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Mother Jones: Wondering If Your “Jihadist” Friend Is With the FBI?

Posted on 23 March 2012 by Emperor

Shahed Hussain is still trying to entrap people, there are many more like him out there (H/T: BA):

Wondering If Your “Jihadist” Friend Is With the FBI?

By Hamed Aleaziz (Mother Jones)

Shahed Hussain, a long-time FBI terrorism informant Mother Jones profiled last year, has surfaced again—but this time, Google appears to have foiled his effort to identify a new target. Khalifah al-Akili, a 34-year-old Pittsburgh man, says he was approached by Hussain and another informant in January. Al Akili told the Albany Times-Union that after Hussain “repeatedly made attempts to get close” to him, he googled them. He found Trevor Aaronson’s August 2011 Mother Jonesexpose about the FBI’s massive network of undercover terrorism informants and confronted Hussain on the phone. After al-Akili explicitly asked if he was an informant, Hussain hung up the phone. Now al-Akili awaits trial on a gun charge (but no terrorism charges).

Al-Akili says became suspicious of Hussain because he was friendly, dropping in at al-Akili’s house and, after al-Akili lied that he had a sick family member, dropping off a get-well card.

Hussain’s involvement in two previous FBI counterterrorism cases led to convictions: James Cromitie, a 45-year-old former Walmart stocker from Newburgh, New York, was sentenced to 25 years in the headline-making Bronx synagogue plot. Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain of Albany, New York, an imam and pizza shop owner respectively, were each sentenced to 15 years for, among other charges, conspiracy to provide support to a terrorist organization with which Hussain claimed to have connections.

Hussain became an informant in 2002 after the FBI caught him helping people cheat on DMV tests. For his work in the Cromitie case, Hussain earned almost $100,000. Mother Jones contributor Trevor Aaronsoninvestigated the FBI’s informant-led cases, including those involving Hussain, for more than a year; he found that in a number of cases, “the government provides the plot, the means, and the opportunity.”

Even with the publicity surrounding the Cromitie and Aref cases, Hussain seems to have utilized a tried and true formula in his conversations with al-Akili—claiming he was in the import business, knew people in a terrorist group, and wanted to talk jihad. “He said to me: ‘My people are involved in the jihad, I lived on the border of Afghanistan,’ trying basically to entice me. I said, ‘May Allah give peace to those people.’ He just continued to want to try to take the conversation in that direction…The people he entrapped were either extremely naive or stupid.”

In previous cases, Hussain has admitted that he would often initiate conversations about jihad when seeking out new targets. At Cromitie’s trial, Hussain described his approach: “I was finding people who would be harmful, and radicals, and identify them for the FBI.”  Aaronson’s article includes this conversation from 2008, when Hussain told Cromitie he was a part of a Pakistani terror group:

“Do you think you are a better recruiter or a better action man?” Hussain asked.

“I’m both,” Cromitie said.

“My people would be very happy to know that, brother. Honestly.”

“Who’s your people?” Cromitie asked.

“[Pakistani terror group] Jaish-e-Mohammad.”

Though there are no terror charges in the al-Akili case, the FBI says it discovered ”jihadist literature and books on U.S. military tactics,” at al-Akili’s house. The FBI claims that al-Akili was recorded talking about the fact “that he was developing somebody to possibly strap a bomb on himself” and according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the FBI maintains that al-Akili “expressed sympathy for the Afghan resistance movement in a 2005 conversation with a man he knew in prison.”

Al-Akili himself says this type of thing has happened before. “This is not the first situation that I’ve had involving the FBI attempting to entrap me…I stand out here in Pittsburgh because I do follow a more traditional role of Islam. They feel I pose a threat. I’ve never, ever said that I would do anything against America nor do I hold these beliefs,” he told theTimes Union.

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Retreat! The Mooslims Conquer Google!

Posted on 11 November 2010 by Garibaldi

The offending Google Crescent

When we saw the Google logo this morning that comemorated Veterans day and noticed that the tip of the letter “e” from “Google” remotely resembled 1/5th of a Crescent moon, we joked about how it would be only a matter of time before some loon individual or group complained to Google about it.

Sure enough, we didn’t have to wait long before we got our loon with a severe case of Park51 syndrome! Danny Gonzalez, the Director of Communication for MAF (Moving America Forward) sent a press release accusing Google of offending American sensitivities and the sanctity of the troops by allowing 1/5th of the letter “e” to look like 1/5th of the crescent moon therefore “obviously” making it look like Islam RULES America.

In another case of “You just can’t make this up” here is press release from MAF,

Move America Forward noticed the similarity between the Islamic Crescent moon symbol and the tail of the E in the Google logo sticking out from behind the flag in the search engine’s special Veteran’s Day graphic. Visitors might see this and infer a connection and come to their own conclusions as to what Google’s intentions would be tying Islam to Veteran’s Day. This would be cause for concern and cause widespread confusion and wild theories to fly.

We have received hundreds of emails from our members who are concerned about this and wanted us to take action against Google but for now we are giving them the benefit of the doubt and saying this was probably just a mistake and the artist did not notice the similarity.

If this was a mistake by a graphic artist it should be corrected as soon as possible, so as not to further confuse people. If this was indeed done purposefully to create a link between Veteran’s Day and Islam, then Google has seriously offended many patriotic Americans and veterans of the armed services.

Whether by mistake or design, it SHOULD be corrected as soon as possible and modified so as not to so closely resemble this religious symbol.

For further details, please contact Danny Gonzalez at (714) 926-6189 or (emphasis mine)

I would take Danny up on that offer to contact him. Let him know how much of a threat this really is!

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