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ABC cancels controversial pilot Alice of Arabia following backlash

“The current conversation surrounding our pilot was not what we had envisioned,” said an ABC rep. Photograph: c.W. Disney/Everett/Rex Featur

“The current conversation surrounding our pilot was not what we had envisioned,” said an ABC rep. Photograph: c.W. Disney/Everett/Rex Featur

ABC cancels controversial pilot Alice of Arabia following backlash


Script, about an American girl kidnapped by her Saudi Arabian family, had been condemned by Council on American-Islamic Relations

• Alice in Arabia could break the mold, but don’t hold your breath

ABC Family has called time on controversial pilot Alice of Arabia following widespread condemnation of its premise, which had been accused of racial and cultural stereotyping.

The project, which was greenlit just last week, was to centre on “a rebellious American teenage girl” who is kidnapped by her Saudi Arabian family. Writer Brooke Eickmeier penned the pilot while working as a US army cryptologic linguist. Following an enormous backlash on social media, Buzzfeed obtained an early draft and dismissed the script as“exactly what critics feared”.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations had requested a meeting with ABC representatives last week. “We are concerned that, given media references to the main character ‘surviving life behind the veil’, the pilot and any resulting series may engage in stereotyping that can lead to things like bullying of Muslim students,” said CAIR-LA executive director Hussam Ayloush. “We urge ABC Family Channel to meet with representatives of the Muslim and Arab American communities to discuss this important issue.”

Following the uproar, ABC issued a statement announcing that Alice of Arabia would not go ahead. “The current conversation surrounding our pilot was not what we had envisioned, and is certainly not conducive to the creative process, so we’ve decided not to move forward with this project,” they said.


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  • Peeper

    Funny, he changed the subject to politics to Islam itself. His excellent use of grammer, objective writing alongside that charming picture with a guy who looks constipated.

  • golden izanagi

    “it is a religion that happens to come in conflict with every other religion it comes in contact with” really now

  • Just_Stopping_By

    “everywhere [Islam] is in the majority it’s countries demean and destroy any other religion or atheist views. … . Iran before the ‘Islamic revolution’ had a thriving middle class, religious tolerance…”

    Oh, dear, another logic problem. Consider one outside fact and two statements you make:

    (Fact 1) Islam was in the majority in Iran before the “Islamic revolution.”
    (Statement 1) Iran had religious tolerance before the “Islamic revolution.”
    (Statement 2) “everywhere [Islam] is in the majority it’s [sic] countries … destroy any other religion or atheist views.”

    Now, following basic logic, if Islam was in the majority in Iran and Iran had religious tolerance, can it be true that everywhere Islam is in the majority, it destroys any other religion?

    Once you recognize your error in this instance, we can move on to the next lesson.

  • Jekyll

    Dumbass…Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro..were all atheists…and why don’t you look and see who the fuck instigated the Islamic Revolution in Iran ? Why the thriving Iranian democracy faltered ?

  • Peeper

    Muslims are up in arms? Shouldn’t they be killing and subjugation (lol grammer and broken reasoning) here, as you put it? Contradict much or just talk bull? You sounds quiet psychotic, honestly. Please go seek some help.

  • golden izanagi

    well in case your interested here is some “evil bad” acts I’ve read about muslims doing such as this vile act of “evil badness” that literally made me lose my lunch when reading it, it was the story of a mosque feeding the hungry then there is this act of “barbarism” that just made me wonder why in the world I have not packed my things and went to live in a mountain somewhere its this story of “evil badness” of muslims raising money so that a non muslim couple can see their children in a hospital

  • Peeper

    Well since you checked it must be true? lol. Excuse, the rest of us, the entire world which considers Islam a religion, but thanks for highlighting your paranoid thoughts here. Yes Islam isn’t race but when is the entire middle east muslim either? Dishonesty here? Death culture coming from a country that reeks of gun culture, military worship, alpha male complex and national exceptionalism. Let’s forget the country with the highest crime rate of robbery, homocides and rape in developed nations.

  • Peeper

    Haha, bullying. Couldn’t possibly be that enforcing religious and racial stereotypes being offensive and undermine ABC foreign broadcasting.

  • HSkol

    I’ve seen these folks before. They seem to add on as an advertising add-on. I avoid them at all cost.

  • Reynardine

    Here is a truly disgusting site that Loonwatch should investigate:

    Someone recommended that Hatewatch should look into it, but as it seems to be offshore and not yet involve American citizens as either perpetrators or targets, it may be out of their purview. I am therefore referring this *infamitá* here.

  • They’ve been in a huff all week about it, claiming “political correctness,” and all the rest of the rubbish.

    I feel like I’m back in the 1970s and these people are defending the old-fashioned Blaxploitation movies, where black people were only portrayed as drug dealers, pimps, hookers, and thugs. When you criticize that portrayal, they defend it by claiming it’s true (as if those are the norm).

  • We should be offended that ABC greenlit every step of the process and okayed the filming of a pilot.

    Can you imagine if someone tried making a show about a white girl kidnapped by Mexicans and trapped into domestic violence? That show would be derided everywhere as racist and would never make it even to a planning stage.

  • Anonymous

    My reaction

  • Anonymous

    They’ll blame the Muslamic-Communist empire and claim that it is the dreaded “Stealth Sharia” ooo spooky 🙂

  • Yausari

  • mindy1

    Let’s see the backlash from the rightwing in 3…2…1…

  • rookie

    And what has Pammy girl got to say?

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