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Pamela Geller Spreads Loon Hoax: “Nigerian Muslims Crucify Cat Over Muhammad Film”

Pamela Geller, premiere anti-Muslim loon hoax perpetrator loves creating fictional stories and passing them off as real news. She has a particular penchant for fabricating stories about Nigerian Muslims, in her racist eyes all Africans look the same.

Recall her attempt to frame the Congo gas tanker explosion over a year ago in which hundreds of Congolese were incinerated as an instance of Nigerian Muslim on Christian violence. Anything goes for Geller if it dehumanizes Muslims, the more so to incite her followers towards her Ayn Rand inspired view of Muslims as “savages.”

In her recent lie against Nigerian Muslims she claims they crucified a cat in protest of the anti-Muslim movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” (h/t: Robert4 & Paul)

Nigerian Muslims Crucify A Cat on the Cross to Protest Freedom of Speech

September, 17, 2012

An anti-freedom, anti-life, culture produces little else other than new and different ways to kill, murder torture, destroy. That is their contribution to humanity — anti-humanity.

“Muslim Youths In Nigeria Crucify A Cat On The Cross To Protest Anti-Islam Film” Nigeria News

Geller is frolicking in hate land again, her post has been picked up in the Islamophobia echo chamber, with JihadWatchIsrael ForumExposing Liberal Lies and thousands of others reproducing her blogpost. The above picture originated in Ghana not Nigeria, and surfaced nearly a year ago, reported by in the article “Society for animal protection decries crucifixion of cat” and on the Cat Defender blog,

October 22, 2011

There are numerous reasons to be thankful to the Internet but the use of it as a forum in order for cat-haters to showcase the end products of their unspeakable cruelty and moral depravity is not one of them. The recent posting on Facebook of a photograph of a bound, black and white cat that was crucified by Ghanaian youths is a good case in point. (See photo above.)

Whereas the fate of big cats, elephants, primates, and other endangered and abused animals justifiably garners widespread attention from conservationists around the world, little attention is paid as to how companion and farm animals are treated on the “Dark Continent.” It therefore is difficult to gauge from afar whether the shocking manner in which this particular cat was abused is indicative of how most cats in Ghana are treated or whether this is merely as isolated case of moral degenerates seeking worldwide acclaim.

The photograph was posted online by someone who calls himself Kwabina Daniels, a.k.a. Popkon Sika-one. He possibly could be one of the youths shown in the photo but even that has been called into question by the Ghana Society for the Protection and Care of Animals’ (GSPCA) plea for the public’s assistance in identifying those pictured.

“To Facebookers and friends of the supposed perpetrator of this cruel act, it was fun and perhaps the most award-winning picture,” David Nyoagbe and Amasaba Adul-Yakeen Aluizah of the GSPCA said in a joint statement released to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on October 5th. (See “Society for Animal Protection Decries Crucifixion of a Cat.”) “It took friends of animals all over the world who begun (sic) criticizing this dastardly act for the picture on (the) Facebook page to be taken off.”

To its credit, the GSPCA promptly condemned the killing and even went so far as to add that cats should be fed regularly, provided with veterinary care and sufficient space in which to exercise, and not be subjected to either threats or molestation. Beyond that, however, its position is a good deal more ambiguous.

The GSPCA concluded by accusing the youths of insulting Christianity. “If this is not blasphemy, then what is?” it plaintively asked in the GNA article cited supra.

For whatever it is worth, the CIA World Factbook claims that nearly sixty-eight per cent of Ghanaians profess to the Christians as opposed to only sixteen per cent who claim to be Muslims.

There is no evidence that these youth who crucified the cat were Muslims. Considering that Ghana is a predominantly Christian nation, a more reasonable assumption would be that the perpetrators of this crime were Christians–such an assumption based on no evidence would, however, still be wrong.

It’s beyond disgraceful that Geller would use such a crime to dehumanize Muslims–it’s despicable. Such actions are par for the course with the anti-Muslim movement that seeks above everything to obsessively subjugate Muslims and crush/erase their religion from the face of the earth.


I’ve also been alerted to Sheila Musaji’s piece which is well worth reading: Geller & Spencer Create “Muslim Cat Crucifixion” Lie to Inflame Hatred.


A Danish website by the name of Tosseanstalten has more on the origins of the story. According to their research the picture does not emerge from Ghana but Angola. Read the translated article: Loony Bin in Severe Pickle.

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  • Syed

    Geller’s bigoted rambling aside – I don’t think the youth shown in this picture are even aware that they are being ‘cruel’ to the cat. If you have the misfortune to be stuck in one of Nigeria’s famous go-slow (traffic jams that extend for hours or sometimes even days), you will be treated to a unique carnival of vendors selling everything from cosmetics, electronics, vegetables, fruits, entertainment, sex and bush meat ( I think this some young persons idea of advertising cat meat in a melee of vendors.

  • Jai

    Pamela Geller’s Ayn Rand-inspired posters describing Muslims as “savages” will be going up in 10 subway stations across New York next week, to coincide with the opening of the UN General Assembly.


