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Georgia National Guardsman Admits He Wrote Fake Terrorist Death Threat Against Himself

National Guard information technology specialist Brett Downing [WSB-TV]

National Guard information technology specialist Brett Downing [WSB-TV]

This story was being used to terrorize already freaked out and afraid Americans. The article states that “no motive has been identified for his actions.”

Perhaps like the last false-flag attempt, which also took place in Georgia, he sought to “educate people that terror strikes can happen anywhere and without warning.”

By , Raw Story

A 23-year-old Army National Guard member admitted to planting a note on his own car threatening to kill not only him, but other American troops, WSB-TV reported on Monday.

Authorities in Cobb County, Georgia charged Brett Downing, listed as an information technology specialist, with filing a false police report. No motive has been identified for his alleged actions.

According to WSB, the note was originally found on Downing’s windshield outside of his job at a local office building less than a week after the fatal shooting of five service members in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“Dear amercian [sic] soldier, death to you coward women child killer and all the amercian [sic] military,” the note read. “Mohammad will show no mercy on you attacks will come full force death is to come to you.”

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  • HSkol

    Keep your ideological views; but, live by the law of the land. Our good friend mike and I are hashing such things through today. Would he make note of this story? Yes, but only because he monitors our posts here. A-wipes exist in all corners.

  • “Coconuts? In Amercia?”

  • Capt. J.B. Hennessy

    Perhaps he was trying to keep the Repo Man away.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi


  • mindy1

    Ewwwkay methinks he needs help asap :/

  • cmyfe .

    He wanted to cause proxy car park disputes.

  • cmyfe .

    As he wrote the note he called himself “women child killer”. Does that mean he admits he is a woman and child killer?

  • rookie

    “Mohammad will show no mercy on you…”.

    Oh dear, no wonder they caught him.
    This idiot thinks that Mohammad is “izlamic god”.

  • Yausari

    “No motive has been identified for his alleged actions.”
    Really? No clue at all, huh?

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