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Pamela Geller Watch: “The 2012 Islamic Olympics” Conspiracy

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller

We haven’t covered Pamela Geller‘s bumbling, semi-coherent and illogical rants in quite some time now, mostly because she has become increasingly marginal and is viewed as, The Looniest Blogger Ever.

Geller has been consigned to the fanatical anti-Islam Right-wing though she is invited quite regularly on Conservative radio shows and networks. She gets airtime on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program (she was on this weekend talking about Obama’s “Muslim upbringing”) as well as with her buddy Eric Bolling.

So, for some comic relief we put up Geller’s most recent conspiracy creation, something she is calling “The 2012 Islamic Olympics”:


Notice the prominence of all the Islamic nations’ flags. No Greek flags. The country that started the Olympics and whose existence is also an offence to the Ummah. (flag hat tip Armaros)

UPDATE: TRTD points out they are also using the old Saddam Hussein era Iraq flag. (on the right)
Also, the Democratic Republic of Congo (on top) is no longer in use as well.


Barely visible are the US and UK flags. So why even ask about an Israeli flag? (hat tip Armaros)

Did Muslims know that the “existence” of Greece is an “offence to the Ummah”? Is there a verse in the Qur’an that I am missing relating to how God is displeased with Greece? Now, I know Greece and Turkey have some historical rivalry, but the whole “Ummah”?

Boy, that sure would be news to all those Greek Muslims, like this American Muslim scholar of Greek heritage, Hamza Yusuf:

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  • @Daniel,

    Ban the Olympics completely? Will have to read that link when I get the chance.

  • @Ali, yes I recall that conspiracy theory. Hopefully one day we can have a comprehensive list of all the conspiracies that have been compiled over the years, though we would surely miss some. A possible feature for the future!

    @BuddhaShrink, Thank you. If only the Olympics could actually have been a source of peace.

  • Ali

    Loons see conspiracies everywhere. Do you guys remember the Flight 93’s 9/11 memorial conspiracy?

  • With all due respect to the many commentors, the most important and profound comment, in my opinion, comes from Garibaldi who wrote:

    “No Nation, no matter how repugnant their laws or conduct should be barred from the Olympics.
    I believe in ancient Greece all politics and even wars would be suspended for the games.
    That was one of the main catalysts for the reintroduction of the Olympics over one hundred years ago, to foster reconciliation amongst nations and to advance peace through sports and compitition.”

    What a great concept! Imagine, in 2012, the supension of politics and wars for the Summer Olympic Games.

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