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Israeli Settlers Vandalize and Set Mosque on Fire

Settler crying after his illegal outpost was demolished. Later they went and set a mosque on fire.

Can anyone imagine if Muslims had done this to a so-called “disused” Synagogue, Church, etc.? You can be sure there would be a big brouhaha over how Islam is evil and is trying to destroy the “infidel.”

Earlier in the day, Israeli settlers in the West Bank tried to set a fire inside a disused mosque to protest the Israeli military’s destruction of three settler houses at an illegal outpost.

The police and witnesses said the settlers threw burning tires into the mosque and spray-painted the names of two settlement outposts on the walls, including that of Migron, where the army destroyed three buildings constructed on private Palestinian land. The Israeli Supreme Court determined that the entire outpost was built on such private land, but the three chosen for destruction had been built after that decision was handed down. (Via the NewYorkTimes)

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  • pranove prasad

    this has to be a mistake or a lie………….the Israelies are smarter than that, they live in a muslim sensitive area, you can’t believe everything on the net……

  • MattDogg

    @Supper Time

    But those sites are mentioned by a Norwegian terrorist as his inspiration to commit the 2011 Norway attacks

  • SupperTime

    The news media reports on some nasty comments from “jihadi websites” while completely ignoring the astronomical number of comments, blogs, hate sites and so on expressing vile, anti-Muslim views from the good Americans.

    The ideology of which website is the US at war with, again?

    Which has links to al-Qaeda?

  • sahra

    Since there is only few weeks left for the Palestinians demand for statehood at UN, i strongly hope that the sane citizens of this world would protest in front of the embassies of the two main opponent for the demand of this freedom, which are the so fakely called ‘the champion of freedom’ U.S of A, and of course the cause of this oppression, the so called ‘jewish state’.
    As i think this is their last HOPE for them to be recognized as free and independent, we need to help them achieve that goal, ’cause they have alot of enemies oppossing their wish for freedom. May Allah helps them in that task..Amin

  • sahra

    I’ve saw on Aljazeera-E that Egyptian protestors break into the Isreali embassy in Cairo, where the isreali ambassador have been evacuated and shipped back to Isreal.
    I strongly beleive that with the way radical Bibi Natanyhu is acting, all muslim countries should ship all the Isreali ambassadors back to the ‘jewish state’. Until the isreali governement start behaving like decent human beings, and put an END to the brutal, unhumane, terroristic occupation, and give some dignity to the terrorised palestinians for the past 60+ jears, No muslim country should enable the oppression by welcoming diplomatic relations with the oppressor, its our Islamic duty to reject oppression and oppressors wherever we find them…

  • NassirH

    The news media reports on some nasty comments from “jihadi websites” while completely ignoring the astronomical number of comments, blogs, hate sites and so on expressing vile, anti-Muslim views from the good Americans. There’s also the fact that they’ve concluded that terrorists or criminals are Muslim when the facts proved otherwise. The rightwing media is even worse in this regard, and has absolutely no credibility when it comes to Islam or Muslims. One wonders why they need to fabricate and twist news stories beyond recognition if there is, as “TheScrollWheel” aka “JihadBob” aka “JengaBob” aka “JustBob” aka “GoOverBoard” (he also goes by other monikers on other sites, including “PenguinFan” and “InnerStuggleBob”) claims, a surplus of stories about those evil Mooslims.

  • Skhan

    ^point taken.

  • HGG

    This is why it’s hard to get a good grasp of anything that is going on that part of the world. Both sides resort to lies, propaganda and exaggerations to make their side righteous with the other being composed entirely of murderous criminals. That’s why the prospects of peace are sadly dim.

    In this case, I say that it matters little if the mosque was in use or not. It’s a place of worship that should be respected. It’s also bigotry, because there wasn’t any reason for it, even tangential. It wasn’t the Palestinians who ordered the settlements to be destroyed, it was the Israeli government, which the right-wing extremists targeted later, anyway, attacking an IDF center.

    The extremists were later condemned by the settlements council and rabbis, as it should be, which should also be pointed out.

  • AJ


    You went poof; I am waiting for a YES or NO.

  • Khushboo

    Thanks Nur for the info.

  • Khushboo

    ^ your post is above mine. It hasn’t been deleted.

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