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Geert Wilders Embraces Lega Nord, Rambles On About “Inferior Cultures”


The supremacist anti-Muslim ideologue, Geert Wilders, was recently in the news for creating a sticker that mocks the Saudi Arabian flag with the words, “Islam is a lie. Mohammed is a criminal. The Koran is poison.” The fact that Wilders would create this sticker is not exactly news and his target is as usual, European Muslims.

More newsworthy is the forging of stronger links and alliances between far-right European parties. Recently, Wilders spoke at a rally by the Lega Nord, a neo-fascist Italian party,

Lega Nord is a social nationalist, populist party, and a dangerous one, whose main force comes from the fear of others and the idea that immigrants can take over the white-celtic man. Vulgar in its language, reminiscent  in its populism of Fascism,  Lega Nord, mixes a fake Celticism (to replace Aryanism) with a new idea of the— again fake and historically nonexistent— superior nation, the Padania, Lega Nord shifts recently from targeting mainly Muslims to all not-white (hence non-Celtic) foreigners.

In Turin, Wilders was in his customary fascist political mode,

Buon Giorno Amici,

Thank you for inviting me to Padania.
I am here today at this important conference to pay my respect to your party, the Lega Nord and your leaders Maroni and Salvini.
My friends, 2014 is going to be a crucial year. We are at an historic point in history.

In the European elections next May, we will stop the undemocratic monster in Brussels. Lega Nord is fighting for its independence from Rome and is striving for an independent Padania, we are fighting for our independence from the monster called Brussels. In Europa we are all Lega Nord!

We are proud of our identity and culture. Our countries heritage is Judeo-Christian and not Islamic. I say: no more Islam, no more sharia, no more mosques, no more imams, no more immigration from Islamic countries.

Democratic parties all over Europe – parties such as mine, parties such as yours, and as many parties as possible such as the Freedom Party in Austria, the Vlaams Belang in Flanders, the Front National in France and I hope a lot more parties from different Europeans countries, should work together.

We say No to mass immigration and no to islam. We say Yes to our identity. We say Yes to our country

We have to stop the Islamization of our continent and the free world.

To the BBC, Wilders reaffirmed his strange belief that Islam is a monolithic culture, describing it as “inferior” and also telling Eastern Europeans to stay home,

Mr Wilders’ Anti-immigration Freedom Party is currently ahead in most the Dutch polls.
Speaking to our Europe Editor, Gavin Hewitt, he dubbed Islam an “inferior culture” and said that future Eastern European migrants should stay home.

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  • Rights

    Wilders talking about superior and inferior cultures, good and bad, standing in a land from where hailed Caligula, Nero, and Mussolini. And now more nice folks, enter the Lega Nord.

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  • Diego Hernandez

    It’s not that surprising. UKIP is essentially an Atlanticist party. Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair were both strong Atlanticists, but they were also largely in favour of European integration. UKIP is exclusively Atlanticist. The core of Atlanticism is a belief that the UK should become less dependent on relationships with the rest of Europe and align itself more with countries beyond Europe, the United States especially.

    While the ‘Kippers obviously look up to the workers’ hell that much of the United States is and seem to have a hard on for American military might, they may also regard the USA’s multiethnic, pluralist society with some respect as well. I’ve noticed that mainstream American society (beyond the GOP fringe) seems less prone to Islamophobia and gutter racism than most European countries are. I’ve also encountered a surprising number of ethnic minority English who would strongly support UKIP if only the ‘Kippers dispensed with their BNP-lite ethno-religious-nationalist populism.

    Of course, UKIP is in danger of losing all ethnic minority and non-racist support if any more Godfrey Bloom-type fiascos are met with the sort of tepid, limp-wristed response that Nigel Farage gave. Hooking up with the Mainland’s neo-Nazi psychopaths would seal the deal. As someone who would love to see UKIP crash and burn, that prospect seems almost enticing. They’ve only got so far because they’re perceived as being palingenetic conservative nationalists who aren’t bloodthirsty fascists. If that’s taken from them, only the actual fascists will stick with them.

  • Come back anytime! It’s fun here…

  • sasboy

    Thank you.

  • Reynardine

    Put Clorox in his shampoo, and he’ll avoid the spotlight for a few months, anyway (bleach blond hair turns green and dissolves)

  • He’s getting support from DutchNews(.nl). Everybody else up at DutchNews(.nl) is allowed to post links, except me, and now I’m not allowed to post replies at all or anything at all.

    This is typical for this site and has become a hate home for foreign Wilders supporters. It’s posting policy is blantly unfair, just as the rest of Dutch media is unfair and slanted towards supporting Wilders. Wait until they post an English article about Wilders and watch how the site allows foreign hatemongers to post, but starts putting limits on opponents, including links and comment moderation.

  • Deal with this also: Liever turk dan paus…

    How about: Liever Turk dan Wilders!

  • Iman

    Definitely, Geert is going to recieve a Christmas bonus this year.

  • Also – got to love the “bud out” nonsense being applied to people like me, visited the country, studied the language, history criminal and political systems in an academic sense. I have NO harmful intentions to the Dutch people or their country.

    At the same time, this is NEVER told to people like Geller, Spencer, Pipes, who have very harmful intentions for the country and its people – and who have even funded Wilders and his hateful nonsense.

