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Lydia McGrew: Real Danger of anti-Sharia Bills is that they Won’t Foster Negative Ideas of Muslims

A Catholic website, What’s Wrong with the World: Dispatches From the 10th Crusade, considers its mission as,

dedicated to the defense of what remains of Christendom, the civilization made by the men of the Cross of Christ. Athwart two hostile Powers we stand: the Jihad and Liberalism…

What about the women of the “Cross of Christ?” Didn’t they play a part?

Anyhow, it is not surprising to then read an anti-Muslim diatribe from Lydia McGrew, where she essentially echoes the viewpoint of Daniel Pipes and his ilk who think the “enfranchisement” of Muslims must not be allowed–at any cost.

According to McGrew, her main fear regarding anti-Sharia bills is not that they are unconstitutional but that they will lead to Muslims not being perceived “negatively.”

To my mind, then, the real danger (if we should call it that) of anti-sharia bills is not that they will foster negative ideas about large numbers of Muslims in America but that they won’t. The effect could be like that of a vaccination: “I’m safe now. I’ve taken care of that.”

In her words we can essentially read the strategy of militant right-wing anti-Islam Christians. A relentless PR war on Islam and Muslims, to portray them “negatively,” as backward barbarians, irreconcilable to modernity, democracy, blah, blah, blah.

First Thing‘s Matthew Schmitz has a liberal Catholic response, labeling McGrew’s view as counter to “Christian charity” and “liberal tolerance”:

McGrew is arguing something that none of my other critics has so far: namely, that the correct approach to Islam really is the dialing up of animus against American Muslims. I believe this is wrong as a matter of Christian charity and, secondarily, as a matter of liberal tolerance.

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  • Christian-friend

  • Link182

    This is a real shame. I quite like Lydia and Tim McGrew’s work in philosophy and Lydia’s work on probability theory is fascinating to read. The fact that she can hold such appalling views is a sad testament to the fact that even great intelligence and rigorous training in analytic philosophy cannot completely inoculate against bigotry and stupidity.

  • @Julieann Wozniak

    Excellent point about Catholic immigration and anti Catholic bigotry in the past.

  • Julieann Wozniak

    This is the irony: Look up and read 18th and 19th century screeds against Catholic emigrees from Ireland. Minus the archaic language, they are identical to the bigoted lies “Christian” nativists are currently promting against Muslims.

  • @Garibaldi

    Wow. It is something when they actually come out and say that yes we want people to hate all Muslims. As disgusting as this is, At least she was honest.

  • Reynardine

    She’d report him to Homeland Security as this guy who was too dark, too Araby, preaching all kinds of socialistic Peacenik crap, and clearly not an American, and she’d raise a stink until he was thrown into Gitmo as an enemy combatant. As for Mary, she’d more likely be wearing a barrakan than a burka- blue, of course- but she’d likely be deported back to wherever they decided she came from.

  • NurAlia


    Like most of the haters, she would run away from Jesus. You know, because of the ‘Arab garb’, the Muslimness of his skin, and his mum walking next to him in the burkah.

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  • Lawrence of America

    @mindy1 he’d probably say “shalom alekhum. “

  • Al

    “Christian” hypocrisy. Nothing new

  • mindy1

    If she ran into Jesus I wonder what he would be saying to her and her ilk…

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