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WorldNetDaily: Bastion of the Paranoid

by Garibaldi

WorldNetDaily (WND), the one stop news site for the delusional Far-Right Christian fringe is an amalgamation of the dopiest, Armageddon prophesying doomsayers and anti-Freedom voices in the blog looniverse today. Websites such as RightWingWatch and MediaMatters have copiously done the thankless job of documenting their absurdities, including surreal, borderline advocacy of Christian theocracy and wild conspiracy theories about everything under the sun.

Pamela Geller‘s screeds are regularly published on WND, if you go to the site today, her “exclusive” feature article is about Russell Brand being a Jihadist.  Yes, you read that right, she’s saying Russell Brand=Jihadist.

Apparently Geller was on Russell Brand’s talk show, Brand X (airing Nov. 1st on FX) where he implied she was a racist and told her she was a MILF (Mothers I’d Like to F***). Did Geller expect that she would be taken as a serious guest on a comedy talk show when 1.) she is a JOKE, and 2.) everyone is familiar with Brand’s style of humor? Geller went on Brand’s show because she is an attention-monger who believes “any publicity is good publicity.” It was a desperate attempt to garner some pop coverage. Geller’s over-inflated ego tells her that she’s some sort of radical chic icon who deserves international stardom, considering the backlash directed at Brand by her and her right-wing buddies’ articles she had a horrible experience. We’ll have to tune-in to be exactly sure.

Alongside Geller today, WND also has “exclusive” featured articles asking that question sure to be on everyone’s mind, “Was ‘Frankenstorm’ Another ‘Harbinger?,'” the main thrust of which centers on whether or not Hurricane Sandy was,

another reenactment of an ancient mystery described in the book of Isaiah, chapter 9, verse 10?

For hundreds of thousands of Americans, this calamity brings to mind the bestselling Christian book of 2012 and the No. 1 faith movie of the year.

The rank and file of these warriors of God are already hawking a book/movie on the back of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction, while also embarrassing believers by framing God for the devastation on the East Coast.

Recently, WND has published columnists who advocate a curtailment of Freedom of Speech and Expression. WND columnist Erik Rush wants liberals and journalists brought up on charges of sedition for treason, all in order to ‘defend freedom,’ (h/t: CriticalDragon)

WorldNetDaily columnist Erik Rush writes that the government should prosecute liberals and members of the press… in order to defend freedom, of course. He accuses journalists of “treasonous collusion” with the Obama administration and said the Founders would have wanted journalists to be “found guilty of high crimes.” “Trials for treason and the requisite sentences would apply,” Rush says, “and I would have no qualms about seeing such sentences executed, no matter how severe.” He claims that progressives’ “seditious, anti-American” speech is “excepted from protection under the First Amendment,” hoping that “the political disenfranchisement of liberals, progressives, socialists and Marxists can begin in earnest, and in the open.”

These words echo the opinions of those other stalwart WND columnists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who equally want Muslims in America who practice Islam to be charged with “sedition.”

So much for their vaunted love and respect for the US Constitution, but of course we knew this all along.

Recently, genocide supporting JihadWatch zombie Eric Allen Bell (aka Eric Edborg) was profiled in a puff profile in WND titled “Counter-jihad filmmaker refuses to be silenced.” It is unclear who is trying to silence the blubbering Bell, his calls for the destruction of Muslims and Islam is everyday fare, but his false tale of conversion from “liberalism to conservatism” is still being trumpeted by the far right. The article, written by a self-described conservative Christian who goes by the pen name Marisa Martin includes a jab at Loonwatch,

For instance, he [Bell] claims that the watchdog site “” is a terrorist spin control network, while I always thought they were just crazy.

Good to know Ms. Martin reads us, I guess. Of course Bell’s weak blog diary has been not only debunked but exposed for the slanderous spin article it is by a plethora of commenters, right and left. Not only that but Bell was banned by the Daily Kos community for being a hatefilled racist and an Islamophobe, i.e. an all around bigot.