    If there is anybody who should be told to “bud out” and leave the Dutch people alone – it’s Geller, Spencer, Pipes who need to get the hell out of the Netherlands, get the hell out of Europe and stop trying to reconstitute the Third Reich!

  • Well – allow me to say that I agree that there is a serious problem with Islamophobia in the Netherlands. I firmly believe that the Netherlands in the place where modern Islamophobia was nurtured – not in the US and the BEFORE 9-11 attacks. The Netherlands has always been (whether we like it or not) a staunch NATO member. Dutch national security policy has always placed NATO membership as a high priority. I have said in the past that the Netherlands to the US is like the UK on the European Continent. A poodle dog …

    You probably misread what I write about …

  • I have a research interest in Dutch history politics, foreign and domestic policies, acquired from various past visits, ancestry, acquired while I was in graduate school.

    I have a Master’s in a security studies related field – but I’ve also studied Dutch criminology and have read numerous works on criminology in the Netherlands.

  • What? Give examples…

  • sasboy

    Thank you for your response. Are you actually from the Netherlands ?

  • Actually – the EU has it coming and should have woken up to this years ago. These radicals are like their Nazi forefathers and we will be off to another BIG security problem in Europe in the next few years.

    Essentially, the same political systems that allow for a flock of loons to call itself a “political party” still exists as it did for the Nazi Party of Germany in the 1930s. The exceptions of this are Germany itself, where there are questions being posed about if certain groups “threaten the constitution” and are not allowed to be political parties.

    Over to the west in the Netherlands, there is nothing protecting the Dutch people or their constitution from Geert Wilders and the PVV. The only test is one put up by the Dutch intelligence service on who “threatens the democratic legal order” – Wilders fits this framework very well – but it’s selectively applied to only Muslim groups and Leftists.
    See first chapter of this paper from Dutch intelligence and ask why Wilders does not fit this framework.

    This is highly discriminatory security practice – and someone needs to start filing cases to various European and international human rights bodies…

  • The greenmantle

    I have nô doubt in his nightly dreams that is what hé thinks about but I would suggest that short term after the EU élections hé would be happy with the EU paying him to wreck it from within

    Sir David

  • From what I’ve read – it’s more than that. I’ve read that Wilders would like to lead a “civilizational war” against Arabs and Muslims using NATO.
    It’s about genocide of Arabs and Muslims.

  • The greenmantle

    This is all about money . The far right nuts want to get together to form a grouping across europe and if ( and thats a big if ) they together gain enough seats then their grouping will be able to get EU funding .
    So far Front National ( Leader with peroxide hair ) Git Wilders Nuts ( leader with peroxide hair ) and Lega Nord ( no peroxide yet ) have agreed .
    Surprizingly UKIP seem to think the others are a bunch of Nazis and wont play ball ( at the moment but this may change as they need money ) I am not sure if the Austrain far right are joining but I dont think they will need hair dye.
    Sir David

  • Talking_fish_head

    I classify racism as a mental disorder that can be treated with counseling

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    Mr, Wilders, your roots are showing.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Still despicable as always…

  • Absolutely (!!!) – and you should know about it’s intelligence and security is hard -core Islamophobic and promotes. It’s the Dutch security apparatus appear to me to be making every Dutch citizen into an Islamophobe. FEAR is the driving force. I know about the “snitch” program of turning someone in who “is possibly radicalized.” Personal disruption measures – know what those are. The picture I get is that Muslims cannot even form group to advance their human rights – otherwise they will be labeled as “dangerous to the democratic legal order” – as defined by the AIVD.

    Thanks for your reply. People simply don’t get how this country plays in the promotion of Islamophobia in the Western world. When the AIVD had its dirty little secret of hacking websites disclosed by Ed Snowden – the response was typical and predictable: “we are keeping you safe from jihadists, jihadists this, jihadists that…

    This actually is not the first time in history when a religious group
    has faced this type of persecution in the Netherlands. It was the
    Catholics, and in many ways this is a return to exclusion of Catholic
    from Dutch society. What is sad about the turn against “tolerance” was that it actually goes back to William of Orange and his advisers when fighting liberation against Habsburg Spain in 1500s in the context of the Protestant Reformation. It was built into the national identity and was something to be proud of!

  • sasboy

    One of the politically correct lies about the Netherlands is that it is a tranquil, peaceful and tolerant country full of beautiful tall blonde people smoking pot, admiring tulips and minding their own business.

    In reality, the country is a hotbed of racial and religious extremist, home to some of the most virulently anti Muslim and anti immigrant politics on the continent, with a tradition of violence and discrimination, most blatantly the ideology of apartheid which was a Dutch word, a Dutch invention perfected by white settlers of mostly, though not exclusively Dutch background in South Africa.

    Dutch immigrants in South Africa have something of a record of persecuting and abusing black Africans, but now that their home country has itself become into a new home for immigrants from North Africa, Turkey and Eastern Europe, a particularly odious strain of anti immigrant poison infects Dutch politics, personified by Wilders and his party.

    The Dutch people are entitled to vote for whom they wish and Wilders is entitled to his views on both Islam and immigrants, but that does not mean the myth of Dutch “tolerance” has to go unchallenged.

  • mindy1

    The only inferior cultures are those that promote hate >:(

  • Dangerous? The Dutch intelligence establishment should have declared him a threat to the “democratic legal order” a long tome before his antics got THIS far!

    Will this man never stop craving attention for himself?

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