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Hundreds Attend Anti-Islam Rally in Waukesha

Anti-Mosque initiatives continue to proliferate across the US. In Brookfield that agitators against the Mosque brought in fraudster Walid Shoebat to reaffirm their animosity and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims:

Hundreds Attend Anti-Islam Rally in Waukesha

With the big-name draw of Walid Shoebat, more than 200 people gathered at the Waukesha Expo Center Saturday night to hear the message that Islam is a growing threat to law and peace in the United States.

The rally was an especially strong draw for Brookfield residents who oppose a mosque proposed for the city by the Islamic Society of Milwaukee.

Shoebat, who says he is an ex-terrorist, has been confronted about his past by media outlets like CNN, who reported they could find no evidence to support his background story. But he stood by his case Saturday, saying the media were the real frauds.

“Heck, sometimes even FOX News doesn’t even like what I have to say, because I say Islam is not a peace-loving religion,” Shoebat told the crowd.

Brookfield residents Chuck and Sharon Bloom left the rally Saturday with a plastic bag full of books sold by VCY America, a Christian radio station that sponsored the event. The couple was hoping to learn more about Islam and to build a case against the proposed mosque.

“More than just me and my wife, the community needs to be informed,” Chuck Bloom said. “I think it’s important to find out exactly what questions we need to ask to make sure there’s no sharia law, etcetera.”

Sharia law was the buzz phrase of the evening, especially surrounding the mosque. Shoebat said while he supports freedom of religion, Islam as an institution stretches beyond religious practice with sharia law. Sharia guides all aspects of Muslim life including daily routines, familial and religious obligations, and financial dealings, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

“It’s not the mosque I have a problem with,” Shoebat said, making no specific reference to the Brookfield proposal. “It’s, where is the funding coming from, and will the mosque sign and swear that they will never be sharia?”

Brookfield aldermen were invited to the event and had reserved seats in the front row, but the seats were quickly filled by other attendees when it appeared they did not show up.

Brookfield Mayor Steven Ponto and Alderman Scott Berg have both previously stated they do not think the religion of Islam should be considered in deciding whether to grant the Islamic Society of Milwaukee the permit they need to build their proposed mosque for land northeast of the intersection of Calhoun Road and North Avenue.

But Shoebat’s comments were echoed by the audience as the filed out of the Expo Center.

David Ball, a pastor from New Berlin, said he came “to find out if the message about what Islam really is is getting out properly.”

“I hold freedom of religion very dear, but Islam is not just a religion; it is also a state government system, completely contrary to our system of government,” Ball said. “Our Constitution should not be subverted to sharia law.”

Brookfield resident Robin Couillard said she found out about the proposed mosque for the first time at the event. She said she was especially concerned about Shoebat’s remark that a mosque is like an embassy for Islam and sharia law.

“I’m just shocked that this is being proposed for Brookfield,” she said. “I’m concerned about Islam overtaking our community, and our country, and the world.”

Organizers with the Islamic Society of Milwaukee have previously defended their proposal — and their religion — to opposition that surfaced at a meeting in March at the Brookfield Public Library.

Related story: Opponents of Proposed Mosque Clash with Islamic Society Organizers

Several residents said they want to mobilize opposition to the mosque, but did not have set plans for doing so, other than attending to the public hearing set for May 7 at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 2000 N. Calhoun Rd. There will also be a public information hearing May 2 at 5 p.m. in the public safety building courtroom at 2100 N. Calhoun Rd.

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  • Shoebat is a phony, no doubt about it. But those who attend his events won’t be convinced no matter how much proof is provided. They come programmed to believe whatever the phony says.

    The only good news here is how few people actually attended this or other events he’s been holding of late. His star is fading, which is why he keeps getting more extreme in his pronouncements (including his “prophesy” conferences which set out to prove that Allah is Satan and the anti Christ is Muhammmad). The more he feels his money pot slipping away from him, the more he is desperate to stay in the spotlight. Maybe the best thing we can do is ignore him. That would drive him crazy.

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  • Palestinian

    Crow I looked on Youtube, unfortunately nobody thought to record this. If I had the technology then, I’dve done it.

