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Three British Muslims Killed by Car after Leaving Mosque

Riots have been rocking Britain for days now. Interestingly the EDL and their cohorts were quick to blame Muslims and Islam as the culprits. Many Islamophobes were eager for a repeat of 2005 when riots rocked France and they latched onto the fact that many of the youths involved were of North African descent.

Can you imagine if Muslims were heavily involved in these riots, or if there was a Muslim face to these riots? You can be sure that Islamophobes would be blaming Islam. Instead we have a sad case in which some Muslim youths who were actually protecting their neighborhood were killed after leaving the Mosque, in what witnesses are saying was a targeted killing. Will the Islamophobes suck up their pride, put away their hate and commend these youth for sacrificing their lives while protecting their neighborhood? (hat tip:Link182 &JD)

UK riots: Birmingham murder inquiry after car kills three British Asian men


Police in Birmingham have launched a murder inquiry after three British Asian men were killed by a car in an incident that has raised fresh tensions after nights of looting.

A tearful and resentful crowd gathered outside the City hospital following the incident early on Wednesday morning, with police protecting the building against any incursion as feelings ran high.

A man has been arrested and a car impounded following the crash near a mosque in the Dudley Road area of England’s second city. Neighbours said the men had just left the mosque and were among large numbers of local people determined not to allow the fluid series of grab-and-run attacks in the city centre to spread to their area.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that two of the men were brothers Shazad Ali and Abdul Mussavir , 32 and 30, who ran a carwash which was reckoned to be among possible targets for looters. The BBC has interviewed the father of another victim, Haroon Jahan, 21, who worked as a mechanic in a local garage.

Emergency ambulances found around 80 people already trying to help the victims when they arrived at the scene, which is close to a petrol station on Dudley Road. Throughout Tuesday, large numbers of British Asians had gathered outside shops and other businesses in Handsworth, Lozells and other inner-city areas, sometimes in tense face-offs with small groups of mostly African-Caribbean youths.

Community leaders are working to calm intense anger in the largely British Asian area around the scene of the tragedy, where groups of local people are out on the streets openly warning of inter-communal violence.

The local Labour MP, Shabana Mahmood, joined a tense meeting at Dudley Road mosque, which was being protected by young men in the early hours when the car rammed into a group including the three victims.

The Bishop of Aston, the Right Rev Anthony Watson, was also there and warned of concern about possible reprisals and events “potentially having an ugly race dimension”. Efforts are being focused on calming younger people who accuse the police of taking too little action to protect locally owned businesses from the looters.

One man who declined to give his name said that he had seen the incident and described it as “deliberate – no way was it an accident. The driver went on to the pavement and rammed them. He knew what he was doing.” He said that he had given evidence to the police.

Feelings have been inflamed by an alleged 20-minute delay before an ambulance arrived, with other locals saying that police riot vans had got in the way. Frantic efforts by locals to resuscitate the men failed and two died at the scene. The third died shortly afterwards at City hospital. Forensic experts are examining the scene and the impounded car and an appeal has made for witnesses.

Confrontation with the British Asian community or inter-communal violence would take the disturbances on to a new level and police have worked rapidly on the murder inquiry. It comes on top of 19 court appearances due on Wednesday after 43 arrests on Tuesday, and a further 37 on Tuesday night as violence dogged pockets of Birmingham and neighbouring West Bromwich and Wolverhampton.

Police do not yet know if there is any link to the troubles beyond the fact that unusually large numbers of people were on the streets in Winson Green and neighbouring suburbs. A spokesman for the West Midlands force said: “The incident took place close to the Jet filling station on Dudley Road in Winson Green at approximately 1.15am. Three ambulances, two rapid response vehicles and an incident support officer were sent to the scene.

“When crews arrived, they found around 80 people at the scene with resuscitation ongoing on three men. Crews used their advanced life support skills while police officers provided support.”

Violence in Birmingham on Tuesday night was on a much-reduced scale compared with Monday, but its spread to West Bromwich and Wolverhampton, in contrast to the relative calm in London, attracted growing attention. Police are growing increasingly used to troublemakers’ use of Twitter and other swift links to spot unprotected areas and zero in on them.

