-believers, and most people from Ahl-al-Kitab are mushriks)in such an abhhorent way that Muslims without enough ‘ilm rush to defend the opposing view.”

    By authentic Islamic teaching, do you mean what only the Sunni school has traditionally believed in? If so, then how do you explain the fact that “authentic” Islamic teachings also support stoning of adulterers, killing of apostates, sex slavery and other things both you and I disagree with? Do you consider scholars who espouse these views as people without “ilm”?

  • rmb
  • Syed

    Sam Seed – LOL! Ignoring halal pork is like trying to ignore a bull in a china-shop – it creates a huge ruckus and there’s nothing to be done about it.

    Dear loonwatch admins – halal pork is off his meds again and should not be allowed back until he can string a coherent sentence together.

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

    Yes he has..but he has also done something else that we should be made aware of. I am currently writing a “manual” on Islamophobic tactics, and the troll utilizes all of them indiscriminately.

    Here he has presented and authentic Islamic teaching(that most Non-Muslims are Kaffirs, Christians are non-believers, and most people from Ahl-al-Kitab are mushriks)in such an abhhorent way that Muslims without enough ‘ilm rush to defend the opposing view.For example, some Muslims say that Christians are not mushriks(polytheists), when the Qur;an says that most of them are:

    Laqad kafara allatheena qaloo inna Allaha huwa almaseehu ibnu maryama waqala almaseehu ya banee isra-eela oAAbudoo Allaha rabbee warabbakum innahu man yushrik biAllahi faqad harrama Allahu AAalayhi aljannata wama/wahu alnnaru wama lilththalimeena min ansarin

    “Assuredly they have disbelieved who say: verily God: He is the Masih, son of Maryam, whereas the Masih had said: Children of Isra’il! worship Allah, mine Lord and your Lord; verily whosoever associateth aught with Allah, Allah shall surely forbid the Garden unto him, and his resort is the Fire; and for the wrong-doers there shall be no helpers.”[Qur’an 5:72]

    Qur’an says that *mainstream* Christian doctrine is disbelief and shirk. There’s no way around it.

    It’s a neat little trick the ‘troll and his mentors among the ‘phobes have pulled. I just wish Muslims could recognize it, realize it’s Ramadan, and move on away from this type of religious disputation.

    Barak Allahu Feek

  • Sam Seed

    Succeeded in getting unnecessary attention.

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

    What has the troll succeeded in doing?

  • Sam Seed

    I think the troll has succeeded and has had his fill.

  • rmb

    “He lived on this planet for thity three years and led a SINLESS life.”

    you telling me that all groups outside of the new testament propaganda believed that jezuz lived a sinless life? don’t be an arse hole.did those who said that jesus uttered blasphemy believe that he was sinless? did the 1st century jews who were opposed to jesus’ teachings believe he was sinless? have you ever wondered why the new testament authours never allow more than 1 line of REBUTTALS to jesus? i tell you why, because it is all propaganda.

    “Do you know any other person who led a SINLESS life.”

    wtf do you mean “sinless” ? why judge what sinless means according to protestant definition? according to jesus, john the baptist was a GREAT prophet. according to scholars who study your new testament there was RIVALRY between jc’s FOLLOWERS and john the baptists followers.ofcourse the propagandanists who authoured the new testament are going to try thier best downplay john the baptists greatness. jeoulosy they call it.

    “He cured the sick.He gave sight to the blind who were born blind.He gave life to the dead.Lazrus was dead for four days and he called him to come out of the grave.”

    moses’ staff which was inanimate object turned into a living snake. that is far superior than 4 day dead lazerus. elisha’s BONES gave life to a dead man.

    “He brought to life the grieving widow’s only son.
    He fed thousands with two loaves and five fish.He walked on the water.”

    did you enjoy the read? its all ot stuff rehashed by the unknown gospel writers.

    “He always called GOD HIS FATHER.He came with a mission to save the HUMANITY. His name YESHUA in Hebrew means SAVIOUR and he remains the only SAVIOUR for humanity.”

    1. there is no spiritual saviour in the old testament
    2. in ot saviours always do physical combat with the enemies
    3.jesus’ rotting flesh on the cross saved absolutely NOTHING.
    4. jesus’ rotting flesh on the cross did not save your dirty flesh from SINFUL thoughts. 5. you can crucify him in your mind 1 million times it aint gonna save you from sinning.
    6.a soldier sacrifices his flesh n bones to SAVE flesh n bones, how does a god wear flesh , KILL it , save you in anyway?
    7. jesus messed around with mafia authourities back then. even a dumb fool will be able to predict that if you mess around with powerful mafia gangs you’re gonna get it. jesus got it. he failed to save israel. his deciples then switched from a physical saviour 2 spiritual saviour in a place where they were getting oppressed by jesus’ killers. simple mathematics. you christians changed your mind so many times and so many brands of kristianity , what make you think the deciples weren’t “switching” ?

