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How to Spot A Future Jihadist According to Britain’s Most Senior “Muslim Officer”: They Consider Christmas Forbidden


While this most recent exhibition of British Orwellianism (children who consider Christmas forbidden, individuals who stop shopping at Marks & Spencer=signs of Jihadist radicalization) makes for funny headlines (does this mean young Jews are possible Jihadists? Last, I recall Christams not a thing in Judaism, though I did find one proud Jihadi Jew), the real world ramifications of this sort of talk are policies that infringe and discriminate against the civil liberties and rights of Muslims in the UK.

Making matters worse is that “the highest Muslim officer,” a guy named Mak Chishty, is lending White British paranoia about Islam and Muslims a cover of legitimacy: no doubt you’ll have Douglas Murray and his ilk arguing, “see, even a Muslim is saying it!” (h/t: Tanveer)

The Guardian, By Vikram Dodd

Islamist propaganda is so potent it is influencing children as young as five and should be countered with intensified monitoring to detect the earliest signs of anti-western sentiment, Britain’s most senior Muslim police chief has warned.

Scotland Yard commander Mak Chishty said children aged five had voiced opposition to marking Christmas, branding it as “haram” – forbidden by Islam. He also warned that there was no end in sight to the parade of British Muslims, some 700 so far, being lured from their bedrooms to Syria by Islamic State (Isis) propaganda.

In an interview with the Guardian, Chishty said there was now a need for “a move into the private space” of Muslims to spot views that could show the beginning of radicalisation far earlier. He said this could be shown by subtle changes in behaviour, such as shunning certain shops, citing the example of Marks & Spencer, which could be because the store is sometimes mistakenly perceived to be Jewish-owned.

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    Drats! They’ve figured out our plans! Who let the cat out of the bag??

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    I am beginning to wonder if they are making it up as they go along….

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