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The Menace of Anders Breivik Continues


The menace that is Anders Breivik has not ended with his imprisonment in an IKEA furnished Norwegian jail. The ideology that he embraced, “Counter-Jihad,” continues to inspire misfits, including John Roddy and Tobias Ruth who fancied themselves “Knights Templar” Crusaders.

These two were inspired by a dangerous ideology which they acted upon, they are also connected to the EDL.

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Two friends obsessed with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik plotted a far-right hate campaign in Torbay, a court was told today. John Roddy, 20, and Tobias Ruth, 18, daubed racist graffiti on a mosque and spray painted Brixham police station. The pair styled themselves as Knights Templar in homage to Breivik and sent letters to Islamic centres telling worshippers to leave the country.

At Exeter Crown Court today Ruth, from Brixham, was sent to a Young Offenders Institution for two years and nine months. He had previously admitted conspiracy to cause criminal damage and to send malicious communications. Roddy, from Torquay, walked away from court with a suspended jail sentence. He admitted the conspiracy charges and possessing a terror manual on his computer.

Their arrests came in January after an area of Lymington Road in Torquay was sealed off by armed police who feared they may be dealing with a terrorist cell.


Exeter Crown Court was told that police had been hunting whoever was responsible for a series of graffiti attacks on various buildings in Torquay and Brixham dating back to July the previous year. Red spray paint and the initials KT had been daubed on buildings and 72 incidents of criminal damage were later attributed to the pair.

Among the buildings targeted were Brixham police station; a council-owned building in St Mary’s Park; the Union Street car park in Torquay and a children’s play area in Plainmoor. Racist slogans were sprayed on the Torquay Islamic Centre. Police arrested Roddy after a large billboard had been daubed by the words “Knights Templar”.

Police analysed Facebook traffic between Roddy and Ruth and discovered the pair had been in conversation about places to target. Roddy’s laptop was found to contain an “al-Qaeda training manual” and Breivik’s “2083 A European Declaration of Independence”.

Jeremy Atkinson prosecuting, said: “Both developed an obsession with the personality and ideology of Anders Breivik, the convicted Norwegian terrorist and mass murderer. The defendants had attempted to act out to some extent their own form of activity under the banner of Knights Templar, an organisation discussed at some length by Anders Breivik and aspired to be part of that organisation or their own version of it.”

He said in July the pair had taken part in an “initiation right” with each of them branding the other on the upper arm with a hot metal cross to signify their allegiance to the Knights Templar.

Letters sent to the Islamic Centre in Torquay included the words “Leave this town today or there will be hell to pay.” Identical letters, shown to have been addressed by Roddy and using cut out letters from newspapers, were also sent to mosques in Brighton and Plymouth.

Lee Brembridge mitigating for Roddy, now of Old Mill Road,said there was no evidence any of the material found in his possession would be used for terrorist purposes and the material had not been distributed. He said Roddy was shy and had been assessed by a mental health team. He also had Asperger’s and autism. Roddy, he said, had come under the influence of Ruth after the pair met on a bricklayer’s course at South Devon College, at which point his family had started to notice a behavioural change.

Kevin Hopper, mitigating for Ruth, said his client was a “social inadequate” who was easily influenced by others. He said Ruth had been 17 at the time and compensation claimed for the graffiti only amounted to £500. But Judge Francis Gilbert QC said the real cost was far higher and ran into thousands of pounds. “At least one of the acts of criminal damage was motivated by racial hatred,” he added. “The racial element of the offences is obvious.”

Roddy was given 23 months in a Young Offenders Institution, suspended for two years and 18 months supervision.

Torquay Herald Express, 20 September 2013

The links between the two convicted men and the English Defence League are clear:

John-Roddy-and-Tobias-Ruth-EDL (2)

Tobias Ruth loves Tommy Robinson

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  • Breivik was treated in a psychiatric ward as a little child. I think this was extreemely traumatic for him and his actions are basically a revenge for this ordeal.

  • George Carty

    Many Westerners today are unaware of the Islamic contributions to science because Western scientists of the early-modern era (when the Ottoman Empire was a serious threat to Christendom) were uncomfortable with admitting to using Muslim ideas and therefore claimed to have developed them independently.

