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Canada: Islamophobic Mob Disrupts Townhall Meeting, Rip Apart Quran

These are the self-proclaimed heroes of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and western civilization who decry so-called Muslim intolerance but will happily disrupt a townhall event on some trumped up fear and anxiety that Muslim school children are taking over public schools by privately praying together for 15 minutes.

Sadly, these same types are the ones who are leading the US government now.

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  • What evidence do you have that opposing child marriage in Islam is a “minority view”?

  • Ben

    Could you please quote it as I don’t seem to get it. I am no authority but that may be from Islam, however it is controversial even there.

    Some who advocate child marriages in Islam at six and consummation at age nine with a 53 years old man have been favored by a majority of Muslims but a minority view, a commentator strongly opposed, contested and rejected it as I have seen from a discussion on another website.

    Islam takes much of its substance and cues from Judaism. Thus Judaism too has been criticized for child marriages, retrospectively, as you have noted. Again, I am no authority but like to look for authentication and truth as far as possible.

    You can search out that minority view against child marriages in Islam on that other site but here is the referenced truth about Judaism: Molesting a child, whether above or below the age of three, is forbidden in Judaism as far as I can make out from (Kiddushin 41a, Nidda 13b).

    Please research the subject and let me know as I am interested in the topic and like to have a second opinion.

  • Not really.

    The Talmud Does Not Permit Sex With A Three Year Old

    ….While those unused to these Talmudic discussions might be taken aback by the use of euphemisms, the discussion here relates to the dowry for virgins and non-virgins. It has nothing to do with what acts are allowed, encouraged, forbidden, or discouraged. It is, indeed, ironic that this passage has been manipulated from its original context of a financial discussion into one of a religious discussion. While there are numerous talmudic passages of a religious nature, this one discusses dowries and not forbidden and permitted relations!…

  • Jesus said the Jewish elite were of their father, the devil, not Jews generally.

  • Laila Muhammad

    we in u s have our own problems gangs wearing crosses round their necks terrorize every u s city most of these gangmembers have 6 baby mamas

  • Laila Muhammad

    Solomon wisest man of Israel had 400 wives according to buybull moses had 32000 child virgins as sex slaves david raped his neighbor wife killed her hubby jesus called jews children of the devil oy vey

  • Laila Muhammad

    only religion that codifies pedophilia is Judaism Talmud sannhedrin 55a 55b ‘ jews may marry 3 yr olds sleep with 9 yr olds’

  • Whatever.

  • p38l5

    Its censorship, pure and simple, when you refuse to allow alternative views, brand anyone who disagrees as a moron or a troll when they are not calling names, just getting a rise because they said they believe in Satan. You commented before about Free Speech and Religious Beliefs, then say booting people off of your blog is just “decluttering”. The Quran I read had a surah about not being able to have true friends who were non-believers as they would try and convert a Muslim to another belief, then stated Apostates shall be destroyed. The Translation was from a Well Known University. That States a lot about tolerance to other beliefs. By the way, lying to further the religion seems to be okay in your world. I am not the Evil One. And attacking my intellectual abilities just shows your intolerance. Have A Nice Day! Hope You are on good terms with ISIS! 🙂

  • (1) How is it you know whether or not “Evil One” was banned from this site?
    (2) How are you connecting “true religious belief” and banning or not banning someone? According to what “true religion” is there any connection?
    (3) In any case, where and when did LW claim to reflect “true religious” belief? It’s not a claim we make at all.
    (4) It’s part of our First Amendment right to free speech to host–or not to host–whatever comments WE WANT on OUR blog, which is in fact private property to whom people are given public access, purely at our discretion. We have NO POWER whatsoever to silence people, but merely to deprive them of this venue.

    If you and Evil One (possibly the same person) can’t grasp these concepts, then I can’t help you, and I’m not going to waste a lot of time trying. I don’t mind banning anyone who contributes nothing useful, and so is in essence a waste of real estate. That isn’t “censorship.” It’s decluttering.

