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The Genocide Of Cambodia’s Muslims

Southeast Asia is currently witnessing the destruction of the Rohingya Muslim community. This is not the first time in modern history this has happened. The Cham Muslims of Cambodia were slaughtered during the rule of the bloody Khmer Rouge in the 1970s.

The Khmer Rouge killed 500,000 ethnic Cham Muslims, almost 25% of their 2 million victims. For perspective consider that the Cham Muslims were only 1% of Cambodia’s population. Yet, there are still individuals who question whether it amounted to genocide even though there is documented evidence that the Cham were targeted due to their religious beliefs:

The Muslim Cham were rounded up by Khmer Rouge forces, forced to eat pork, and banned from using their traditional language. Qurans were collected and burned.

The current Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, was a Khmer Rouge commander in areas where atrocities against the Cham were committed. Nowadays he proclaims to be a champion of religious diversity though in 2013 he said Muslims were “lucky to live in Cambodia.”

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    Oh yeah you’ve researched these topics and know all about them? You just sounded completely clueless a comment or so ago.

  • George Carty

    George HW Bush’s “new world order” is nothing like the NWO of the conspiracy theorists.

  • bobby bobby

    Listen to George HW Bush even mention the new world order. He is a part of it. The NWO is basically one in the same with the term globalists but that’s a more fancy name. You don’t have to believe me and you can think i’m crazy if you want but it’s true, it exists. The end goal is a world tyrannical government.

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    You lost me as soon as you mentioned “NWO”.

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