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Spain: Pregnant Muslim Woman Attacked Kicked In Stomach For Wearing Veil


More horribleness out of Europe.

NY Daily News

A pregnant woman was reportedly attacked in Barcelona Monday because she was wearing a Muslim veil.

The woman, who is eight months pregnant, was walking through the Old Town area with her husband and children when two men started yelling at her about her niqab, police told The Independent.

Her husband attempted to defend her and the men got physical and pushed him away.

“The woman tried to intervene between the aggressors and her partner,” a police spokesperson told the newspaper. “At that moment, one of the attackers kicked the pregnant woman’s abdomen.”

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  • (((Reynardine)))

    Elsewhere, we have this:

    I don’t know the ethnicity of the victim, but even the photo of the perpetrator speaks for itself. If anyone recognizes him, please report to the authorities.

    To the genocidal, pregnant women of the despised group are seen, not as mothers, but as blowflies bloated with eggs; their children, as maggots. Both are specially targeted for extermination. This is a tendancy that must be halted in its tracks before the law itself is suborned.

    You picture what the world would have been like if Hitler, or King Leopold, or Columbus, for that matter, had possessed nukes or thermonukes. The next one will.

  • mindy1

    Hitting a pregnant woman, classy >:(

  • Tarquin Rees

    This happened near where I live. Many of the locals and passers-by intervened to protect her and stood guard while they were waiting for the cops.

    Barcelona is pretty safe in terms of violence – these are Ultras, football hooligans btw – but there are pretty high levels of racism/Islamophobia though it’s not very overt or in your face.

    A friend of mine who’s Dutch and married to a Morrocan told me that when he goes for a flat viewing they smile and politely say sorry it’s gone… then when she rings an hour later the flat is still there. That sort of hidden racism is harder to counter.

  • Joey Sanders

    Thanks for the link. It gives a lot of important details not stated on here. I love the fact that the government is going to prosecute them under Spain’s hate crime laws.

  • HSkol

    A bit more detail here.


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