In Ms. Martin’s mind we are the “crazy” ones because we debunk the divisive forces of hate that want to undermine freedom, peace and liberty, and expose the genocidal racists whom she ever so fondly profiles in her WND articles!

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  • @Garibaldi,

    I hope MentatH’s comment was tongue and cheek. It doesn’t read like it was through.

  • Garibaldi


    It’s a shirt that needs to be printed ‘Proud to be a’crazy’ Jew ‘ with the back saying ‘Crazy 4’ XD come on come on it’s a good idea!

    Make that shirt and take a pic and we’ll post it! 😀

  • Garibaldi

    “only truth should be published”

    I don’t know if your comment is tongue-in-cheek, or to highlight the absurdities of the loon sites, but clearly as Critical pointed out, no need for such censorship or truth panels. We have enough overseers as is.

  • @MentatH

    Ideally no one would take websites like world Net Daily seriously. As for regulating the net and banning websites like them, that’s not a good idea. A government that could get away with banning them, could ban any website it wanted.

    Free speech exists, not just to protect the rights of bigots, and crazies but everyone. Why should we trust the people in power as arbitrators of truth? Many of them already agree with many of the nonsensical conspiracy theories promoted on WND. Without the first amendment, all people like the ones behind World Net Daily would need to do to censor websites like Loon Watch would be an act of congress or a simple majority to pass a ballet initiative in some states. You don’t think Eric Rush would do what he says he’d do if he had the power? If we don’t accept the right of others to say what they want to say, no matter how horrible it may be, than we won’t be able to effectively defend our right to speak our minds. There’s no need to ban them, just discredit them, and in the meantime continue to fight their agenda.

  • MentatH

    This is proof that there needs to be regulation of the internet. Ideally, World Net Daily should be taken off the web, forcibly. I would also love to see David Horowitz’s website “Frontpage” be shut down and Horowitz be arrested and placed into prison.

    Freedom of Speech needs to be reevaluated, only truth should be published. Media should not be in the hands of many.

  • DrM

    Keep it simple. WND = World NUT daily. If I remember correctly, they were claiming that Iran would unleash Armageddon in 2007.

  • Géji

    Oh wow! finally! Terrorist-inspirer Geller got the kind of treatment she deserved all along, from forward-thinking, rational beings. Humiliated at her own preferred venues (the media!)that allowed her for so long giving her free passes to spew her venomous, divisive, racist views regarding humankind, and for everybody to witness. Thanks Senator! a blow to Geller’s hate, hope many more like this will follow, please circulate this video.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Unacceptable opinion lol
    Sir David

  • Senor

    I saw the segment. Russell Brand treated her like the garbage she is.

  • Al

    I just spent a bit of time over at WND looking at the “articles” LOL! Bastion of stupidity is right-

  • marco

    Hahaha. I’ve so gotta see that show. My utmost respect to Russell Brand for humiliating that racist shrieking harpy.

  • Xithurel

    *snort* Most of the people whom I personally know who follow loonwatch are in our Jewish community – I guess we’re all just a bunch of ‘crazy’ Jews. XD I don’t mind it,personally, it’s got a sort of sharp edge to it. It’s a shirt that needs to be printed ‘Proud to be a’crazy’ Jew ‘ with the back saying ‘Crazy 4’ XD come on come on it’s a good idea!

  • Jai

    “Pamela Geller‘s screeds are regularly published on WND, if you go to the site today, her “exclusive” feature article is about Russell Brand being a Jihadist. Yes, you read that right, she’s saying Russell Brand=Jihadist”

    Geller’s bizarre views seem to know no bounds. Russell Brand is famously a Hindu; he even regularly promotes various Hindu spiritual concepts and religious texts during his live shows. In one stand-up concert a couple of years ago, Brand also displayed a huge painting of Krishna and his consort Radha at the back of the stage throughout the show.

