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Brandeis University Rescinds Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Honorary Degree


After a veritable social media storm, complaints from students at Brandeis University and a petition that quickly gathered 6,000 signatures, Brandeis has withdrawn its honorary degree offer to extreme Islamophobe, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Questions linger, why did Brandeis include Ayaan in the first place? She is not an “Islam critic” as the New York Times portrays her. Also what evidence is there that she actually has done anything for “women’s rights,” as claimed in Brandeis’ press release?

Following a discussion today between President Frederick Lawrence and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ms. Hirsi Ali’s name has been withdrawn as an honorary degree recipient at this year’s commencement. She is a compelling public figure and advocate for women’s rights, and we respect and appreciate her work to protect and defend the rights of women and girls throughout the world. That said, we cannot overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.  For all concerned, we regret that we were not aware of these statements earlier.

Commencement is about celebrating and honoring our extraordinary students and their accomplishments, and we are committed to providing an atmosphere that allows our community’s focus to be squarely on our students. In the spirit of free expression that has defined Brandeis University throughout its history, Ms. Hirsi Ali is welcome to join us on campus in the future to engage in a dialogue about these important issues.

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  • Ahmed

    AlWaleed bin Talal is a majority shareholder of NewsCorp. He owns 7 % of stocks, which is larger than anyone outside of Rupert Murdoch’s family.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Maybe so but I’m not the one who invented it.
    But as what else would you describe people who so hate their origins, whence they came from, as to promote or support genocidal agendas against them, or let hemselves be used as propaganda platformy by those who have a genocidal agenda against Muslims. As is the case with Emir Kusturica, just read his statements about Bosia and Bosniaks; OK, let’s refer to such people just as traitors and renegades then.

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  • I’m hardly Islamophobic; I’ve lost my job thrice in the last 10 years for being Muslim.

    I was trying to say that those who use the nonsense adjective “self-hating” reveal far, far more about themselves than about their intended targets. If they can paint their targets as somehow defective, then they don’t have to answer the defects in their own “arguments”.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    No sirrah, the Nazis were not “self-hating” Germans.
    Whenever some Jew is critical of Israeli policies the ziono-fascists smear him as “self-hating Jew”.
    And what should one think of traitors and renegades such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Emir Kusturica who support genocidal anti-Muslim policies? Let me tell you, for me Emir Kusturica is the Lord Haw Haw of Bosnia-Herzegovina. His credentials as great movie director notwithstanding. he is a supporter of Milosevic and of Greater Serbia. He hates his own. he is a self-hating Muslim. A traitor, an apostate, a renegade, he should be stripped of Bosnian citizenship.
    And who associates with the likes of Geert Wilders can’t be called anything else than a Nazi.
    So I can’t call self-hating traitors and renegades what they are because “I lose my credibhility”? Whose side are you on anyway? Are you perchance onme fo those islamophobioc thungswho deny that Islamophobia exists then GET OUT OF HERE!
    So SHUT UP about my credibility.
    I reserve the right to call the enemies of my people as I see fit.

    Don’t bother writing back, I’m not willing to engage in a fruitless discussion about how I should refer to the enemies of my people! To me they are genocidals, fascists, robbers, thugs, Nazis and that’s that!

  • “Self-hating” is on the same level as “Hitlerite”; as soon as you attempt to attach that label to someone, you’ve Godwined yourself out of any possible shred of credibility.

  • sasboy

    People need to know the facts before talking. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s fabricated life story is a matter of public record, although not very well publicised here in the US. She claimed to have been the victim of a forced marriage, a claim debunked by multiple family members in a 2006 Dutch television documentary. She also falsely claimed her father tried to kill her in a so called “honour killing” at a time when, it later turned out, he had been trying to help her obtain political asylum in the Netherlands. When the scale of her immigration fraud became obvious, the Netherlands stripped her of her Dutch passport and expelled her.

    Ms Ali is entitled to condemn Islam if she wishes, but American universities are not under any contractual obligation to give her honorary degrees. And I have no problem with seeing her books being sold at my local bookstore – provided they are stocked in the fiction section where they belong.

  • Mehdi

    Fox news, we decide, you shut up

  • Nassir H.

    The Zionist State (your words) is a model for other Middle Eastern countries? One can only imagine your outrage if a Muslim-majority country participated in the same kind of colonialism Israel has engaged in and still engages in.