  • MJD

    Muslims have been paying taxes for public schools that allow Christian prayer rooms (we used to meet in the Choir room at lunch for prayer and bible study) for at least a century now In the US. How long have they been paying for it in Canada? How much paper have they paid for that had Santa and baby Jesus and easter eggs/bunnies and crosses on them? How much of their taxes have paid for the little kiddie scissors (that schools used to provide) that cut out stars of Bethlehem, made valentines boxes and various santa sundries? How much tax paid teacher time explained christian holidays, customs and traditions? We spent a lot of class time on that stuff when I was in school.President Reagan was in office when I graduated HS. It wasn’t back in the 19th century.

  • Where is the evidence my views are violent?

    I have five years of history here, which everyone has witnessed, where I’ve relentlessly spoken out AGAINST violence. I told you:

    (1) I haven’t called for violence
    (2) I’m a close to a pacifist as one can possibly be without eliminating the right of self defense and defense of the helpless.

    Yet you conclude my views are “violent.”

    Evidence-free claims don’t become true through endless repetition.

  • I’m not going to bother reading all this.

  • This doesn’t even make sense logically:

    “I didn’t say anything or anyone was bigoted during this conversation. You did.”

    No, the opposite is the case. I criticised your beliefs and called them a superstition. That is not bigotry. You want to deny the equal rights of Satanists because they have a different set of beliefs than you. That is bigotry.

    Read that again. As I pointed out, YOU are the one who accused me of bigotry, not the other way around. What can you possibly mean ‘the opposite is the case’?

    The opposite is NOT the case, and reading the comments we’re addressing makes that clear.

    You really ought to head over to Harry’s Place. That is the perfect site for you. They are obnoxious “muscular liberal” tyrants who also love to hound and harass anyone who isn’t on board with their ideology.

    I’m not going to allow you to continue to flood this site. You aren’t contributing anything useful. You’re just a pest.

  • I didn’t say anything or anyone was bigoted during this conversation. You did.

    No, I don’t believe in equal rights for people who openly embrace evil. The entire point of saying l think America should have declared itself Christian was so that it would be possible to have a Christian display and not also have to host a Baphomet statue and After School Satan programs. I believed that would have been better. I still believe that would have been better, and will probably always believe the same. A society has every right to declare its moral underpinning, and to prescribe a social order accordingly.

    I heard a Satanist himself say their entire point of their activities is to “unleash the wolf” in man, and to undo what Christianity has brought. He said they are doing it through popular entertainment, and I see they are, and also that it’s working. Furthermore, one of them told a critical that we’ve reached a point where not even they, the Satanists themselves, could tell the people what they’re doing and be believed. They couldn’t break their own spell. I see this is true also. A few have the spiritual discernment to see and the courage to say so, but most are deceived.

    The fact you think Satanists have a low body count shows you know nothing about them. You seem to know literally nothing that hasn’t been spoonfed the you by more powerful minds than your own. Your mentality is herd like, and thus you’re not suited to persuade someone like me, who has always been stubborn, willful, and inclined toward “free thought” in the most literal sense.

    I’m not afraid to question propaganda and do my own research, and I couldn’t possibly care any less what you or anyone else thinks of me. As Jesus so eloquently pointed out, even God’s prophets were ridiculed, persecuted and even killed, so there is no reason to think a common person standing up for spirtual truth is going to be spared scorn and ridicule.

    I’m not “fanatical” nor “dangerous.” In fact, I’m as close to a pacifist as one can be without entirely ruling out self defense, and defense of the defenseless. If more people could say the same, the world would be a far better place. I’m also in real life generally quiet, polite, kind, and a lot less vulgar than your average person in the modern West. I follow a consistent set of moral principles, which I’ve been discussing here for half a decade.

    For Satanists, traditional morals are turned upsidedown. Read their literature and see that for yourself. They promote psychopathy and all things profane. I believe any society has a right to curtail them, and historically, that view has been widely shared. Believing Satan’s minions are “equals” is a new thing, which they’ve exploited to the fullest.

    I didn’t ask for special rights for any religious group. Have I spoken out against equal rights for atheists or agnostics? For Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc? No. Equal rights for all of them. Not one of these groups is openly devoted to evil and to “unleashing the wolf” in humanity.