    If that’s not clear enough for Geller, the fact that Brand also has a very large tattoo of Krishna down the side of one arm (often visible on “BrandX”) and frequently signs-off his various televised shows with the phrase “Hare Krishna” should be a little clue for her.

  • mindy1

    @Ali 😆 perfect title as for the magazine itself 😯

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Hats off to Russel Brand . He may be an idiot but he knows a racist when he meets one .

    Sir David

    As for WND it sounds like “Daily Mail lite”

  • TheBig-T

    You should change the Title to World Net Daily: Bastion of Stupidity

  • @Garibaldi and @Ali

    Check out this Intelligence Report story on World Net Daily.

    World Net Daily Continues to Pump Out Outrageous Propaganda

  • Ali

    WND = Weapon of Neuronal Degeneration
    Reading the material on this site and believing in all the crap will no doubt reduce once IQ but also results in mental illness.

    WND = World of Neuron Degenerates or World of Nuts and Dumbs.
    In other words, a world of retards.

  • Garibaldi


    It is definitely “astounding dreck.” It’s unfortunate how they are helping make people more ignorant and misinformed. By the sounds of it Farrah must be friends with Brigitte Gabriel.

  • I don’t normally read a website and assume everyone on it is literally mentally ill, but World Net Daily is one of those sites. It’s astounding dreck.

    I believe Joseph Farrah, the editor, is a Lebanese Christian. I was wondering if there’s anything that is too extreme for him. When Israel started massively bombing Lebanon indiscriminately in 2006, I figured he’d finally oppose it, but nope. Turns out he’s a Lebanese Zionist who dismissed the cries for help by fellow Christians inside the country, and supported and trusted Israel. I decided to never give him a page hit ever again.

  • JD

    Randall Terry Airs Graphic, Anti-Muslim Ad Against Obama In Pennsylvania

    A gruesome, anti-Muslim television ad aired Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, insinuating that President Barack Obama is sympathetic to violent extremism in the Middle East.

    The ad, first flagged by the liberal group American Bridge 21st Century, was paid for by fringe write-in presidential candidate Randall Terry and aired around the popular 11 p.m. time slot on Pittsburgh’s local FOX affiliate WPHG.

    It features a sleeping woman who is struggling through a nightmare. It intersperses graphic images of bloodied corpses and a man being decapitated. A portion of President Obama’s speech in Cairo about bridging the gap between the Muslim and western worlds, and chants of “Allahu Akbar” serve as the background audio in the ad. The woman ultimately wakes up from the nightmare and says, “I can’t vote for Obama again.” The ad ends with Terry on screen saying, “A vote for Obama helps Muslims murder Christians and Jews. I’m Randall Terry and I approve this message.”

    A request for comment from WPGH as to why the station agreed to air the ad was not returned.

    Terry, who is an anti-abortion rights activist and founder of Operation Rescue, announced his write-in candidacy for president in Jan. 2011 in front of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. He’s mounted a number of unsuccessful runs for Congress and state legislature seats in the past.

    Tim Murphy of Mother Jones reported last year on how Terry and his cohorts are able to air such explicit ads.

    Together, they aim to exploit a Federal Communications Commission loophole and saturate major media markets with graphic anti-abortion images. What the ads lack in production values, they more than make up for in shock value. As he explained in an interview with Catholic Online last November, Terry, who is himself running for president as a Democrat, explained: “By running campaign ads in the top 25 media markets, we can reach one-third of the nation with a message about the truth and horror of abortion.”

    Terry attracted attention earlier this year when he attempted to air a graphic ad depicting aborted fetuses during the Super Bowl on NBC’s Chicago station, WMAQ. The station ultimately refused to sell Terry the time slot.

    The anti-Muslim ad that aired last night was pulled from YouTube for violating its policy regarding “shocking and disgusting content.” It can still be viewed on Terry’s website.

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