  • Reynardine

    I suppose, then, Marco, that I am Umm Hurraira. That is the extent of my Arabic (Actually, a colleague once called me that. I had forgotten)

  • Reynardine

    Garibaldi, the two incidents were not simultaneous, but came from the same perpetrators. Who was responsible became apparent after some rashly spoken words were overheard, plus one or two other clues that turned up.

    Persecution of both children and animals as “witches” has increased dramatically across Central Africa as a direct result of activity by fanatical Christian missionaries. Quite a few of both have died as badly as this, or worse. Single women, as in Europe, have also been driven out of their homes, tortured, and killed under this same influence. One of the most infamous of the instigators is Sarah Palin’s personal “confessor”.

    Cats inherently infuriate authoritarians. They are not big, strong, rich, or valuable, yet they are quite as dignified and independent as lions. It was the position of Margaret Cooper Gay, author of “How to Live with a Cat”, that if one wanted to know if a potential leader was essentially a revolutionary or a tyrant, you should examine his attitude towards cats. Those who were essentially reformers or revolutionaries were usually owned by several. Those whose real motives were dictatorial hated them.

  • Ilisha


    “…loonwatch ignores the scriptural exhortations throughout the Quran…”

    Nonsense. Your only demonstrate your ignorance with such claims.

    Repeatedly we have challenged visitors to produce the chapter and verse in the Qur’an that calls for unprovoked violence. No one has or ever will meet that challenge.

    Your head is full of propaganda and falsehood. If you read our articles with an open mind, you may see things differently. However, I’m going to leave it to Loonwatchers to debate with you, if they like, as I have other things to do. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Elliott

    Viewing the world through a plexiglass navel, loonwatch ignores the scriptural exhortations throughout the Quran, Hadith and other Islamic texts to unfriend, hate and murder Jews. These sentiments are broadcast every Friday in mosques throughout the Middle East by fundamentalist Imams doing what they believe is their religious duty.
    Without misrepresenting the mistreatment of cats as ‘evidence’ of Muslim derangement, one need only read the Quran or the catalog of Islamist antisemitism preceding modern history, the arrival Israel on the world scene or the just capture of territory during the Six Day War of 1967.
    With ample truth supporting Islamist Jihad as a genuine threat to Jews, Christians and all who are not part of Dar al Islam, it is regrettable when a horrible situation is mischaracterized to support a just cause.

  • marco

    Prophet Muhammad PBUH was very fond of cats, and gave 1 of his companions that loved cats the name ‘Abu Hurraira’ which means Father of the Kitten(s)

  • Saladin aka Big Boss

    Here is a good post for LW

    Hollande says extremism ‘destroys’ Islam’s principles

    “The honour of Islamic civilisations is to be older, more alive, more tolerant than some of those who claim today to abusively speak on their behalf. It is the exact opposite of obscurantism, which destroys the principles and destroys the values of Islam, bringing violence and hatred.”

  • Revd Frank Julian Gelli

    Cats are ritually ‘clean’ animals in Sharia’. There would no ground at all for killing a cat, let alone in that horible manner. It is therefore most unlikely that the perpetrators were Muslims.

  • Susie

    The articles on atlas shrugs, jihadwatch and exposing liberal lies about this have all been taken down. Cowards didn’t have the galls to correct themselves. Great job LW in exposing these liars!

  • tarig

    Can you please change that picture, its really disturbing!

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Cats are also eaten in Australia as bush tucker.
    The real issue is the fabrication of stories with the aim of defamation of a religious group to encourage violence against this particular group . That is what this sick woman does .
    If I believed in God and there for the devil I would call her evil and leave it at that.

    Sir David

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    The cat’s crucified. They would have had to have broken its legs to spread its arms like that, not to mention what appears to be a wire around its midsection. This is a rather clear case of animal abuse, not an attempt to sell it for food (though honestly it wouldn’t surprise me one way or another if at least some Ghanians ate cat meat). There is absolutely no justification for it.

    My assumption would be that it is a Christian thing. We Muslims don’t generally practice crucifixion, and the Prophet himself loved cats. While indigenous African cultures have many beliefs about witchcraft, I am not aware of any involving cats in particular. Baboons, hyenas, rabbits, spiders and tortoises are all associated with witchcraft in one culture or another, but not cats. In Hoodoo and other Afro-American traditions, parts of cats (particularly black cats) are indeed used, but that seems to have come more from the European side of things than the African side.

    However, evangelical Christianity has both imported Western ideas about witchcraft (with a particularly nasty belligerence towards indigenous African religions to boot) while co-opting existing ideas of witchcraft. Ghana is a predominantly Christian country, and the cross is a Christian symbol. More to the point, fundamentalist interpretations of Christianity have historically viewed cats as ‘evil.’ In the late 15th century, Pope Innocent VIII declared cats evil and thousands were killed across Europe. This at the same time that Jews were being expelled or forcibly converted from Spain. Equally disgusting, I have seen some evangelicals who are hostile towards pet owners, equating the idea of naming an animal and giving it special food with worship.

