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Mysterious ‘No Muslim Parking’ Signs Appear at Texas Shopping Center


Mysterious ‘No Muslim Parking’ Signs Appear at Texas Shopping Center

By Billy Hallowell (The Blaze)

Parking signs popping up in Houston, Texas, this week are sparking major controversy.

Placards that read, “No Muslim parking in the Westview Shopping Center” were recently posted outside of a local mall. In addition to issuing the faith-based crack-down, the text also pledged to tow anyone who violates the stated rule. The mysterious messages have since been removed.

The signs were posted this week along the street near El Farouq Mosque, a house of worship that is nearby the mall. When Muslims attending the mosque saw the signs, many of them were offended, KPRC-TV reports, but no one has come forward to claim responsibility for putting them up.

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  • Hyde

    Well if it is for the way Muslim park their cars on Jumma, then I sort of agree…

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  • The sign should have read: ” This space reserved for customers of Westview Shopping Center.”
    This is more reasonable.

  • HeGG

    There is nothing mysterious about the sign.

    It’s obvious that some worshipers were using the parking space reserved for costumers of the Westview Shopping Center and the business owners had the completely reasonable complaint that said space should only be used by people who shop there.

    And then they decided to entrust the creation of a sign communicating said reasonable request to a complete moron.

  • mindy1

    Whomever spent the time and money on that sign would have been better off giving that money to the homeless, or veterans or something.

  • Jon Diamond

    The article is incorrect. I live in Houston. This did not happen here. This happened in Spring Branch, TX. Let me just say that place is not as diverse as Houston and has its share of uneducated rednecks. Some of my wife’s family lives there, so that is how I know the area.

    Many Muslims in the Houston area like myself are outraged by this and I intend to show solidarity with my fellow Muslims. I am going there tonight with 20 of my friends to pray there to show the members of El Farouq Mosque that we are their brothers and that they are not alone.

    I don’t understand why anyone would put a sign like that. If anyone had a problem with mosque members parking on the property, all they had to do was talk to the mosque’s leadership and they would have told their members not to park there. No sign needed at all.

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