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Allen West: ‘Radical’ Muslims waging ‘jihad’ in U.S. — by voting and obeying election laws


One wonders: how does West propose stopping Muslims from their right to vote? (h/t: RazaInc.)

Allen West: ‘Radical’ Muslims waging ‘jihad’ in U.S. — by voting and obeying election laws

By David Edwards (The Raw Story)

Former Republican Congressman Allen West (R-FL), who is currently employed as a Fox News contributor, on Thursday warned that Muslims were organizing to “destroy” the United States by exercising their legal right to vote.

Fox News host Steve Doocy began a Fox & Friends segment with West by announcing that “radical Islamists are busy building a voting bloc to sneak the political agenda into the American system… Their goal: to wage jihad from within.”

West explained that a group of Muslim Americas had written a document in 1991, “and we come to find out it’s the blueprint, the campaign strategy for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States of America.”

The former congressman pointed to groups like Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society, and the Islamic Society of Northern America as his prime suspects.

“They’re forming some type of political party, a voting bloc as they call it,” West said.

“In this country!” Doocy emphasized.

“That’s right! To institutionalize policies that favor them,” West agreed, adding that they wanted to “destroy America from within using a civilizational jihad, and that’s exactly what you see happening.”

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  • Reynardine

    Nothing new to those of us who know and love Brock.

  • Reynardine

    This is the kind of stuff old Brock has been threatening us with:

    I have one last comment for you, Aron. Tell your other Hatewatch comrades I’ve been following, too: Are you fuming so hotly because I’ve been getting the best of you, that it’s making you too dumb to see the easy fix lying right in front of you on your screen? Make your Disqus user activity PRIVATE, you nimrod. Then I don’t know what blog I haven’t been banned from that you’re commenting on, and I can’t follow you. Just point and click, precious. You see, you have that option for getting out of my crosshairs, and even outside of that you’re not going to suffer in your everyday life for seeing a comment from me on one of your Disqus comments. You’re not likely to be fired from your job or denied a new one. Jared Taylor, Frank Borzzileri, and other people associated with groups that the SPLC Commissars of What Is Permissible to Believe don’t approve of, do not have that luxury. For the crime of having political beliefs that most of the American people held not so long ago, they suffer from the systematic, totalitarian, power-worshipping and money-worshipping abuse of your evil and wicked organization.
    Oh, but I’m sorry. You and your depraved friends want to blog and comment without being troll-stalked. So sorry I’ve inconvenienced you.

  • HSkol

    I find that secdee is a bit spicy for me; however, I have no problem with another partaking. I didn’t realize that this spice was any longer used outside the far-east . . . due to FDA regulations and such. I thought I was in the loop. Oh, well, apparently I’m not.

  • Reynardine


  • Reynardine

    Emm…well…no. You can actually go over to Hatewatch and search the name, “Brock Henderson”. You will come up with quite a few utterances on his part that have nothing to do with reason and logic. Quite a few have to do with his obsessive hatred of a young female lawyer named Erika and a similar hostility, though perhaps less sexually motivated, towards a young man named Aron, who the twice or thrice has commented here. I shan’t go into the rest of his remarkable invective; doubtless you’ll get to see for yourselves.

  • Reynardine

    We know Brock real well from Hatewatch. He got banned for hostile behavior.

  • Reynardine

    Hello, Brock Henderson. They still got you on loony watch at Sacramento State?

  • mhsy07091017

    Haha, I love it when lefties who are trying to destroy all vestiges of traditional (Christian-dominated, i.e. Westernized) America inadvertently reveal inconvenient facts about their agenda. Case in point here is CAIR’s name: Council on American-Islamic Relations. They pretty much admit in the very name of their organization to the politically incorrect fact that an American and a Muslim are two polar-opposite things, and that one cannot be both at the same time.

  • Bella Button

    We’ll , If they do start to manipulate and terrorise your country, the U.S OF A , You will probably have to stop accusing them of not fitting in !!!

  • mindy1

    Maybe, but my point was that he was contradicting himself and not even realizing it

  • sasboy

    To bring this into some perspective, this fellow Allen West participated in the 2003 US led attack on Iraq and was prosecuted by the military for torturing an Iraqi policeman. He was fired from his post at Pajamas Media for allegedly making anti Semitic and misogynistic statements to a female coworker.

    Islamophobia, misogyny, racism, anti Semitism and violence all tend to go hand in hand, something Allen West makes clear. But Muslim Americans are as entitled to cast votes as anyone else and that is something West cannot change.

  • sasboy

    The right to vote is not defended by the military, no matter what military apologists like to tell you.

  • Reynardine

    Project a lot, don’t these people?

  • Reynardine

    Maybe you want

  • Reynardine

    No. He probably views them as ril Chrischun acts.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he blamed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on “Muslim infiltration of the military”

  • moraka

    Then you are really out of ideas, if your next big conspiracy regarding the evil mosloom schemes is that they are voting.

  • Rights

    Allen West: An irrelevant voice from the dust bin of the irrelevant.

  • JD

    ‘Radical’ Muslims = all muslims here in the US and around the world

    He hates CAIR because they always use to call his Uncle Tom self out every time when he made bigot racist remarks and this is I guess his way payback. Better then what he did in Iraq shoot civilians and get kicked out the military

    Love it when muslims assert there rights just like everyone else they are called stealth jahadi and civilization jihad when they keep to them self they are not assimilating like other immigrants .. so which one is it

  • Mohamed Al Saadoon

    Soon these Muslims will have…..*GASP* Lobbying groups!

  • mindy1

    Does he not realize that he fought for their right to do that? He is contradicting his own military service the moron >:( where do nuts like him come from?

  • Anonymous

    I here I thought fox-“new” couldn’t get anymore stupid

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