    I doubt many people with technology were watching that program, after all, it WAS on an evangelical Christian show…doubt many people tuned in at all.

  • Palestinian

    George, LOL…very funny. No way in hell he could have been affiliated with the PFLP.

    If he said that then he’s a fraud for sure.

  • @Justin Case

    Thanks for the link to that video. I think I saw it before but forgot about it. I added it to my “debunking the claims of anti Muslim bigots” playlist on my Gargmelgold channel. Anderson Cooper did an excellent job destroy Walid Shoebat’s credibility. I’m not sure but I think I saw a response by one of Shoebat’s supporters. I don’t remember if I saw the whole thing, but what I saw was really pathetic. They didn’t provide any evidence to discredit what Cooper said about him. The person who made the vide said that he said all “Islamists organizations,” not all “Islamic Organizations” and therefor he wasn’t talking about all Muslims. Other than that, he just made excuses as to why no evidence was found to back up Shoebat’s claims instead of providing evidence to actually back them up.

  • George Carty


    And I was sure that Shoebat claimed to have been in the PFLP…

  • corey

    if you watch shows like worlds dumbest its not really hard to see that stupid people are in the world for example
    you would think with a guy who makes crap up about being in the plo he would at least be aware of how they work and various other things about them, after all it would be like a guy claiming he was a pro footbal player but does not know what the line of scrimmage is or how to score a touchdown, and is that paticular show on youtube or something because it sounds like fun to watch.

  • Palestinian

    Shoebat is still alive? Dang, thought he went the way of the dinosaurs. He certainly has gained weight, that’s for sure. Too bad he hasn’t lost credibility.

    I knew he was a fraud years back when they had him on a call-in Christian program. I called in and questioned him on his tale of being a former terrorist. He said he was in the PLO and yada yada…I then asked him which faction he was affiliated with. He said he was PLO. I again asked him which faction(the PLO is an umbrella group consisting of several smaller factions), I started naming some off, and he again asserted he was PLO. He then said his faction was PLO. I told him PLO wasn’t its own faction but a combination of several smaller factions. This went around for another 30 seconds and then he disconnected me. He then said that the previous caller had way too much knowledge of terrorist structure to not be a terrorist himself.

    I laughed. Not only was he ignorant of the PLO and its structure, but he was apparently ignorant of the fact he was talking to a female. He’s an idiot whose just out looking for a quick buck.

    At least we know some of his ill-gotten gains are being spent on food, and probably slacks with elastic waistbands.

  • mindy1

    WTF is wrong with people??

  • I live in Milwaukee — and I’d like to join or be a part of opposition to Islamophobia in this part of the world.

    I should go over to their office (about 1/2 mile away) and tell them I’d like to be a part of opposition…there does not appear to be counter groups to this here!!!

  • MasterQ
  • Click my URL for info/expose on Walid (Wa-LIED) Shoebat.

  • Initially, Wa-lied Shoebat was CNN’s “go-to” ex-Muslims/ex-PLO member. Muslims KEPT informing CNN that he was a fraud, but they did not believe them…..until they researched the man for themselves.

    That’s when they learned that EVERYTHING the Muslims had told them about Shoebat was the TRUTH!! While it was mud in their eye, they now had the responsibility to retract all of the defense that they’d given for Shoebat and expose him as the fraud that he is!

  • Further proof that, despite calling them out on their lies, the propaganda spewed into the public arena by the Islamaphobic industry is “dumbing down” many gullible Americans who have no idea or clue about what Islam really is!

    And when I say Islamaphobic industry, trust & believe, there are monies being made by whomever lies/speaks against Islam & Muslims. Even the sponsoring organization turned a profit from this event (above) by selling books! If they REALLY wanted to learn about Islam, why would they go to Islam-haters? That’s like learn about Judaism from anti-Semites!! there’s no logic in that process….AT ALL!!

  • Octane

    Not surprised. Americans have become infected by fear and cowardice. That makes them prime targets for manipulation by the establishment. Its unfortunate that Americans have lost their courage.

  • TheBig-T

    they should crawl back in the hole they came from

  • crow

    A poster on another thread said that many Americans have become dumb and mean and proud of it and when you read about these meetings its not hard to belive

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