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  • Shakila

    Grew up with shazad and musavir miss u so much u had so much to live for :(

  • john

    Don’t you know that all violence is from satan? that is why Jesus said to turn the other cheek, it may look like cowardice to you but to God it looks like trust in Him to protect you!
    “vengence is Mine saith God, I will repay”

    This is because you and I have no way of knowing what satan is saying to people, we can only see the consequences of them obeying him. Whoever you are wherever you are, satan wants to destroy you and your life. The drivers of that car have had their lives destroyed twice over, they now have to live with their actions, and they are in prison! Remember Jesus said “satan comes only to kill to steal and to destroy”

  • Everybody’s Dad


    I’m inclined to agree but as per Jenga/Just/Jihad Bob and Dan, Pakistanis are only capable of being paranoid conspiracy theorists who deserve drone attacks, right 😉

    Chootiya-pan ki bhi hadd hoti hai :)

  • Sam Seed

    Visited their graves today, may you rest in peace brothers.

  • Poppa Jay (UK)

    An absolute gem of an article on this topic from the Daily Mail of all papers!

    LW – worth featuring as a headline piece I feel…

    Drives home the importance of religion as a humanising force & the common decency of ordinary believers such as Tariq Jahan

    Here goes… Legacy of a society that believes in nothing

  • Khushboo

    “From what has been reported, it seems the three men killed were part of a larger group of Asian men throwing stones (harassing) cars with Black occupants”


  • Muzzammil

    Muslim scholar from Birmingham on the UK riots:

  • Mohammed Sameel

    I am deeply saddened by the death of this young men but at the same time I am extremely proud of Tariq Jahan father of one of the murdered young man. He asked the local community to calm down and not to commit any violence against any one. A true muslim indeed he is.

  • JengaBob

    From what has been reported, it seems the three men killed were part of a larger group of Asian men throwing stones (harassing) cars with Black occupants.

  • Khushboo

    correction: it was the PAKISTANIS who died saving their neighborhood!

  • Khushboo

    Why are they being called “Asian” men instead of being specific and call them PAKISTANI men?? That’s right! It was the PAKSISTANIS who died saving their neighbor! These Pakistanis should be commended for their bravery. I’ll pray for them and one of their dads who had a heart attack as a result. These PAKISTANIS died martyrs.

  • Tarig

    “I don’t blame the Government, I don’t blame the police, I don’t blame nobody. I’m a Muslim, I believe in divine fate and destiny, and it was his destiny and his fate, and now he’s gone. And may Allah forgive him and bless him.” Hopefully people follow by example, but I guess this is just Taqiya if we are to believe the bigots right?

  • Jack Cope

    It is extremely unfortunate AJ, but true. Plenty of teens are decent people but there is a core minority that are feckless yobs as described in that article…

  • AJ

    According to a report by the Institute for Public Policy Research: “Britain has a real problem with its teenagers. British teenagers are more likely to get into fights, hang out with other teenagers, binge drink, take drugs and have underage and unprotected sex than teenagers in most other European countries.”

  • Jack Cope

    You’d probably have to be British but in a nutshell if the cricket is canceled then something major has gone wrong 😉

    I think cricket is symbolic of the ‘British ideal’; civilized, no violence, no contact, not hitting, not tackling, basically just a nice day in the sun and ultimately a complete waste of time that lasts for days… very British! The fact that they are not canceling their matches while London is burning (and the overpaid wimps of football are running in terror) symbolizes the majority of the nation and a ‘keep calm carry on’ attitude that a lot of people have shown during this unrest.

    I’m waffling…

  • Skhan

    @ Jack Cope: I don’t get the last line?

  • Jack Cope

    Looking at the rioting today and I learned a lot about my homeland. We have a disaffected youth; feckless idiots on welfare with no hope just going mad. In part the nation has failed them, in part they have failed us, it’s quite sad really. It’s also surprising how controlled the police have been when you come to think of how stretched they have been.

    It’s also heartening to see Muslims and Sikhs out defending each other, especially to see the local Sikh community in Birmingham defending the Mosque so that the local Muslims can finish their late night Ramadan prayers.

    The EDL also got shown up to be the drunken louts that they are; a bunch showed up to ‘help the police’… as usual though they had been drinking heavily and just made things worse. Maybe we can finally wave these idiots goodbye after this.

    But the best bit? The bit that shows Britain for what it is? The football got canceled but the cricket is still going on 😛

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