    In modern times, Satanists should be exposed and opposed in open debate. That’s what I’m doing and what I will continue to do, while fully supporting Christians and Muslims who have taken up that same torch. You should see no fault in that, if you really believe in free speech and open debate. America didn’t choose to make Christianity its official religion, so for better or worse we contend with what we have. I can still wish it were otherwise, as I’m not delighted to see the painful demise of the West, and the spirtual enslavement of the masses.

  • Evil One

    I don’t like your views specifically because they tend to the authoritarian and the violent. I have no issue with you believing in fairy tales.

    My problem is that you want special treatment for your fairy tales (and the practices based upon them) but want other people to have lesser treatment because they worship the wrong imaginary friend, Satan not God. It is you who spoke of bans and execution, not me.

    I would never infringe on anyone’s freedom of thought, speech, association or worship. You would if you could. That is why you are a bigot and I am not. You are intolerant those that hold different opinions, as your dictionary definition states, not just of the opinions themselves.

    I merely criticise your opinions, as you have also criticised mine. If you think criticising an opinion is bigoted, which is not what your quoted definition says, that makes you doubly the bigot.

  • big·ot
    a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

    It’s difficult to see how you can be taken seriously when you call others bigots. As if you’re some pillar of tolerance with regard to my views.

  • (1) Banning you from a particular website is denying you a venue, not silencing you. No one is obliged to host your comments.

    (2) I’ve never endorsed killing anyone. I recounted what happened to satanists, witches and sorcerers in times past. You asked if I endorse that now, and I said no.

    You seem far more fanatical than I am. I’m calm. You’re the one writing hysterical, blog-length posts full of accusations. If you’re so comfortable with your views, it certainly isn’t in evidence here.

    On the other hand, I’m very content and happy with my views, which bring me peace and tranquility. I have the right to believe whatever I like, including that satanists are evil and undeserving of the same rights as believers. As I said quite clearly, I take no action against them except to turn away. I have a right to do that, just as I have a right to ban anyone from my personal blog. Similarly, satanists who don’t like me can think whatever they like, turn away from me, and ban me front their blogs–not that I would ever visit them in the first place.

    Secularism today is murderous and barbaric, and the evidence is the smoking rubble that used to be Iraq. Wrecked and plundered and decimated in the name of the twin false idols you worship instead of God in the post-Christian West, “freedom and democracy.”

    America would have been better as a Christian country. That’s my opinion, and you’re not going to be change it. In fact your fanaticism only reinforces my worse suspicions about morally bankrupt people such as yourself.

    May God grant you peace.

  • Evil One

    To me, everything you have written is blather, nasty, dangerous blather at that. Your instincts are authoritarian, you wish to silence people if you can for their beliefs. You also speak in favour of killing people who offend you with their beliefs. As I said before you are a religious fanatic. Yours are the impulses which lead to violence, cruelty, and oppression.

    Everyone deserves religious freedom. You have chosen to pretend that one set of beliefs don’t deserve freedom because they offend your particular superstition. It is highly debatable that the most common form of Satanism, the sub-Nietzschean kind, is any more dangerous than Islam or Christianity. They certainly have a much lower death count than those two religions.

    I am certain I am wasting my time, but that has never stopped me debating before. My ‘morally bankrupt notions’ are preferable to your ugly fanaticism, authoritarianism, and intolerance. Yours is the morality of the small minded bigot.

  • I could ban you, and probably would get away with it. I’ve chosen not to. That’s the point.

    Your comments are a waste of real estate, comprised of the same blather we’re bombarded with everywhere, all the time.

    Satanists don’t deserve “religious” freedom. They have it in America though, and I’m not trying to change that. I don’t even vote. I turn away from them. If you want your society to go to hell in a handbasket, choose your fate. I don’t care. But you’re wasting your time trying to explain your morally bankrupt notions to me. I rejected them long ago.

  • Evil One

    If it isn’t the policy of the site to ban people who fight for the religious freedom of Satanists then you are not in a position to do so, unless you choose to go against those policies. Only you would know whether that would have any ramifications for yourself.

    However, you made it clear you wanted to ban me. That is equivalent of not stoning me to death for being a suspected Satanist because it’s against the law, even though you might get away with it, while privately wishing you could.

    You are very arrogant, comically so. Why do you imagine your analysis is free of influence and your opponents are not? Everything you say is standard Muslim stuff. And you are engaging me as much as I am engaging you.