    “He never killed any body.”
    is the son of god in his cosmic form having a party with judas, the sanhedrin and pagan romans in hell? what was the reason for destruction of jerusalem? who backed up the romans? your god ,according to early christians , destroyed jerusalem because he allowed the romans to whoop him. god did over jerusalem because he allowed jerusalem to do over his flesh. lol.

    ” His teaching,no body can refute.”

    love thy enemy is a load of gibberish. how can you love an enemy who you extremely hate? how can you love some one who raped your daughter and then allowed others to rape her infront of your eyes? how much love would you have for such an individual 2% love 10% love? 50 % love? would you love the rapist like you love virgin mary?
    do pig like you love MUHAMMAD? DO YOU HAVE GENUINE LOVE FOR him?

    “Jesus practiced what He preached.Even on the CROSS,He forgave the people who CRUCIFIED Him.”

    where does the text say that he forgave them? where does the text say that the 3 triplets in the trinity forgave the people who crucified the sons fleshly form? and what good is forgivness when your’re predicting destruction of jerusalem? father forgive them cause they’re GONNA get it in hell. wow, wHAT amazing forgiveness.
    father forgive them coz in my cosmic form i’m gonna make them suffer. that aint forgiveness.

    luke is the only christian which has jesus utter the forgiveness statement, matthew , who wrote 50 years after the crucifixion did not even include it? didn’t he know about it? or is it that the jews, ACCORDING to matthew DO KNOW WHAT THEY were doing?LUKE is a kristian who is simply licking roman backside. he is telling romans how much compatible christianity is with gentiles, so ofcourse he is going to invent forgiveness statement which no other evangelist new of.

    jesus’ practices what he preached? so why was judas CONDEMEND fro m the get go? he is receiving forgivenss in hell?

    one more thing. did those who killed your god accept him as thier lord and saviour. i don’t think so. when they were beating him up, they were mocking him. why would they want a poofter god as a saviour lol? so if they did not accept, then how are they forgiven? remember , jc sez in mark that the secret of the kingdom has been given to the insiders/deciples not to the OUTSIDERS. the secret is only for the insiders.remember paul sez no forgiveness unless there is shedding of blood.

    “He died on the CROSS and the third day He rose from the dead. For forty days ,He appeared to people alive and resurrected Jesus was taken up to heaven and seen by many people.”

    strAnge don’t YOU THINK that the mafia authourities which killed your god did not ATTEMPT to track down escaped convict jesus krist? strange don’t you think that the jewish authourties don’t search for escaped bLASPHEMER who is giving new commands to his followers? strange don’t you think that jesus the krist does not appear in person to his killers? strange don’t you think that matthew said that thier were doubters? doubters who did not even believe that it was jesus?
    when the kristians are put on ON TRIAL NOT EVEN one of them REVEAL post ressurected jesus’s location LOL. AS amatter of fact the jews release peter because they think he has gone loony toon .ofcourse, they beat him up before they release him .

    “We accept the eye witness accounts of the people who were present”

    can you name the person who saww jesus walk out of the tomb? what was his name? can you tell me how you know that when matthew wrote 50 years later, there was first hand eye witnesses to to claims in the nt? how do you know they weren’t long dead? for example, matthew says that jews spread the story that the deciples stole jesus’ body. okay, which jews? what was there religious position? you believe anything the nt says about the jews is 100 percent true, just like you believe the bollocks the tea party says. but what if matthew was creating fiction for kristians who would swallow any lie about the jews?

  • Khushboo

    ^mushrik=polytheist and no, there’s no mention of Christians being Mushrikin.

  • Sahra

    Khushboo… Remember this word (polythiest) is an english word, remember also that the Qur’an was not revealed in english, but in classical arabic, so far so good!! So how do you translate the word polytheist or polytheism into the classical arabic language of the Qur’an?

  • Khushboo

    Sahra, shirk means anyone associated with God i.e. calling Jesus his son. Please show me a verse where Allah (SWT) said Christians are polytheists. Enough said!

  • Sahra

    IbnAbou…You are right lets leave it at that…But for me though, those christians i’ve mentioned above, when they’ve decided some centuries ago, to carve Allah like a pie so that jesus can fit into the equation, and even though their own books, the 2 bibles (old/new) rejects that theory, and although they fully know very well the real meaning of monotheism and the worship of the one God with no partner, and when they can easily find the prof itself from their own books, to remain in such disbelieve still, baffles me that’s all….Salam

  • sadia

    @sahra…thats what i was trying to say!
    pre islamic arabs, were polytheists, pagans.

    Totally agree..polytheism and shirk go hand in hand

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