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Nonie Darwish Hatefest: Peaceful Protesters Attacked

Noni Darwish

Hatemonger for hire Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-American anti-Muslim, anti-Arab “activist” of the “ex-Muslim” variety. She claims to be a champion of human rights, but her real mission is to peddle outrage, fear and hatred:

Islam is a poison to a society. It’s divisive. It’s hateful. Look what Islam is doing on our college campuses. It’s full of anti-Semitism. It’s going to turn us against one another. It’s going to produce chaos in society. Because Islam should be feared, and should be fought, and should be conquered, and defeated, and annihilated, and it’s going to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, Islam is going to be brought down. . .Because Islam is based on lies and it’s not based on the truth. I have no doubt whatsoever that Islam is going to be destroyed. ~ Nonie Darwish, at a Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA)Rally

Her outrageous statements have generated widespread controversy, and not surprisingly, her public appearances often draw protests. This time, peaceful protesters were met with aggression.

Video: Protesters are attacked at an ‘Israel Alliance’ event at U of New Mexico

by , Mondweiss

Violence broke out at the University of New Mexico campus during a peaceful protest on February 23rd of a lecture by Nonie Darwish, sponsored by UNM Israel Alliance, an affiliate of StandWithUs.

As you can see, members of the audience assaulted a number of UNM students when they began their ‘mic-checking’ action.

The public lecture, “The Arab Spring: Why it’s Failing and How Israel is Involved,” began at 7PM in the Anthropology lecture hall. UNM students protested against the Islamophobic rhetoric put forward by Darwish, an author and founder of Arabs For Israel. When the students raised their voices, a number of audience members got out of their seats and used force against the students.

Jordan Whelchel, a UNM student:

The response to this non-violent protest was a violent assault by parts of the crowd. The mic-check was shouted down by a few of the pro-Israel audience members who began physically forcing the protestors out of the auditorium. One of the pro-Palestine activists, a young woman who studies at UNM, had her face scratched and her hair pulled. A young man was forcibly pulled over a row of seats. One was nearly punched in the face, though another protestor intervened to stop the assailant by putting himself in the way. A phone was destroyed, and a camera only narrowly avoided the same fate.

This reaction came as a shock to the protestors. They desired to use words to shake people out of their comfort and complacency , they anticipated words in return, but were met with fists and shoulders. The only people who protected protestors from physical assault were other protestors. In the hallway, the ones who used a protest tactic widely endorsed by Arab Spring activists were called anti-democratic, pro-terrorist, and so on.

A student caught much of the event on film before another audience member pushed down her camera. The students were then forced out of the auditorium and called the UNM police, who arrived and filed a report on the incident.

These students were assaulted on UNM campus for simply trying to make their voices heard. It is a shock that a non-violent action was met with such aggression.


UNM Students being attacked at an Israel Alliance event on campus

In this video, Note the man lunge into the protesters at 17 seconds:

It’s going to be interesting to compare what happens here to what happened with the Irvine 11.

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  • Wenz

    This website has great potential but is obviously scared to mention the ZIONIST motivation for a very large number of Anti Muslim activists, in case it has the “anti semitism” charge thrown at it. A cursory glance at the people and organizations involved is enough to show anyone that this is all about shoring up the Israeli regime occupying Palestine.

  • Lawrence of America

    @Reynardine No Darwish has an even more colorful history.
    Dad was a part of the nasserist party in Egypt, and a Military commander who supervized Gaza. There are many who believe that her Daddy was an opportunist and a traitor, he eventually wound up getting whacked by his Israeli handlers. She is just carrying on the family tradition..she was raised in an anti-religion socialist environment, that viewed religous Arabs as backwards, and had very nihilistic view.
    if you pay attention to the Arab spring this is what we are fighting against, these secularists that believe they have a right to dictate to the less “enlightened”.

  • Ahmed

    The fact of the matter is, if you go and start disrupting someone else’s event, you’re likely to get thrown out. I agree with the protestors viewpoint, and I can understand why they did it – when there is so much ignorance and bigotry around, sometimes this is the only way – but for them to get manhandled and thrown out – well, they couldn’t expect anything else, could they?

    PS, I do find it when some fellow Muslims get involved in shouting and screaming – this is not the way of the Sunnah!

  • Interestingly, I find myself very much in agreement with some with whom I am perhaps more often in disagreement. My immediate (and continued) reaction to seeing and hearing those ‘protesters’ was embarrassment and revulsion. I was embarrassed that such people are representatives of what I believe is a very valid point of view. As I suppose everyone here knows, I am VERY pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist; but I am embarrassed to have to acknowledge the ‘protesters’ as representing “my side”.

    Had I been in the audience listening to a speaker, and ‘protesters’ rudely interrupted the speaker, I admit that the temptation would be strong to react in the same way as the ‘violent’ listeners did. I THINK I have enough control of myself that I would overcome the temptation to violence; but I can very much sympathize with those who became so ‘violently’ angry. (Actually, due to my physical weakness and disability, I would be completely unable to react with such violence, no matter how much I might ‘want to’. But were the situation otherwise, I hope I would have the presence of mind and help from God to control my anger.) One thing is almost certain: those ‘protesters’ did their cause no good by their disrespect and rudeness.

    Having acknowledged that I sympathize with the reaction of some members of the crowd, I still believe that such violent reactions are always wrong and are in fact worse than the activity to which they were reacting. Both sides were wrong; but the violence was more so.

  • Believing Atheist


    Yes partially in the book Beyond Chutzpah. It is available as a preview on Google Books


    Thank you. I am glad someone understands on this thread.

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