    Freedom of thought should never have any borders. Freedom of speech should have none either or very, very few.

    How do you figure that I acknowledged the existence of your imaginary friend? Were you there to witness this? Seriously, you need to stop reading religious mumbo jumbo. It’s addling your brain, making you see devils and devil worshippers all around and have violent thoughts. That stuff isn’t healthy for someone with your tendencies.

    Happy to hear you’re having a nice time on holiday. Don’t waste your time praying to your imaginary friend for me. If God did exist I really do think I would prefer Satan. From what I see of the ugliness of the world, the cruelty inherent in how it is set up, and the awfulness of the fictional character of God in Abrahamic fairy stories, I don’t think I’d want anything to do with him. I like rebels, not tyrants.

    As Oscar Wilde said, “wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attractiveness of others.” My only reservation is how good those ‘good’ people are.

  • My thoughts don’t mirror the propaganda on offer in my society. I do my own analysis.

    Did I actually ban you? No. I can these days. Technically. But it’s not the policy of the site to ban people who shill for Satan. If the site belonged to me, that would be my policy.

    Freedom always has some borders. We just don’t agree in where these borders should be drawn.

    I’m not sure what you hope to accomplish by continuing to engage me. As far as I can tell, this exchange is pointless.

    As for evidence, you already know about God. Before you were born unto this world end, God asked you to acknowledge that He is your Lord and you did. We all did. God consciousness is your birthright, but the world is a place of veils. Materialism, arrogance, the dross of sin, and other such things distance your conceience from what is with you all along. It’s like breathing and blinking, which takes place whether you’re consciously aware of now. I’m aware and you’re not, so telling me what is is like a beating donkey telling you how to read.

    Now, I’m on vacation, enjoying the delights of God’s creation. My sincere wish for you is that you reconnect with your birthright and commute with your Creator. I’ve prayed a fervent prayer for you again this morning. If you feel uneasy, it may be that God is calling you back to Him.

    Peace and blessings to you. Take care.

  • Because you do absolutely lack originality. What fresh thing have you written? It’s standard fare.

    You say you evolved past superstition and no longer kill the minions of Satan. Okay. But that argument would be a lot more compelling if you super evolved beings stopped stockpiling insane quantities of morbid weapons of mass destruction, and quit murdering innocent people on massive scale.

    Also most Western people buy into ridiculous, dangerous myths today. Like the notion you can bomb and plunder a country into liberal democracy. Total ignorance of how nation building actually works among these highly evolved beings.

    I don’t know what the higher principle behind your argument is, with all this high tech mass murder going on at the hands of the evolved ones. Is the idea that murder was actually awesome, and the problem comes only when the excuse is religious? If you call upon secular idols, such as “freedom and democracy,” then it’s all good. Sacrifice for a good cause? I don’t accept that argument.

    First much of what is blamed exclusively on religion was not exclusively about religion. It was a factor but not the only one. Just as today economic motives lurked beneath excuses, such as spreading “freedom and democracy.”

    Second, we’ve seen the effort to stamp out religion in the name of atheistic communism. It wasn’t an improvement. Unbridled capitalism and secular International law has also led to suffering, death and destruction on a massive scale.

    There is zero objective evidence to suggest secular ideologies are better at taming the worst human excesses than traditional culture and, most importantly, faith in God.

    Humans are not perfect and their societies are not perfect. But your “we gave up all that nonsense and are highly evolved and peaceful now” doesn’t reflect reality.

  • Evil One

    How does a Muslim wishing to suppress thought and freedom of worship dare accuse someone of a lack of originality? Everything you think has been handed down to you. Your religion is a patchwork of borrowed myths, aphorisms, and traditions.

    You have no actual argument or defense of the indefensible which is why you make lazy, meaningless accusations. I never claimed originality. Freedom and decency are not novel ideas. Neither are illiberalism, cruelty, and oppression.

    You stand in support of oppression and superstition in the face of freedom and progress. Your instincts are those of the authoritarian and the intolerant. At best you are a zealot, at worst a religious maniac. Accusing someone of being a devil worshipper and praising the public execution of the ‘minions of Satan’ are hardly the words of someone rational and sane.

  • If you ever come up with an original thought, please let me know.

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