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Norway: PM demands Progress apology for ‘sneak-Islam’


Norway: PM demands Progress apology for ‘sneak-Islam’

Outgoing Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has challenged Siv Jensen, leader of the anti-immigration Progress Party, to publicly apologise for using the term “sneak-islamization”.

“If the deputy chairperson is able to regret it in English, I assume that the party leader Siv Jensen can regret it in Norwegian,” Stoltenberg said on Tuesday after the Progress Party briefed international press on its policies.

Ketil Solvik-Olsen, the party’s deputy leader, yesterday told a meeting with foreign journalists that Jensen’s claim that Norway faced the threat of “sneak-islamization” had been unfortunate. But Jensen on Tuesday evening stood by her provocative past statements.

“I’m not going to apologize for that and I and the Progress Party will continue to fight the emergence of such radical forces and the ideas they advocate,” she wrote in an email toVG newspaper.

In February 2009, Jensen said: “The truth is that we are beginning to allow a form of sneak-Islamization to take place in this country.”

She said on Tuesday that she remained concerned by radial Islamic groups. “I am concerned that we have radical groups in Norway who want Shariah law and an entirely different way of organizing society in Norway. No one should be in any doubt that this is an important issue for us,” she said.

Meanwhile, a survey of Progress party politicians conducted by the Dagbladet newspaper showed that 61 percent saw immigration as the most important issue in the ongoing coalition negotiations.

This compares with just 16.6 percent who saw lower taxes as the the most important issue, belying Solvik-Olsen’s depiction of the party on Tuesday as driven primarily by desire for lower taxes and less regulation.

The Local, 18 September 2013

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  • mindy1

    Glad that an apology is being demanded

  • mindy1

    Aww love that print

  • Christian-Friend

    Then, pray tell, how DID the Muslims came to Norway?

  • Jekyll

    Oh wow comparing to Rape. No sir, you have the most idiotic comment of the day.

    The liberal/conservative elites are so removed from the reality of the common masses. The immigrants play the perfect catch as being scapegoats for the failed policies and ideologies of the government and such.

    Nice pic though; saw a it a while back.

  • JD

    Right Just as Rape is the fault of the person who was raped for dressing that way not the messed up view of the person who raped her.You are the winner of the Idiotic comment of the day award Congratulations

  • Guest

    Right just like rape not the fault of the sick person its the victim fault for dressing that way. You sir are the winner of the the most idiotic comment of the day award.

  • Jekyll

    If 61% of Norwegians have a problem with immigrants (i.e. Muslims) then why did they allow so many folks to come in there country in the first place? I very much the left is much to blame for this as well the emerging xenophobic right.
    They allow so many people to come in there, while the native population itself is unemployed and suffering, as to shift the blame on the new folks.

    There is much trouble brewing in the kitchens of Europe. Muslims should be very wary to say the least. The future does not look bright nor appeasing.

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