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Bristol Uni Christian Union Maintains Ban on Women

Does this mean Christianity is an inherently misogynistic religion? This sounds similar to many Conservative institutions in the USA such as Liberty University, the Moody Bible Institute, etc. (h/t: SarahB)

What if they were Muslim?

Bristol Uni Christian Union maintains ban on women

by Sunny Hundal (Liberal Conspiracy)

Bristol University’s Christian Union is under investigation after it turns out it is not going to allow women speakers at its weekly meetings.

The controversy erupted after the Bristol Tab website revealed yesterday that ‘women will be seen but not heard’.

However the move is being reported as a new ban when it’s not.

It turns out the BUCU had always banned women speakers at meetings. But when there was a move to allow women to speak in certain settings, controversy erupted and some members resigned.

The Christian Union then sent out an email clarifying that women can speak with their husbands but unmarried women must remain silent.

The Bristol Tab reports:

Having spent ‘a lot of time exploring this issue, seeking God’s wisdom on it and discussing it together’ the CU executive committee decided that it is not appropriate for women to teach alone at weekly meetings, or be the main speaker at the CU weekend away.

Women are also banned from speaking alone at the group’s mission weeks.

According to the Guardian, the students union is now looking into whether discrimination rules have been broken.

The Bristol University Feminist Society said in a statement:

The CU’s position seems to be implying that they have reached a compromise on the issue, however it is still hugely discriminatory, deeply offensive and sexist to women. They are suggesting that women have more worth as speakers if speaking with their husband while assuming that all women are interested in marriage, or men for that matter.

Surely the Christian Union should have investigated over this years ago?

It also seems that Bristol CU deactivated their Twitter and Facebook accounts last night.

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