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Reports Say Angola Outlawed Islam

Last October, Muslims from the urban municipality of Viana, Luanda, attended the destruction of the minaret of their mosque Zengo.

Last October, Muslims from the urban municipality of Viana, Luanda, attended the destruction of the minaret of their mosque Zengo.

*UPDATE: The Angolan Ambassador is denying the press reports saying they are “erroneous.”

Islamophobes are already celebrating.

Reports Say Angola Outlawed Islam

LUANDA – According to several Angolain newspapers, Angola has become the first country in the world to ban Islam and Muslims, taking first measures by destroying mosques in the country.

“The process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice,” Rosa Cruz e Silva, the Angolan Minister of Culture, was quoted by Agence Ecofin on Friday, November 22.

Silva comments were given during her visit last Tuesday to the 6th to the Commission of the National Assembly.

She asserted that the decision was the latest in increased efforts to fight against religious sects, including illegal ones. According to the minister, the action was necessary to fight relentlessly against the emergence of congregations whose worship are contrary to the customs of the Angolan culture.

Same as Islam, other faiths which were not legalized will face closure of their houses of worship.

“All sects on the list published by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in the Angolan newspaper” “Jornal de Angola” are prohibited to conduct worship, so they should keep their doors closed,” she said.

“In addition, we also have a long list of more than a thousand legalization applications,” she added.


The anti-Islam comments were not the first by Angolan officials after several hostile actions have been conducted in several cities across Angola.

“This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country”, said the President, José Eduardo dos Santos.

Last October, Muslims from the urban municipality of Viana, Luanda, attended the destruction of the minaret of their mosque Zengo.

The provincial governor of Luanda, Bento Bento, said on the airwaves of local radio that “radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques.”

He added that Muslims were not welcome in Angola and that the government would not legalize the presence of mosques in the country.

According to CIA Factbook, 47% of Angolans practice indigenous beliefs, 38% Roman Catholic and 15% Protestant.

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  • syed ali

    Roberto, Like he said no one here Support Saudi Arabia

  • syed ali

    What stupidity and of course when a non Muslim country bans Islam every bigot is happy, but If a Muslim country does it then the “righteous Anger” appears!

  • Amie

    I agree with you. However, the Saudi Arabia been the cradle of Islam (as the West calls it) usually gets the most attention in the world, as do the other extremists in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Where is the true Ulamma in this? It is a shame what Muslims have allowed to happen to their image.

  • Roberto

    Does that somehow address what I said would be the reaction here if Saudi Arabia were referred to as a backwater country?

  • Lithium2006

    Saudi Arabia, there is only one faith they allow public practice, and that is Wahhabi extremism. If the Saudis wanted to remain a purely Islamic state, the destruction of historical Islamic sites such as those in Makkah for bigger hotels, rampant beggars in front of the two most holiest mosques in Islam and scared sites, and the secret club parties the princes and sheikhs like to have (with alcohol and strippers) isn’t a good way of showing it. Stop using that country as a basis to judge Muslims (nor any other country for that matter), it’s nothing but a red herring and the Saudis only represent a small percentage of the total Muslim population of the world.

  • Edward Nygma
  • Lithium2006

    No one on this site holds Saudi Arabia as this Islamic utopia except the Islamophobes who troll here. In fact, many, including myself, have been very critical of the policies of the Western backed Wahabist regime.

  • hussaini

    “Since it seems to be happening all over the world in Christian houses of worship”

    What? all over the world? wow… any proof of that?

    “can actually be considered an inherent pattern of ‘the institution'”
    what a loony conclusion. what next?

    There is no difference between you and these Angolan officials. I take that back- there is one difference… you target of choice

  • Roberto

    “backwater country” sounds a bit bigoted to me. What do you imagine would be the reaction if Saudi Arabia or the Maldives were referred to as a “backwater” here?

  • Roberto

    On the flip side, when someone like Keith Ellison gets elected to Congress in the US, the foaming at the mouth Ziosupremacists try to run him out of town and have him deported..

    Iranian authorities also ‘foam at the mouth’ when an Iranian Muslim converts to another religion.

    And yes, it’s true Christians and a Jew are members of parliament; they, however, don’t run in general elections and don’t wield political power as other parliamentarians.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Sadly, they’re already doing that.

  • Christian-Friend

    I for one think that the Saudi family are a bunch of self-centered people who would turn Mecca into a mall if they ever get the chance.

  • Laila Muhammad

    at the height of communism in russia ..govt agents would go into schools take out muslim kids from class during ramadan and force them to eat and drink….at the end of wwl western nations offered turkey help if they would not teach arabic in school…and not have the islamic prayer call except in turkish….and remove the caliphate… turkey is still 99% cannot change what is in people’s hearts

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    The whole ban situation is still murky. Several sources in Angola say it is untrue. However this story over at VOA has just come out, raising questions about what exactly is going on:

    “Muslim leaders in Angola say the government has shut down or destroyed dozens of mosques over the past few months, with little or no explanation.

