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Greek Neo-Nazis Attack Immigrant Vendors, Loons Celebrate

Golden Dawn

Members of Greece’s ‘Golden Dawn’ Party shout slogans and celebrate election results outside their headquarters. (AP File Photo)

Vicious Neo-Nazi attacks on immigrant vendors are cause for celebration for some anti-Muslim bigots.

The Christian [sic] Defence League:

Greece: Golden Dawn smashes illegal Muslim stalls

BRAVO! Pro-Greece, Anti-Islamization party members take illegal immigration into their own hands

ATHENS: Golden Dawn patriots go through an open air market and smash the stalls being run by illegal aliens (the vast majority of whom are Muslims).

Islam vs Europe Footage posted on the party’s official website from the day shows about 40 Golden Dawn supporters, clad in black t-shirts and with many carrying Greek flags, requesting that migrant vendors outside the Panaghia Pantovasilissa Church show them their residence permits. Members are seen violently pulling apart one of the stalls and smashing the merchandise. The two deputies, who joined the procession, said they felt it was their duty to step in where the police had failed to do so by rooting out illegal vendors.

Read more at Bare Naked Islam

Shocking Vid: Greek Neo-Nazis Attack Immigrant Vendors Outside Athens,  Bystanders Keep Walking 

by Erica Ritz, The Blaze

Not surprisingly, Greece’s neo-nazi political party “Golden Dawn” has become increasingly violent since winning a shocking number of the country’s parliament seats earlier this year.

Running on an anti-immigrant platform, international reports indicate the group has become less of a political party and more of an organized gang.

The U.K. Guardian writes:

…they are not a party at all: they are acting like a gang of criminal thugs, and it should not be beyond the pale to declare their organisation as such.

“We feel disgusted in the parliament,” said their leader, Nikos Mihaloliakos, in a speech to his followers on 25 August. “If they want us to, we can abandon it at any given moment and take to the streets. There, they shall see what the Golden Dawn is really about, they will see what battle means, they will see what struggle means, they will see what bayonets sharpened every night mean“.  Holding torches, they shouted “blood, honour, Golden Dawn” – a direct translation from the German “Blut und Ehre”, the motto once carried by the Nazi SA.“It’s you who are our Storm Detachments (Sturmabteilung). Let them come after you!” he continued, in his usual Nazi-inspired terms. Singing their official hymn “Raise the flags high” – again, a direct translation of the Nazi stormtroopers hymn “Die fachne hoch” – young men and women call for open, violent conflict both with the state and with any opponents on the ground. [Emphasis added]

In the most recent example of Golden Dawn’s brazen violence, the party released a video of its members destroying the stands of immigrant workers in the city of Rafina, near Athens, Friday night.  It didn’t appear that they waited until the area was deserted– rather, they simply appeared to be unchallenged, and marched through the streets in a symbol of power after the attack.

To be fair, however, the neo-Nazis appeared to descend en masse, and it is unlikely that a solitary protester could have prevented the damage.

Apparently the subsequent march was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and at least two police deputies joined in, saying they felt it was their duty to step in where the rest of the police force failed.

Greek media relates:

According to ministry sources, the deputies could be charged with usurping authority and damaging property.

Meanwhile, the party vowed to continue raids targeting migrant street traders without permits. A statement posted on the Golden Dawn website said raids would continue across the country, until authorities “decide to do their job and stop encouraging illegality.”

Business Insider simply writes: “Welcome to a society that’s been pushed to its breaking point.”


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  • Dimitri

    In Armenia we know all about the corrupt Turkeys.

  • Dimitri

    “Turkish people, they are a very proud, yet rational bunch.”

    Puleeease, Turkey is as corrupt as they come. Its a military dictatorship with a democratic facade slowly slipping into Islamic political fanaticism as the days go buy.

    Oh and its Turkey that better careful not to vent their frustrations on their neighbors.

