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Ireland: Threatening Hate Letters Sent to Mosques

Dublin Masjid

Muslims comprise only about 1% of the Irish population, though their numbers have been rising more rapidly since the 1990s through increased immigration.

Notice the messages seem to assume Muslims are not native to Ireland, suggesting they should “go back” to where they came from. Although it is true many Muslims are immigrants, this attitude seems to trace back to the notion Islam is alien–and frightening.

Muslims are simply not viewed as part of the Irish social fabric.

Hate letters to mosques referred to gardaí

by Kitty Holland, The Irish Times

Gardaí are investigating hate letters sent to mosques and Islamic cultural centres across the State.

The correspondence demands all Muslims “get the hell out of our countries and go back to the monstrous hellholes you came from.

Written entirely in capitals, the letter says:

We will attack any Muslim man, woman and child that enters any mosque in Ireland and especially if the new larger mosque is built in north Dublin and our children will attack yours in schools. Muslims have no right to be in Ireland. The Irish people are not your presence in this country which belongs to the true Irish people.

It goes on to say they will “attack any Muslim or person we feel is Muslim”.

This land belongs to the Christian faith and we will not allow you to turn it into a Muslim country…Just remember there are more of us and we have more guns than you will ever see. A mosque and Muslims are the devil and a legitimate target and we will attack.

Sheik Umar Al-Qadri, Imam of the Al Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre in Mulhuddhart, Dublin, who received the letter last week, said it was “really worrying”.

I have been here in Ireland for 10 years and have always had a very wonderful experience. But in the last few months and now with this letter there seems to be emerging a group which is very influenced by right-wing ideology. It is really worrying this letter. It is absolutely so full of hate.

Dr Ali Selim, a senior member of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh, said there were 65,000 Muslim people in Ireland, one third of who were born here with many more now naturalised Irish citizens.

“My Irishness is a equal as yours,” he said. “We are tax-payers. This letter will not cause us worry as it is based on a total ignorance of the Muslim people in this country.”

The letter has been reported to An Garda Síochána which is investigating it.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland described the letter as “both sinister and alarming”.

Chief executive Denise Charlton said the language used was that more often associated with right wing extremists which have re-emerged in other parts of Europe.

“The Immigrant Council is committed to working with the gardaí to combat racism and is requesting that the force use all available resources to establish which group or individual is behind the letters and the internet postings and to ensure that they face the full rigour of the law.

“The response to this incident will test the effectiveness of Ireland’s incitement to hatred legislation,” she said.

“The tone and language of the letter does not allow for ambiguity, it is by any definition an act of hatred and should be prosecuted as such.”

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said he utterly condemned “racism and religious bigotry in all of their forms and am appalled by the nature of these communications”.

“Religious intolerance has no place in our society. Incitement to hatred and incitement to violence are offences under our laws. I have brought this matter to the attention of the Garda Commissioner for appropriate action,” he said.

The Immigrant Council became aware of this hate campaign after been contacted by concerned members of the public and we have now established that the contents of the letter have also been placed online, including on an international anti-Islamic website.

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  • Pearl Ray

    Well!How very typical! I have been stalked by a Nationalistic Nazi Irish gang for 29 years ,the problem seems to be that I DID NOT want to live in their country.So these ILLITERATE GLOONS should make up their minds, also learn to spell! I suspect that the recipients of that note would have been falling about laughing at the contents, have a good close read of it.Is it written by a kid having a joke? I think maybe.

  • JD

    He has access to everything else It’s like a vocation for him. Free food AC TV access and much more

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  • JD

    sounds like a threat and all threat should be treated as such specially with the history of that part of the world ( IRA) and what that group did and what members can do with the knowledge they learned.

    On a side not we should urge congress to hold a meeting on the radicalization of Peter King due to these events.

  • sasboy

    Don’t blame Irish people for this kind of deplorable behaviour. The majority of Irish people have condemned this action and the letters seem to be the action of one or a few deranged individuals and no more.

  • sasboy

    Try Anders Breivik and other wannabes.

  • sasboy

    Don’t blame Irish people for these deplorable letters. The person who did this is an aberration and most Irish people seem to have condemned the incident.

  • sasboy

    Someone on the likes of Anders Breivik.

  • The greenmantle

    If there were lots of them then one of them would know how to print the letters using a computor instead of hand writing them in capitals
    Sir David

  • moraka

    Just remember there are more of us and we have more guns than you will ever see. A mosque and Muslims are the devil and a legitimate target and we will attack.

    This is clearly from someone, who thinks that the entire Irish people are on his side.
    Most likely some impotent looser who dreams of having some form of power.

  • mindy1

    Oh dear, threatening people over faith-Ireland should know better, that is never good :(

  • The greenmantle

    “we have now established that the contents of the letter have also been placed online, including on an international anti-Islamic website”
    Gates of Vienna or Atlas Druggs ? Maybe .. Its sad that this is happening in Eire a country that has has more than its share of violence partly inspired by religion.
    Although there is not evidence yet that is more than one lone nut writing these letters . Hope the Gard are knocking on his or her door soon . Interesting that they are hand written in capitals as most people these days would tend to use a computor and print stuff
    Sir David

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