    Similarly, many Muslims today want to adopt western ideas in order to modernize their own societies, but then hunt for justifications within the hadith for these ideas (which may actually be valid, but it wasn’t where they discovered these ideas in the first place) because they are uncomfortable admitting to borrowing Western ideas.

  • George Carty

    What you say may well be true of the leaders of racist organizations, but not of their rank-and-file membership. Similarly, corporate executives often have interests at odds with those of their shareholders, and union bosses don’t always have the interests of the ordinary worker at heart.

    I don’t think the white working people who lynched Chinese immigrants in the 19th century Western United States (for example) were aiming to become a “hereditary aristocracy prospering from the back-breaking labor of everybody else” — your argument reeks of Third-Worldism.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Underneath the Islamophobe’s hatred of Islam and Muslims, there has always been a grudging admiration. . . even jealousy.

    That’s 100% right, all their disdain and hate for Muslims denotes just that, envy and jealousy, rooted in the fact that in the Middla Ages Islamic civilization was vastly superior to Western European civilization. These days have sadly long since passed, but this – partly subconscious – notion prevails; and if you analyze the attitudes and actions for example the Castilians showed toward the Spanish Muslims during the Reconquista (and mind you, they weren’t content with extirpating the Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula, they attempted the invasion of North Africa too, more than once); or when the French said they were “bringing progress and civilization to North Africa”; when the Zionists said similar things about Palestine (“Israel is, thanks to its Arab neigbors, the most democratic and prosperous country in the region”); what the Serbs think of Muslim Bosniaks and what Myanmar ultranationalist/”Buddhist” supremacists and their disgusting worldwide supporters think of the Burmese Muslims, all this just reflects hatred derived from envy. And I do not understand nor endorse the viewpoint that non-Muslim peoples who were subjected to Muslim rule centuries ago – the Christians in Al Andalus, the Hindus under Muslim, especially Moghul rule, the Serbs under Ottoman rule, and the Buddhist Burmese (if there ever was a Muslim kingdom in Burma), no matter if they were oppressed or second class citizens or suffered atrocities – should be entitled to exact revenge from today’s local Muslim populations. As we have seen happen in Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries (and in that time they tried to conquer and Christianize North Africa too, and they succeeded in doing that with the Aztecs and Incas, and they would have colonized Japan too, if the Japanese hadn’t been more than on a par with them; to which they had no claim whatsoever!); in the Balkans from 1804 on (and don’t forget the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 13 which led to massacres and expulsion of maybe 1 or 2 million Muslims at the hands of the Serbs and Bulgarians as bad as those in Bosnia in 1992-95; that the communist Bulgarian government of Todor Zivkov too committed ethnic cleansing against the Bulgarian Turks in the 1980s and got away with it – so Milosevic couldn’t but be convinced he’d get away with the time-honored tradition of extermination of Bosniaks and Kosovars too); the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India in 1947-48; and the anti-Muslim pogroms in Burma today. And there are always some twerps around who say, “yeah, it’s because in the past the Muslims did this and that.” Even if there were some truth to it, this has no relevance for the people of today and is no justification for any atrocities committed against Muslims today and who does that is a declared enemy of Muslims, inhuman and a xenophobe. And I do not wish to share this planet Earth with xenophobes. They are the worst kind of human beings there is.

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  • Reynardine

    That is not a clinical term, but what is certain is that a sodden mood that persists either without cause, or else without break for too long after a cause, requires medical attention. I am neither an MD psychiatrist nor a PsyD, but was long enough in the field to say it would do you good to be assessed by one or both. Believe me, I mean you neither harm nor offense in this.

  • Reynardine

    Seriously: you show signs of suffering from a tenacious depression. See a specialist for a proper diagnosis.

  • techkid90

    In another thread, I mentioned how bigotry usually comes from qualities one lacks and needs an outlet to fill the void and unfortunately hatred serves as a comforter, only to feed of an individual until they are so consumed with it, they go insane.

  • Jekyll

    Sorry to say no..well yes, but to my surprise the doctors have diagnosed with me the ‘living in the real world, seeing behind the 4th wall syndrome’.

    I kind of hate me childhood, because it was actually pretty great and made me believe in the rosy view of history and people. X:(

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