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The Mask Falls Off: Suu Kyi’s Anti-Muslim Comment

Aung San Suu Kyi, viewed as a hero by many for her democracy activism has equivocated on the genocide faced by the Rohingya Muslims, refused to condemn rampant Islamophobia, as well as racism against persecuted ethnic minorities such as the Kachin and Shan peoples.

This isn’t surprising considering her party, the NLD, chose not to field a single Muslim candidate in the November 2015 elections due to the anti-Muslim atmosphere created by groups such as the the MaBaTha and others. The following story in the Telegraph highlights that her equivocation and silence on issues of genocide and racism may not simply be down to the fact that she’s a “politician” but also that she herself has Buddhist nationalist tendencies.

via. Telegraph

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi made an anti-Muslim comment about a BBC presenter after being challenged on violence suffered by Burma’s Muslim minority.

The Burmese politician, who was once under house arrest for 15 years in her native Burma, made an off-air comment about BBC Today presenter Mishal Husain after losing her temper during an interview where Husain asked her to condemn anti-Islamic sentiment.

Following the interview, Suu Kyi was heard to mutter: “No one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim.”

The comments were revealed in a new book, The Lady And The Generals: Aung San Suu Kyi And Burma’s Struggle For Freedom, by Peter Popham.

The book reveals that the 70-year-old president of Myanmar’s National League for Democracy refused to condemn anti-Islamic sentiment and massacres of Muslims in Myanmar when she was repeatedly asked to do so by Husain, the first Muslim presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme, during the interview.

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  • Ryan Moore

    he did make anti black statements. He was a complex man.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Let me put it that way:
    It would be terrible if it came again to open hostilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It would certainly contribute nothing to the people getting together again. My Bosniak brothers and sisters would be well advised not to fire the first shot. I think most people are aware of that.
    But if they have to fight, if they are attacked again, they should be able to stand their ground, to smite their enemies, to ram them into the ground. And they’ll have nobody but the All-Merciful God at their side.
    Elsewhere I have explained how the weary mess could be amicably settled, Ah, if only people were that reasonable.
    Right now, people are content to live for today. That’s not good enough for the future.

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