    Before any Christians get offended or go off on a rant about this, I’ll point out that the idea of animal cruelty seems rather antithetical to the teachings of Jesus, not to mention later figures like St. Francis of Assisi… or St. Christopher (who, by some accounts, was said to have been a Cynocephalus, or ‘dog-headed man’!) However, institutionalized Christianity (and especially some of the odder, more belligerent strands which have taken root here in America alongside more mainstream denominations) have been known to get away from the actual teachings. The same can be said of Islam, where certain strands of Wahhabism have little to nothing in common with mainstream Islam as it has been practiced since the time of the Prophet.

    Perhaps more interesting is the fact that anything and everything ‘non-Western’ or ‘non-white’ is automatically presumed to be Muslim. Geller’s audience immediately takes her word at the fact that these were Muslim men. In fact, any time an African behaves in a way that is seen as belligerent or anti-Western, they are presumed to be Muslim. I’ve even noticed a recurring thread in which several anti-Islam pundits attempt to blame us for the Rwandan genocide… despite Rwanda being something like 95% Christian! I think it really speaks to the tribal ‘us against them’ mentality that Geller and her followers have. Either you are a good, Western Christian (or maybe Jew), or you are a dark-skinned, and innately foreign, Muslim.

    Either way, these people are assholes, and I have no qualms calling them out on it.

  • Syed

    I don’t know if it was intended to be cruel to the cat. I have seen kids sell wild animals on the street for meat (bush meat). We once saved a monkey headed for the pot in Nigeria. I also know a Ghanian guy who used to trap cats for food (in Nigeria). I don’t know if it was just this man or if cats are considered a delicacy in Ghana (of course with a country that has so many tribes and individual cultures, it would be difficult to generalize). So this could just be a group of kids looking to make a quick buck.

  • islamispeace

    I have two cats whom I love to death. If anyone tried to hurt them, let alone crucify them, I would literally go nuclear on their butts!

    For someone to harm a defenseless and harmless animal like this is sickening. It is inhuman. And for Geller to blame Muslims is just more evidence that she is a fraud and that the only ones who still follow her are brainless zombies.

  • Stephen G. Parker

    Concerning the motivation for this case of cat crucifixion, Sheila Musaji’s article at The American Muslim ( ) says that it was because the perpetrator(s) thought the cat was a demon. :roll: That sounds more like a ‘Christian’ motivation than ‘Muslim’; but I guess that’s not conclusive evidence.

    It should also be remembered that in some people’s minds, cats are associated with ‘witchcraft’ because ‘witches’ supposedly have ‘familiars’ in the form of cats. I suppose there are probably some superstitious folk who consider all cats as ‘evil’, ‘familiars’ of witches, and ‘demonic’. That again sounds more like Christian superstition than Muslim to me; but then again, that kind of superstition may not be exclusive to certain forms of Christianity.

  • Garibaldi


    I can’t understand it either, it defies logic and rationality and exposes a very deep issue with the perpetrators. I was unable to ascertain the motive of the people in the pic, but if I find out I will update the story.

  • Garibaldi


    That’s horrific! I can’t believe that happened to you. I actually was unaware until researching this article that there was this medieval Christian culling of cats by the Catholic Church.

    It is quite sad and I was actually worried about posting the pic in feature as it is quite graphic.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    I can’t even understand why anyone would crucify a cat in first place unless there was something wrong with them. Given the fact that I don’t think the photo itself is fake, based on your link to the Ghana Society for Animal Protection, what exactly was their actual motive for doing that to that poor animal?

  • Reynardine

    That is the saddest thing I have seen since I watched a filmclip of a sealer bludgeoning a baby harp seal to death, skinning it in front of its mother, and leaving the flayed corpse for her to mourn over.

    When I was maybe nine or ten, we got a book, now a collectible, called “How to Live with a Cat”. I do not remember whether it was there or in Margaret Henry’s article on the Arab horse I first heard of the Prophet, but it was clear he cherished his cats and his mares both. But what was clear was that cats had been crucified…and hung up and used as archery targets…and skinned alive…and tortured in ways I have blanked out…by Christians, who considered them diabolical. This kind of thing has begun resurfacing in recent years as Christian fanatacism resurfaces. One of mine was thrown on a fire; I had to care for his wounded paws the rest of his life (these same devils torched my shed). As for Geller, I would not put it past her depravity to stage such things.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    I agree. If you were to post everything Geller wrote and replace Muslims with Jews, she’d sound pretty much just like a classic antisemite.


    Maybe Pamela needs to be reminded of this:

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  • mindy1

    Sad that some people could be so depraved as to hurt a helpless cat :(, even sadder that Geller would exploit it for her own gain :(

  • Heinz Catsup

    Man if Muhammad was here right now he would have definitely been infuriated if he saw this, especially if that cat had been Muezza.

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