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FunnyorDie: Lowe’s CEO Responds to All-American Muslim Controversy

Lowe’s CEO Responds to All-American Muslim Controversy

Lowe’s is taking a lot of heat this week for pulling their ads that air during the show, now their CEO has stepped up to respond to all of the controversy.

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    interesting comment on the BBC
    real muslims give their views about 9:11 on TV .
    Whatever you think abouit the TV show I think it is a slap in the face to the loons . Showing muslims as real people flaws and all . Not some secret sect aimed at taking over the USA and the free world

  • Sam Seed

    That was funny.

  • TheBig_T

    this is so funny

  • Reynardine

    Exsartaginate, from Latin ex- out of, + sartago, frying pan.

  • Senor

    I wonder who wrote that for him. He or she should be fired.

  • Amago,

    Truth is, that is how they look to just about anyone who thinks about the issue, and doesn’t accept the nonsense peddled by anti Muslim bigots.

  • mindy1


  • Mark Twain

    While that was humorous, again- Lowe’s apology will come in the form of reversing their pullout on ads. It seems has a long history of giving in to fools-so let us not let these fools have victory again.

    The Islamophobic fools must know that they cannot get away with things like this, and to know this they must face stinging defeat. Period.

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