  • Harry Mustafa Elfrink

    I don’t think the Turks will have to worry about the Golden Dawn anytime soon. I know the Turkish people, they are a very proud, yet rational bunch. They won’t let teenage idealists like the Golden Dawn punk them our of their rightful cities. đź?€

    Personally, I think we worry, and I daresay demonize the Golden Dawn too much. Also, we should understand that the popularity of the Golden Dawn, as well as far-left parties, like the KKE and Syriza are products of the EU’s domineering austerity measures. The EU will reap what it has sown one of these days. However, until then, Greece should be careful not to vent their frustrations (brought upon them by Brussels, Germany, the IMF and the World Bank) onto their Turkish and Albanian neighbors

  • Harry Mustafa Elfrink

    As repugnant the Golden Dawn is, the Golden Dawn of Greece didn’t become popular by accident. Greece is in a horrible economic situation and the Greek people have been squeezed badly by the European Union and the pro-Austerity parties.

    As a result, Greeks have become more politically radical…far-left parties such as the socialist Syriza and their old Communist party have become really popular. And even the far-right Golden Dawn have gotten a lot of following.

    Besides his anti-immigrant rhetoric and his “Jews control -insert societal function here-” spiel (although it’s true that Jews are over-represented in the US government compared to other groups and that Zionist lobbies have waaaaaaay too much control of American foreign policy), Sickofit is correct. The corporate elites have really screwed us in more ways than one. The Middle Class is being pushed into the poor house and poor house is being pushed on it’s side. Corporate power has really expanded and went unchecked. They, especially large financial institutions that have become “too big to fail” have got a lot of support from the government via bailouts, while poor and middle class Americans are told to sink or swim. Immigrants are not the problem, they are exploited by wealthy interests, and because immigrants hold very little political power comparatively, they are scapegoated by conservatives whenever socio-economic problems arises. Cheap immigrant labor really does undercut the working man in many countries, but it’s not the immigrant’s fault that he, out of his ignorance, was exploited by capitalists, and as such, pissed off native workers.

    Once more people in the west, or even the world wake up to what’s going on around them, there will be a very sour and violent reaction, and Insh’Allah people will wake up and smell the coffee sooner or later…and do something about it.

    I know I sound like a Marxist, and I really am not, but I find some of the Marxist analysis of socio-economic affairs to be quite accurate.

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  • Ilisha


    Are you really suggesting Muslim immigrants (all immigrants?) are part of a “genocidal” Zionist plot, and the whole thing is being covered up by the “Jew run” media?

    Are you for real? Frankly, you sound very much like a Neo-Nazi yourself, and possibly a loon even in that context.

    We wrote an article in response to a similar bizarre conspiracy theory proffered in a comment sometime back:

    Stop the Judeo-Mestizo Islamization of North America

    I’m amazed anyone subscribes to such nonsense.

  • sickofit

    You people are all effen retarded. You’ll believe anything the Jew-owned media will tell you. They’re hardly Neo Nazis, and if you all did your research, you would learn, the people of Greece, as a whole, are tired of the illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, alike, due to the fact their gov’t, much like America’s and Portugal’s, aren’t doing a damn thing about everyone coming into the country (in fact, signing in laws allowing no such cap to exist any longer). This is Zionist genocide at it’s finest. It’s what they want. Once they have a HUGE gap between the poor and the elite, what will there be left to fight for?? You guys won’t be happy until that happens and mark my words, it will. When will it be enough?? There are only so many people who can come to any country to find opportunities, before everyone is sucked dry. The middle class in most countries are dwindling… why do you suppose that is?? Think about it.