    An Angolan newspaper quotes David Alberto Já,
    president of the Islamic Community of Angola, as saying a total of 60 mosques have been shut down, mostly outside the capital, Luanda.

    In an interview Tuesday with VOA , the community group’s vice president, David Fungula, described the closures as “religious persecution,” and said he will not stop praying even if all the mosques in Angola are closed.”

    It could just be that Angola is cracking down on structures that don’t have the requisite zoning previsions and permissions.–islam/1798289.html

  • abhi0978

    I don’t care what other countries think about hinduism. They can ban temples, books anything related to hinduism. No problem from my side.I only care about my country india.

  • johnny z

    great thoughts mr sher, also great to see you back on
    loonwatch, i look forward to your future posts

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Actually, my first question would be why everyone is so quick to accept the idea that Angola banned Islam. Not that Africa hasn’t had its share of dictatorships and arbitrary persecutions, but it seems Westerners are all too often willing to simply take theses sorts of stories at face value.

    Incidentally, as the article itself points out, Angola’s Muslim population is a tiny minority; less than one percent of the population in fact. The US has a bigger Muslim population, both in terms of percentages and raw numbers. And no, Angola hasn’t had any terrorist attacks. The closest they’ve come was a claim (and I stress the word claim) that al-Qaeda was infiltrating them.

    If you think radical Islam is such a threat, then what about other forms of violence and extremism? Do those concern you as well? Should governments be taking gang activity more serious? You know, here in Chicago we have hundreds of deaths from gang shootings every year. Care to explain why we shouldn’t have the police or feds go into the ghetto and round up those murderers? That’s before we even get into crap like the ‘knock out game,’ or the people assaulting tourists on the magnificent mile. And of course there’s the drug problem too. We’ve even had several politicians busted for drug use, including a couple judges…

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Actually, Angola is hardly on the periphery of the Muslim world. Its a mostly Catholic and animist country, surrounded entirely by other Christian countries like Namibia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact, the closest sizable Muslim population would probably be in northern Nigeria… some 1400 or so miles away from Luanda!

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    So basically you are saying you want other countries to model themselves after a Western backed dictatorship that stifles freedom of religion and freedom of speech? Real progressive of you. You do realize that many countries would just as soon ban Hinduism too. Remember what Idi Amin did in Uganda? Or how about the churches in Fiji that have called to ban Hinduism? Or Trinidad’s attempts at supporting evangelicals over Hindus? And of course in the US we have plenty of anti-Hindu groups. The Dotbusters out in Jersey made it a habit of assaulting Hindus… I’m sure most of them are now associated with the Islamophobia industry. Pat Robertson has made plenty of anti-Hindu remarks, and when the US Congress opened with a Hindu prayer in 2007 evangelicals were quick to protest and disrupt the service, even shouting Rajan Zed down during the prayer. What lovely people you choose to associate with…

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Well, I already knew where Angola was on a map, and I should hope most of my fellow Muslims did too, although Angola is not a Muslim majority country, does not have a long history of Islam, and is entirely surrounded by other non-Muslim countries (Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc). Nonetheless, we of all people should know something of Africa, for we are brothers in humanity, as well as in our struggles to maintain our culture and freedom.

    Also, while it may be a little obvious by now, I should hope that you realize that the entire story appears to be a hoax…

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Well, first of all, I’ve openly criticized Saudi Arabia. If you dig around I’m sure you can find some of my posts. Second, how many people on Loonwatch have ever supported jihad? I know I haven’t, at least, not ‘jihad bil saif’ (internal, spiritual jihad is another matter entirely). Can you cite examples? Somehow I don’t think so…

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Its also interesting because the Saudis have used their position to promote Wahhabism as the “true” form of Islam, to the exclusion of all other varieties… including mainstream Sunnis. You’ll note very few Western sources make mention of the Ibadis, Ahmadis, Isma’ilis, Zaidis, Bektaşis, Alevis and the like. Its almost as if we are all Sunni or Shi’a, and the many distinct theological differences are glossed over or ignored. More disturbingly, so are our similarities…

    Conversely, there is also a very strong anti-Shi’a (and occasionally anti-Sufi) bias prevalent in many Western governments. The most obvious example would of course be the US’ foreign policy towards Iran, but we also can find it in everything from continued support for the Khalifa family in Shi’a majority Bahrain to the marginalization of Shi’a political groups in post-Saddam Iraq. It kind of makes you wonder why.

  • 1DrM

    Wishful thinking, you pathetic zionist shill. Saudi Arabia has never been spared from criticism, including its illegitimate half sister and your false idol, the satanic state of “israel.”
    Go process that, hasbaRat.

  • Amie

    Although, Angola’s move seems even more extreme than Saudi Arabia’s. In Saudi Arabia non-Muslims can still legally practice their faith privately. Whereas, in Angola (if it is true) practicing Islam privately or publicly is totally illegal now. Big difference there.

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