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Gear Up for Some Good Ole Nashville Islamophobiapalooza: “Yeehaw!”

Tennessee is increasingly making a strong case as the capital of Islamophobia in the USA. From anti-Sharia’ legislation to the Murfreesboro Mosque controversy to organizations such as the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, Islamophobia is alive and well in the “volunteer state.”

So it may not be a big surprise that next month Nashville will be the locus for anti-Muslim hate and bigotry in the form of a conference titled: The Constitution or Sharia: A Freedom Conference.

The King and Queen of the Islamophobesphere, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller will be headlining the event, but they aren’t the only hatemongers that are expected to speak:

Nashville, Tennessee – November 11, 2011

The Constitution or Sharia: Preserving Freedom Conference, the first true national conference on Sharia and the Islamization of America sponsored by major freedom oriented organizations! Not just another educational conference. Speakers, such as Pamela Geller, Wafa Sultan and Mathew Staver are action oriented and you will finish the day with an understanding of how to fight the advance of Sharia Law in the United States.

Speaker and panel topics will include

Sharia and Jihad
The European Experience with Sharia
The Dehumanization and Diminishment of Women in the West Under Sharia
Religious Persecution Under Sharia
The Muslim Brotherhood In America
Sharia and Legal Action 
Grassroots Organizing Against Sharia and Rabat (including Mega-Mosques)
Defending Liberty In Legislatures
Fighting Islamist Propaganda in the Media

Plus an action packed evening banquet!

See Tentative Schedule

SIGN UP NOW – Please go to event registration page

Confirmed Speakers include
  • Pamela Geller of Stop Islamization of America ** and Atlas Shrugs
  • Robert Spencer of Stop Islamization of America and Jihad Watch
  • J. Thomas Smith of U.S. Justice Foundation **
  • William J. Murray of Religious Freedom Coalition **
  • Andrew Miller and Lou Ann Zelenik of  Tennessee Freedom Coalition **
  • Frank Gaffney of Center for Security Policy **
  • Fred Grandy, former congressman and actor
  • David Frenchof  American Center for Law and Justice *
  • Andrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition  *
  • Christopher Holton of Center for Security Policy
  • Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel
  • Dr. Mark Durie, Australia and Barrister Paul Diamond, United Kingdom
  • Wafa Sultan, Champion of women’s rights
  • Father Keith Roderick of The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights
  • James Lafferty of Virginia Anti-Sharia Task force
  • Honorable Rick Womick
  • Kenneth Timmerman, author and journalist
  • Linda Brickman of Arizona Freedom Alliance
  • Rabbi Jonathan Hausman
  • Steve Gill, Syndicated talk show host and Michael DelGiorno, WTN talk show host

SIGN UP NOW – Please go to event registration page

Confirmed Speakers include
FREEDOM BANQUET: Separate evening event at the Hutton Hotel featuring special guest speakers including Hollywood actor and former congressman Fred Grandy and bestselling author Pamela Geller along with internationally known champion for women’s rights Wafa Sultan.

** Conference Sponsors / * Conference co-sponsors

SIGN UP NOW – Please go to event registration page

If there are any loonwatchers in and or around Tennessee they should consider going to this conference and perhaps speak with participants and speakers, much in the same manner Max Blumenthal does.

For more info on some of the characters and organizations that will be there, see:

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  • Ummer

    Actually someone should do a follow up of this with a title like:

    The Constitution & Sharia: Preserving the Constitution – Conference

    People like this can come and let their points be heard:

  • TheBigT

    OMG, the amount of morons concentrated in one place, i don’t think the Earth can handle this amount of filth all at once.

  • Boostava

    @NassirH I go to school there. I was part of the ‘MSA Executive Board’ that wrote the letter, but I didn’t get to go to the Event because I had something else to do. :(

    I’m really proud of the way the MSA handled it, and not-so-proud of the school and the ‘anonymous local donor’ who invited her, but I think, in terms of the faculty in charge, that it was an honest mistake. They were very apologetic about it and worked with us all the way once we pointed out what was wrong. They honestly had no idea she was a hate speaker, according to them. But what’s done is done.

  • GĂ©ji

    Mindy1, Christian-friend, Eslaporte, and all our other non-muslim friends, Sorry you have to face such an abuse from an infantile, immature, unducated, ignorant like Milad(aka Porkkk) and his ilks, just because you dare to stand-up to the hostilities we face and dont hate us the way he sees fit.
    But for God sake its been 10yrs now, going on 11. Where is all this insanity leading us, and why is growing stronger instead of weaker? When will the haters of Islam and Muslims be satisfied?

  • mindy1

    @Milad=pork Please stop coming here, you add nothing to the conversation

  • Ummer

    Someone should just stand outside the entrance with a poster with the First Amendment with “of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” in bold.

    And for good reasons described here:

  • SKhan

    Some of my friends saw the 60 minutes episode about Park 51. One of them said something about a “crazy lady” in the episode. Another called her a “catwoman”. đź?€

  • Christian-friend

    Milad, they can mock me all they want. I don’t care. And by the way, everyone is entitle to their opinion. Why can’t I? Tell you what, if you hear Pam or Spencer say:

    “I think Jesus loves everyone”

    then you can call me shit. :)

  • rob

    “WTF you mean by your gutter remaks?WTF,woman brought you into this world?You are so low like your remaks,you fake,sir!!!”

    “This is from a Mohammadan-friend.You stink, you so called Christian-friend like shit.Pam Geller and Robert Spencer are too superior to respond to your BARKS.”

    “@Eslaprte and Mindi 1 :you are both a piece of worthless trash only to be appreciated and recognised by Mohammadans of Loon watch.”

    Milad Pork demonstrating his upstanding “christian” moral values.

  • NassirH

    This one is hilarious.

    “As Darwish spoke, a young, female Muslim sitting at the front of the room got up to go to the restroom, leaving her bag and books.

    When she did, a man nearby said loudly in an alarmed tone that the woman had left her bag and stood to go inform police standing at the back of the room. His actions caused panic among those sitting close to where the woman had been seated.

    Several people, apparently afraid the purse she left might have contained a bomb, started quickly for the doors and some even left. As the panic died down, some people returned to seats.

    The woman’s possessions were searched and when she returned, she got her possessions back and returned to her seat at the front.”

  • Anj

    3 posts, zero points to be made.
    You may as well be barking!
    If you have something to say then let’s hear it????
    It would be better for a fool who has nothing to say to remain silent than to open his mouth and remove all doubt!

  • DawahFilms

    They should just call it “The Anders Breivik Fanclub!”

    That sounds more accurate.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    drat Milad is halal pork same mo

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