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Lord’s Resistance Army Abducted 217 People In Central Africa, Did You Hear About It?

Did you know that The Lord’s Resistance Army has abducted 217 people since January in the Central African Republic? 54 children were among those kidnapped by the LRA and it is feared many of them may have been made into soldiers or sex slaves.

Central African Republic was the scene of gruesome inter-communal violence and the successful genocide of its Muslim inhabitants in the Western part of the country.

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel force has abducted 217 people since January in the Central African Republic (CAR), a campaign group says.

This is nearly double the number of abductions carried out by the LRA in 2015, LRA Crisis Tracker added. The abductees, including 54 children, may have been forced to become soldiers or sex slaves, it said.

The LRA appear to be trying to “replenish” its forces because of military setbacks, the group added. It has been hit by a spate of defections, and arrests since foreign forces began pursuing it in 2011.

The US deployed 100 special forces to support thousands of African troops searching for LRA commanders.

The level of international outcry and reporting here is small when compared to the reaction that Boko Haram’s kidnapping of over 200 young girls elicited.

Is the difference down to the fact that “the West” only gets exercised about such issues when the horrid group perpetrating such actions are doing it in the name of Islam? Why is there less attention paid when a self-described Christian group like the LRA commits similar atrocities?

Indeed, the viciousness and suffering that the LRA has afflicted is on a greater scale than anything we have seen so far from groups such as Boko Haram. LRA Tracker says that the group “is responsible for 100,000 deaths and an equal number of abductions.”

A final note: is anyone else unsettled by the deployment of US special forces in Africa? Our role on the continent is constantly expanding and we just don’t have a good track record of making things better when we intervene. This needs to be watched warily.

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  • Rene Christensen

    Interesting and informative

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  • Alyeth

    “Who is just talking about ISIS?”
    Well the news organization the above article discusses, for one. Most of the victims from home based terrorist networks situated in Muslim-majority countries are *gasp* Muslim. If Muslims are supposed to condone something when a Christian dies, why don’t Christians grieve when Muslims die? (i.e. the >90% victims of ISIS), and I’m sure some do. All you’re pushing is a useless divide. And why don’t you grieve about this?

  • Alyeth

    All right I’ll provide links.

  • Alyeth

    “Not xenophobic”
    Telling me: “the moooslims are taking over ze world” (by preaching not less)
    is pretty much what is described as “irrational fear”.
    Oh and
    You post pages of comments in reply to single word sentences.

  • Alyeth

    KristenJ wrote: “There is no war on Islam. That’s nonsense, that’s propaganda used to stir up Muslims, and doesn’t even make sense.”
    Well ugh…

  • KristenJ

    The US is not responsible for the “whole of the evil” in the Middle East. That’s preposterous and sounds like some lame propaganda from those who are trying to cause divisions between ethnic groups, religion, and races. All you have do is look at how each country operates to know that the US isn’t responsible for the “whole of the evil.” I repeat what Middle East Muslim scholars have said: 80% of the wars Muslims have been involved in have been Muslims against Muslims. The internal issues with dictators and kings are not of all our doing. The laws they have, Islamic sharia law, mostly, what they teach, the violent nature of the laws, past resentments, disagreements within their religion, are yet other factors that have gone on for centuries. You have kings and dictators, theocratic ones or otherwise, who usurp the wealth from the people and live quite well while for many years the education and literacy rates, schools, etc. were very low. You have multi-interests in oil; you have countries in the Middle East who are just as involved in events in the Middle East, so saying the US is responsible for “the whole of the evil” is so ridiculous that either people are brainwashed, or are not capable of looking at all the factors and taking responsibility for what they and their governments do, let alone to their own people.

    If you have a country with its own internal problems and clashes going on, it’s powder keg waiting to happen and be exploited. The US sells a lot of weapons and whose hands do they go into and that seized by others. If the US had nothing to do with the Middle East, just as in the past when we had never been there, there would still be problems and your so-called evil already existed. A Pakistani girl was just saying how Pakistan can’t blame anyone for the mess going on there. Pakistan is an ally, let alone we’ve given them millions for schools, etc. Afghanistan with the Taliban has been a problem since they took over in the 1970s–which didn’t have to do with us before the Russia invasion. These are backwards groups who don’t even believe in women having education. 2.5 million youth are out of schools. Whose fault is that? It’s their fault. Its their fault they havwe all these laws that treat women as 2nd class citizens, it is their fault their dictators imprison people for dissidence, even ridiculous like blasphemy, they’ve got drug trades, sex trade going on, and not enough exporting which makes them vulnerable, and so on.

    We give more money in aid to the world, including the Middle East, that saying we are responsible for the “whole of the evil” is just a very un-intelligent thing to say. Did you grow in America? It doesn’t like you have if you are saying that. You’re outright anti-American, and I wonder what benefits you are getting being here given there’s a whole rest of the world to live in. I’ve had enough of this BS talk. Go fix the countries and all the people they kill internally. Iran has the biggest execution rate per capita….just under 1,000 last year. Some of these countries have killed thousands and thousands of their own people, but you seem to ignore that evil which is even worse than killing other people in other countries–to kill your own people to keep the corrupt government.

    People come here for rights and to make a good income. People have coming running to this country because of their dictators, their Islamic oppressive laws, wars, school, etc. and from the Middle East. Why don’t you care about the lack of free speech? Rights to dissent? The kind of teaching done in schools as the recent documentary on Saudi Arabia and PBS shows? Why don’t you talk about the many killings by Muslims toward other Muslims and non-Muslims such as two of so many articles below? This has a become a big problem in the world. Not terrorists, but regular Muslims killing people over religion and invisible gods and prophets. Gay people getting persecuted, jailed, or murdered. Women going through horrible things. And you say the US is responsible for the “whole of the vil”?? That’s nutty, and plenty of people in the Middle East are honest about that. You aren’t honest about that. How can they know and I know, but you don’t know? There’s a lot of hatred coming from over yonder and now spreading in my country as if we already didn’t have enough problems. Europe is really a mess–the rapes are crazy. A guy in Scotland killed an Ahmadi Muslim who the neighborhood loved. So you talk about war, but not all these other factors that people spread to each other. Palestinians teach their kids hatred for the Jews from a very early age, people have used kids as props and even little soldiers. Now, if you grow up parents teaching that kind of mentality, no matter where, what religion, etc. that’s going to fester. It’s quite concentrated in the Middle East. Instead of oil wars that all these different players are involved in, you can also look at all the other things that cause Muslims to kill Muslims let alone anybody else.
    I could post articles all day, and you’re just going to sit there and complain about the US for evil? Sorry, it’s time to wake up to some realities.
    This first one is about Iranians and their thoughts about their government which is news to me because I was aware in the 70s and the millions who left Iran. You can also go to and on the sidebar they have links to articles from all over the world and articles like that are constant, plus it has terrorist stats, along with anti-Islam stuff. I don’t care what religions people practice as long as they don’t force it and it’s “rules” on others. Sadly, that’s not the case in Muslim countries. Would you like Islamic law here? No, we’re not responsible for all the evil….and if we’re going to be accused of that hyperbole we should stop giving Americans’ tax dollars from their salaries to other countries who turn around and say things like you do. Enough.

  • The greenmantle

    Hello anyone home ?
    Did you bother to read what I wrote above about Islamaphobia ? Runnymead trust ?

    Nope because you are a troll pretending to be innocent

    Google is your friend

    Sir David

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