  • corey

    I always find it so hilarious how the leaders(such as spencer or geller) of the so called “counter jihad movement” always claim they are nonviolent yet most of there followers or the people they affiliate, and even the leaders themselves always seem to consist of violent psychopaths lets see if I can get a list on this
    1.roland shirk who used to be on jw writes if he could whisper in mubaraks ear “Tienanmen square” in other words he said he would advise the former dictator to murder people protesting against him.(you know for human rights)
    2.bare naked islams own little celebrations of mosque burnings and sickening calls to violence against muslims

    3.robert spencer joining a facebook group that whose missions statement involved the slaughter of turkeys muslim population

    4.another so called expert of islam and a fanboy of robert spencer who came to the support of the lra and called them “freedom fighters in a civil war against muslims”

    5.pamela geller and her defense of ratko mladic

  • Nilufer R. Sage

    According to most loons, Muslims belong 20,000 leagues under the sea.

  • Sarah Brown

    Do Jonathan and co really think Golden Dawn makes their decisions on whom to attack on any other grounds than (perceived) ethnicity? It’s a great concern that apparently a high proportion of Greek police support GD.

  • DrM

    johny boy :

    “Lol You people sound like children.”

    Says the hypocritical dimwit who supports Nazi thugs running amok in the streets attacking supposedly illegal immigrants. Apparently being a non-white street vendor is “taking over” but resisting decades of Anglo-American-israeli invasions and terrorism in Iraq, Palestine etc is “terrorism.”
    I can see why you didn’t address this point when I raised earlier.
    Tell me, as an outsider, how do you feel about the human race?

  • Nassir H.


    BareNakedIslam and Jonathan assume that the victims of the attacks are “illegal immigrants” but the news article only identifies them as “immigrants.” It’s just as likely that they’re in Greece legally and only their shops are illegal. And let’s not pretend that this is about stalls, as both the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn and their American supporters make clear.

    Even if Muslims were expelled from Greece, according to the Golden Dawn they don’t belong in Istanbul and Izmir either. According to the Golden Dawn’s leader, Nikos Mihaloliakos, both those cities should belong to Greece and that they will take them back. Robert Spencer and Stormfront’s fans agree wholeheartedly.

  • Nevermore

    “What logical argument can you provide in opposition to violently protecting one’s country when you’re an outspoken proponent of Islam?”

    I wonder: to what lengths would the Golden Dawn have to go before you stop slobbering lovingly all over Loon Watch’s comments section in support of them? Clearly not if anyone were actually, who were Muslim, in these riots or even in general. Perhaps a few beat-up Greek Jews might do the trick? You may not have noticed but they’re a *Neo Nazi* party. Is making the proverbial deal with the Devil really worth it in your Internet crusade against Islam?

    Considering how types like Spencer and Geller, along with yourself (amongst others), seem to find it acceptable, even if I were of a neutral persuasion on matters, I’d find such support repugnant.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    More proof that the “counter jihad” movement is Nazi linked or at least admires nazis when they attack Muslims. Bare Naked Islam probably supports Israel, and I would imagine would accuse anyone of antisemitism if they disagreed with anything Isreal did against the Palestinians. I hope someone asks whoever runs that hate site why he/she is praising Nazis and does so on live Television.

  • Jonathan

    Lol You people sound like children.

    What logical argument can you provide in opposition to violently protecting one’s country when you’re an outspoken proponent of Islam?

  • Lexus

    Good point DrM…. I am sure Johny boy lives by the motto that his “sh*t does not stink”

  • DrM

    jonathan :

    “Oh my God… People defending their country against illegal immigration…”

    Just like Palestinians defending their country Zionist illegal immigrants, or Iraqis against US occupation. Oh wait…never mind. Thanks for supporting violence though.

  • Saladin aka Big Boss

    I know the NAZI mottoes are just nothing to be worried about attacking people on the streets is all fine as well according to you I guess. There is a reason we call such acts lunacy because they are lunacy.

  • Jonathan

    Oh my God… People defending their country against illegal immigration…

  • Razainc

    This is disturbing to say the least

  • mindy1

    Ugh, why can’t we put all neo nazi’s in their own country DX

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