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Frank Gaffney Behind Anti-Muslim “Faith Leaders for America”

Eli Clifton, reports on the founders and backers of the Islamophobic “Faith Leaders of America” that is disguising itself as an “interfaith” group opposed to “Islamic terrorism” when in fact it is a proxy of Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy.

via. Lobelog 

As it turns out, similarities to Gaffney’s brand of anti-Muslim advocacy aren’t just a coincidence. The group, Faith Leaders for America, was apparently started by Gaffney’s organization, the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a fact the coalition never acknowledges on its website or press releases.

LobeLog reviewed domain name registration filings for the group and found that, despite an apparent effort to anonymize the registration, Center for Security Policy staff members Adam Savit and Christine Brim submitted the initial registration.

When contacted about CSP’s ownership of the group’s domain name and potential involvement in the interfaith coalition’s work, Gaffney acknowledged to LobeLog that his group was playing a behind-the-scenes role in shaping the group’s work. Gaffney said:

The Center for Security has provided some initial administrative support and counsel to the informal Faith Leaders for America coalition, and may continue to do so if asked by the Faith Leaders.

Indeed, the group’s positions have consistently fallen in line with Gaffney’s laser focus on promoting conspiracy theories about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government reframed in the context of an interfaith movement (the group includes one rabbi and no Imams). In a prayer delivered at the group’s press conference, Jerry Johnson, president of National Religious Broadcasters, said:

President-Elect Trump, tomorrow you will become the president of the United States. We, Faith Leaders for America, want you to know you have our prayerful support as you begin to counter jihad and protect Americans from Islamic terrorism.

When you label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, we support you.

When you call Islamic terrorism what it is, Islamic extremism, we support you.

When you stop the mass importation of unvetted immigrants from areas that harbor, train, and send out jihadists, we support you.

When you require appropriate extreme vetting for those who do enter the USA from these same areas, we support you.

In other words, President-Elect Trump, we’ve got your back. Some religious leaders falsely contend that these actions would violate religious freedom. Actually, we know these steps are proper, legal, and necessary to protect our First Amendment freedoms of religion, speech, press, and assembly.

Indeed, singling out a single religious group for scrutiny, as Trump appears to be doing with his forthcoming executive order excluding refugees from Muslim majority countries, is almost certainly going be challenged in court as a violation of religious freedom.

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  • Khizer

    We are now in the post-truth age, where you can find any disinformation to confirm your claims.

  • I’ve seen a lot of this lately. People simply denying facts they don’t like is apparently the postmodern way.

  • golden izanagi

    robert spencer seems to think so no seriously even after the shooter is revealed not to be a Muslim and a trump fan not only are bigots consistently stupid but delusional was well.

  • LOL. Thank you for explaining that intricate plot.

    I guess those same clever Muslims behind the plot are adding a twist by framing the right winger police now say is responsible for the shooting. 🙂

  • Raad

    Far right terror

  • Raad
  • Khizer

    Ah but you see, it’s an Islamic conspiracy in which Muslims must shoot other Muslims and cover it up to convince those filthy kafirs that Muslims are being attacked by trump fans so that they start supporting the Muslim community out of sympathy, Muslims then must use the sympathetic kaffirs’ support to slowly build up our muzlamic secret army (the Muz-IA) to secretly take over the west. WAKE UP SHEEPLE, WAKE UP!!!!!!


    -taken from a deleted Alex Jones transcript.

  • Are you seriously going to suggest that Islamic doctrine commands Muslims to shoot Muslims at mosques during prayers???

    Bigots are consistently stupid, I’ve found.

  • adc714

    yes, please do! and don’t forget to mention the names and motive, whether it be trump inspired or islam inspired

  • Khizer

    Bloody hell……

    Things are escalating badly, at first it was just defacement of mosques in the western countries, then meaningless threats against the western Muslim community but most of those threats were by blowhards who were too chicken shit to act upon their threats. Now, actual shootings, damn, things are getting bad for the western Muslim community.

    I didn’t expect this in Canada though, maybe in the U.S or maybe in Western Europe due to rising anti-Muslim sentiment there, but not Canada….

  • What may be good about the Muslim ban is that we get more exposure of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate myths, such as the forced sharia law myth. We need to cultivate new allies in all facets of society.

  • Joey Sanders

    Five dead in mosque shooting in Quebec.

    It is people like Gaffney who create the environment that leads to this kind of crime being committed.

  • rookie
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