    Your comment encapsulates the reason why Muslims do not want or need groups like the Clarion Project or people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali to tell them how to be “civilized.” It’s not hard to see why Muslims would not be fond of people who unapologetically support militarism against Muslim-majority countries.

  • Sodium

    Thanks, Mehdi. It is always good thing hearing from you. I wish I have the time and good health to read all topics being published on and be pro-active with them all, but ” Ta’ti al-riyaho bema la tashtahi al-sufono. ” Translation:” The winds come not as the ships had desired. ‘ From the great poetry of Abu Tayeb al-Mutanabi.

  • Peeper

    Or correct one, glad you assume your part is right. Self-centred much?

  • Peeper

    Lol, yeah maybe the KKK should get a degree for racial equality. Get some backbone yourself, get over it. You obviously, are an uneducated person if you think honory degree are awarded to a person with questionable past and conduct.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    Ayaan Hirsi Megan admitted to making up a life story. Megan’s name, (which is indicated by her family, those who know her during her time in Kenya, and also her school record) including her birth date, the place where she arrived from when she entered the Netherlands, and possibly presented false documentation to fool the immigration authorities for ‘personal gain’.

    Ayaan Hirsi Megan continued using this false persona she created to lie to the immigration officials in the Netherlands for personal gain to get notoriety in her writing of books, getting speakers fees, and appearances in the media claiming victimhood.

    In my opinion, everything that happens to a liar who does things for personal gain deserve whatever they get, knowing that around every corner, those lies may catch them, they should live in fear.

    Today Ayaan Hirsi Megan still uses the false pretext of human rights to cry victimhood when her acts and words are brought to the attention of honorable institutions such as Brandies University.

    The students of Brandeis, who have earned those diploma’s honestly through the truth, and thier hard work, without cheating and scamming, and playing on the sympathy of others do not deserve to have Ayaan Megan soil their honest intentions and achievements.

    Those graduates of Brandeis University deserve better than Ayaan Hirsi Megan…if that is what her real name is today.

  • Mehdi

    You said it all, nothing to add…

  • Sodium

    I have followed the fraudulent travelling career of Ayyan H since she arrived to Saudi Arabia after leaving her Somalia, her country of birth and growing up, for unknown reasons to me. I have wished I have known the reasons. Saudi Arabia welcomed her with open arms Apparently, Saudi Arabia could not handle her and eventually asked her to leave or expelled from the country.
    She had requested political asylum in the Netherland. It was granted. One of the political parties in the country had adopted her and gave her full support to run for Netherland’s legislation. She ran and won and hence became a political member of that legislating body. As a member of that body, she was entitled for many services provided by the Dutch government. Among those government services was a security guard 24 hours a day. Again, for unknown reasons to me, the political party that had adopted her and made a member of the Netherland’s ” Congress ” had finally kicked her out of the Party and eventually lost her seat in the legislating body and with such a loss, she lost all government services including the security guard for 24 hour a day. She demanded from the government to maintain the security guard for protection but the Dutch government had decline too accommodate her request.
    She left the Netherland after the right wing American Enterprise Institute, in Washington, DC had hired her as a “scholar? ” As a ” scholar? ” she was once invited by a German club or institute to deliver a lecture about Islam. In that particular lecture, she had called on the West to defeat Islam before Islam could defeat the West. Defeat is not the right word. She actually called on the West to destroy Islam before Islam could destroy the West.
    Being a non-Muslim, I may accept constructive criticisms of Islam or any other religion and respond to such a critiques in kind, but to express such bellicosity and hatred toward Islam or toward any other religion, for that matter, she must be rejected and condemned, along with her war-like lecture, by every self-respecting human being still alive in this world. Something is humanly wrong in the mind and soul of this woman.

  • jameyfan

    but this is not a game and there’s more than just Fox News involved. They have a huge following and their ratings are higher than other news channels. Fox News will simply claim that CAIR was invited but they had no comment thereby showing their weakness. Silence is not golden in this case. People already complain why moderates don’t speak out. Well, this was their chance to speak out no matter how vicious Fox News can be. There may be some naive Fox News fans who might need to hear real facts for a change.

  • Nassir H.

    Thank you for making it clear that your support of Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not rooted in supporting women’s rights, but rather in your love of Zionism and its most militant supporters (e.g. Benjamin Netanyahu).

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Self-hating Muslims can be among the worst kind. Just look at Emir, er, Nemanja (as he styles himself) Kusturica and his pro-Milosevic, pro-Greater Serb stance…

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