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White Supremacists Accused of Planning For ‘Race War’ in Florida

Osceola County Jail From top left: Christopher Brooks, Marcus Faella, Patricia Faella, Paul Jackson, Jennifer McGowan. From bottom left: Mark McGowan, Kent McLellan, Dustin Perry, Diane Steven, Richard Stockdale.

Where were they radicalized? and what if they were Muslim?

White supremacists accused of planning for ‘race war’ in Florida

Members of a white supremacist skinhead group called American Front trained with AK-47s, shotguns and explosives at a fortified compound in central Florida to prepare for what its reputed leader believed to be an “inevitable race war,” prosecutors said Tuesday.

According to court documents, members of American Front discussed acts of violence that included causing “a disturbance” at City Hall in Orlando, shooting at a house and attacking an anti-racist skinhead group.

At least 10 members of the group, which authorities described as a militia-styled, anti-Semitic domestic terrorist organization, have been arrested in Florida since the weekend, including at least three people on Tuesday.

The felony arrest charges include paramilitary training, attempting to shoot into an occupied dwelling, and evidence of prejudices while committing an offense. The last charge falls under Florida’s hate-crimes law.

“This investigation is a result of our ongoing partnership with local law enforcement and federal agencies in a concentrated effort to stamp out hate crime in our community,” Ninth Circuit State Attorney Lawson Lamar said in a statement Tuesday.

His office said he would not comment further on the case because the investigation is ongoing.

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  • Rajano

    “Where were they radicalized?”
    Probably from their parents and grandparents. That is usually where bigotry comes from. There is no logic to racism – it has to be fed to people when they are young and impressionable. Even then, the smarter of them usually figure out that the lines their parents gave them are bovine excrement by the time they reach their twenties.

  • Laurent Weppe
  • George Carty

    Your link doesn’t work.

  • Laurent Weppe

    In other news, it seems that the guy who sold weapons to Amedy Coulibaly is a white supremacist

  • Capt. J.B. Hennessy

    From the looks of it the White Supremacists aren’t very superior.

  • HerrSkolly


  • golden izanagi

    you forgot Mario kart race.

  • downwithpants


  • downwithpants

    Is it just me or does richard Stockdale look like George Zimmerman with a beard?

  • HerrSkolly

    Stormfront is a breeding ground for these types. These folks start out with their handed-down prejudices – hit Stormfront, Vanguard News Network, certain subreddits and the like for further amplification of their racism via acceptance from angry like-minds – and voila, an extremist willing to act with violent intent presents itself. Sick bastards.

  • Khanage

    100m sprint. Egg and Spoon race. Space hopper race. Potato sack race. You name it, it will be there. Many battles shall take place. Some shall fall in defeat. Some shall rise up in victory. But rest assured, this War will be spoken of for years to come.

  • mindy1

    Schmucks like those were probably radicalized online-no shortage of hate sites :/

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