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Jerusalem: Extremists Torch Hebrew-Arabic Bilingual School


A horrendous attack on an institution that really should be replicated across Israel and Palestine.

What if they were Muslim?


A Jerusalem Hebrew-Arabic bilingual school was damaged Saturday evening following what police suspect was an arson attack as they found hateful messages sprayed on the building’s wall, Israeli newspaper the Haaretz reported.

Emergency responders put out the fire which started in the school’s playground.

According to the Haaretz, the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School is the largest Jewish-Arab school in Israel, having been run by two principles, one Jewish and one Arab, since it was founded in 1998 by an NGO.

The messages on the wall read “Kahane was right” and “There’s no coexisting with cancer,” the Israeli daily reported, marking the latest in a string of vandalizing acts.

One wall had graffiti reading ‘Kahane was right.’ (Photo courtesy: Courtesy of Jerusalem Fire Bridgade)

Over the past few months, the institution was targeted several times by right-wing extremists who sprayed racist graffiti addressing Arabs on its walls.

“Even if they manage to dirty the school’s walls, they will not manage to bring down our enterprise [of civil cooperation],” Shuli Dichter , executive director of Hand in Hand, the NGO behind the school, said.

“In addition to denouncing [these actions] expressing support, we invite the entire Israeli public to join us in the building of Jewish-Arab civil partnership in Israel. We will continue to develop our educational and social project, where every day 1,200 students come to study, some 200 teachers come to teach, and in which thousands of family members are involved,” he was quoted as saying.

Additionally, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat condemned the alleged attack.

“We will not allow pyromaniacs and criminals who take the law into their own hands to disrupt our daily lives,” he said adding “we will continue to denounce the extremists and do whatever it takes to restore the quiet to Jerusalem.”

Barkat said he had been in contact with the Jerusalem Police chief “whose top priority is the investigation and the security of Jerusalem’s children.”

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    For that very reason. They don’t want peacefuö coexistence, they want an ethnically cleansed, religiously pure society. Like Milosevic did and Vojislav Seselj does (read his latest statements); as the Catholic Kings of Spain wanted.
    Hitler’s ghost is very much present among the very people he strove to eliminate.

  • mindy1

    Sad and pathetic >:( places like that are what will bring about peace, why destroy it

  • Just_Stopping_By

    The terrorist attack on this school is just shameful and should be condemned by everyone.

    The NGO that runs the school is accepting donations here:

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