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Robert Spencer: Loonwatch, One-half of the Leftist-Mooslim Alliance

Robert Spencer with loon Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer with loon Pamela Geller

Loonwatchers, it seems the big bad blogger himself, Robert Spencer, is beginning to worry about our little blog over on Jihad Watch (hat tip: Mallorcaman). In a blog titled, Daily Kos Sides with Islamic Supremacists Who Want to Extinguish Free Speech and Oppress Women and Non-Muslims (how many stereotypes can you fit in a single title?), Spencer targets Daily Kos contributor Devon Moore who has written comments on our site previously and has linked to us on his site.

Spencer’s post is interesting both for what Spencer writes as well as the comments which end up proving the depths to which Spencer has sunk. I don’t know if Spencer is giddy at the mere fact that he received some mention on Daily Kos or if he is truly fuming in his traditional, up-tight and conspiratorial way that “stealth jihad” is being perpetuated under the guise of some dreaded and fanciful “leftist-Mooslim” alliance. There is probably an element of both in his paranoia, but as in his attempt to pick a fight with Bassiouni it looks as though it is more of the conspiracy card.

The title itself is quite perplexing and makes bold the fact that Spencer has a penchant not only for melodrama (to stroke his ego) but also misinformation. Whenever anyone disagrees with Spencer or disputes his claims (and the list of people is ever increasing) he takes it personally, and reacts with violently worded blog posts that sling innuendo to-and-fro.

The question is: why is it that Spencer can dish out the criticism but is unable to take it? Is it the hallmark of an objective scholar to think that he or she is above any criticism? That everyone outside of the choir he sings to is wrong and part of some Leftist-Mooslim alliance? The ALA is wrong? Muslim scholar and International Law expert Cherif Bassiouni is wrong? Chicago activist Ahmed Rehab is wrong? Islamic scholar Carl Ernst is wrong? Islamic scholar John Esposito is wrong? Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is wrong? Religious scholar Karen Armstrong is wrong? Islamic scholar Khaleel Mohammed is wrong? Academic historian Ivan Jablonka is wrong? Journalist and neo-Con Stephen Shwartz is wrong? Conservative ex-boyfriend of Ann Coulter Dinesh D’Souza is wrong? Spencer’s former friend Charles Johnson is wrong? Blogger and columnist for Commentary Magazine Kejda Gjermani is wrong? The list goes on and on.

Of course, the plain truth is that all of these diverse individuals are neither wrong or incorrect but they are on to something: Spencer is not an objective scholar, he is not in fact very scholarly, in fact he traffics in some of the oldest and well abused stereotypes about Islam and Muslims out there, while all at the same time putting up a front that he is objective and part of the elite vanguard safe-guarding Western values such as freedom of religion and free speech.

This methodology of Spencer is belied by the fact that he takes umbrage at other people expressing their right to free speech which is exactly what Devon Moore did. He stated his opinion (one shared by many), yet according to Spencer what he did was the equivalent to teaming up with “Islamic Supremacists who want to extinguish free speech and oppress women and non-Muslims.” Say what?

Spencer really should go through our website, especially the articles relating to him. He will see that all we do is report the facts — his instances of Islamophobia and anti-Muslimism. Like when he joined the genocidal Facebook group which called for the reconquista of modern day Turkey and its transformation through ethnic cleansing of the whole peninsula; driving out its Muslim Turkish inhabitants and replacing them with Christians.

Malkin's Book

Malkin's Book

We don’t have time to go through a detailed list of the odious friends and individuals of a very anti-Muslim bent that Spencer calls allies, but they include: Michelle Malkin of In Defense of Internment fame, Geert Wilders a neo-Fascist European politician (though Spencer thinks he is not a “genuine” neo-fascist) who wants to ban the Qur’an, Muslim immigration and deny religious freedom to Muslims, Serge Trifkovic one of the leaders of the Bosnian Serbs during the ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims, the Gates of Vienna website which advocates an end to Muslim immigration and the dominance of the original indigenous White Europeans, and more. One day we will list all his buddies but just this small oeuvre should be a chilling reminder of who Spencer is: a biased, self proclaimed scholar who does not view Islam from a dispassionate and objective lens.

Spencer’s blog post also reveals a bit more of the strange world he inhabits. He writes,  first quoting Devon Moore,

The anti-Muslims cover a wide spectrum though most can be found slithering in the Right-Wing. They range from academics such as Daniel Pipes, self-declared scholars like Robert Spencer and his JihadWatch, to open racists such as Debbie Schlussel, Pamela Geller and the blog Gates of Vienna.

“Open racists”? When the Left can’t argue (which is most of the time), they smear and lie. Schlussel and Geller are freedom fighters, warriors for human rights. Only to a Leftist would that be “racist.” They are not open racists or closet racists or any kind of racists.

Moore made the incontrovertible point that Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel are racists, he could have also added loony extremists. Yet, according to Spencer, Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller are “freedom fighters” and “warriors for human rights.”

Pamela Geller, you may recall is one of the bloggers who initiated and pushed (and still is pushing) the Birther conspiracy about Barack Obama. That Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and that he is a secret Muslim subverting America through Jihad. She also “uncovered” somehow that Barack Obama was the illegitimate son of Malcolm X. This is what her WikiAnswer page has to say about her,

Pam Geller’s blog has earned her a spot in the Conservative limelight. She frequently attacks Barack Obama, pushing and originating conspiracy theories that include: Obama is a secret Muslim, Obama is not American, Obama is the illegitimate son of Malcolm X, Obama is an anti-Semite. She writes in an August 1st blog about Obama’s travel to Pakistan in the 80’s, “I think he went for the drugs and came back with jihad.”

Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel

The other “freedom fighter” for Spencer is that delightful, if deranged blogger known as Debbie Schlussel. She gives us so much fodder that there should be a website devoted exclusively to her. Debbie Schlussel was the one who proclaimed after the Virginia Tech Massacre that the shooter was a Muslim, and when early reports came out that he was Asian, she wrote that “Pakis are considered Asian” and that the attack could have been “part of a co-ordinated terrorist plot by Pakistanis.” Even when it was revealed that the shooter was a Korean she persisted with her story that he could have been a secret Muslim. Not too long ago she was on the record making a genocidal joke about Palestinians, while writing about clashes between rival Palestinian forces which left six dead Schlussel stated, “As we say in lawyer jokes, that’s a start. Six down, a few million to go.”

Now with friends like those can we really take Robert Spencer seriously? Especially when he gives these crazies ringing endorsements as “freedom fighters” and “warriors for human rights.” It seems even some of his followers are a little queasy about his endorsement, one commenter on JihadWatch, JoeChill writes,

Sorry, Mr. Spencer–you make some excellent points, but Debbie Schlussel is a highly disturbed woman. Granted, the idiots at Kos don’t like her, but even a broken clock, etc.

Schlussel initially suggested that the VA Tech shooter was a Muslim (he wasn’t). She claims that one of the 9/11 victims, Jon Schlissel, was a “cousin” of hers (based on the idea that someone with a similar name had the same ancestor a few centuries ago) and she repeatedly attacks those she disagrees with by making unsubstantiated claims, or, more often, lies.

I agree with you that Islamic jihadists and those who follow Sharia law are little more than brutal thugs who are trying to remake the world into their own twisted image. But Schlussel’s pretty twisted herself, even though she opposes them. If conservative writers are guardians of the Constitution, Schlussel is a rabid German Shepherd. By espousing her, you weaken your otherwise excellent column.

Posted by: JoeChill [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 25, 2009 4:35 PM

It would be wise for Robert Spencer to take this advice from JoeChill, he should retract his endorsement of the racist Debbie Schlussel, apologize for it, condemn her and distance himself from her. Then he should do the same with Pamela Geller. That way he might be on the road to rehabilitating his image as an apologist for fascism and an endorser of racists, instead of boohooing about a fictitious “Leftist-Mooslim” alliance.

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  • NassirH

    Above me is showcased a typical loon argument. Notice the fact that it entirely consists of non-points.

    about Spencer and Geller, they are not just “bloggers” as you put it but authors and speakers on many programs and news.

    Errr, genius, Loonwatch never said they didn’t make some appearances on the Loon-network (Fox News) or some other media outlets. In fact, their increasing influence is all the more reason to oppose them—all they do is spread bigotry.

    Lastly, Asians can be Muslim too.

    “Lastly”? I hope that’s all you have to say.

    The Gulen Movement is finally being investigated in his native Turkey for inflitration into high positions. As he sits guarded in the Poconos hiding behind his $25 billion fortune and 40 acre fortress.

    Darn it! I thought you were finished. Also, what does a Turkish group have to do with the article at hand? Anyways, I can cite numerous verses in the Qu’ran stressing morality over wealth.

    The moslem mafia has got to go.

    ^ Paranoid statement totally explains previous preposterousness.

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  • NoIslam

    your argument is weak about Spencer and Geller, they are not just “bloggers” as you put it but authors and speakers on many programs and news.
    Lastly, Asians can be Muslim too.

    We don’t need Islam in our schools, politics or media. The Gulen Movement is finally being investigated in his native Turkey for inflitration into high positions. As he sits guarded in the Poconos hiding behind his $25 billion fortune and 40 acre fortress.
    The moslem mafia has got to go.

  • Moe

    I have been saying this for years, and glad this site is online putting these points across. The hypocrisy, deceit, lies, half truths, and faux morality in Spencer’s words and writing are obvious to all but the most severely brainwashed. His arguments are easily defeated which is why he resorts to buzz words and character assassination, e.g he has epithets for certain groups or individuals that he always uses, e.g “Hamas linked CAIR” or when referring to Ahmadinejad “Thug in Chief”. He once claimed his site is one for debate and all are welcome as long as their posts are not offensive, seems reasonable, yet vile and hateful anti Muslim comments are kept on the site, whereas logical comments from Muslims that defeat his arguments are usually removed.

    His posts are often contradictory to other posts and even his own self proclaimed adherence to freedom of speech and thought. For example, he once posted a before and after picture of classes from Egyptian College in 1960s and 2009, his point was look at the significant increase in Hijabs in the 2009, sign of Islamization etc blah di blah. Yet the picture reveals 2 things, the 1960’s pic had around only 3-6 female students from class of 30, none were wearing Hijab. The 2009 FEMALE STUDENTS OUTNUMBERED THE MALE STUDENTS, most of the girls were wearing hijab. I think that pics when seen and interpreted with an unbiased opinion, shows that there has been a change in attitude, symbolized by increase in Hijab, but the number of female students increased significantly and the change in attitude (more Islamic) at worst did not prevent that, and most probably encouraged it. Also, the few girls who were not wearing Hijab, shows that the majority of girls who were, were doing so of their own will.
    There alone Roberts view of the oppressed muslim girl is destroyed.

    All in all, an enemy like RObert is the best enemy, his only strength is media exposure and airtime, media outlets that share his view and support him, a stupid audience who want to blame anyone but themselves and need to point fingers and are easily deceived and cannot think laterally.

  • jpeditor

    So how’s your jihad pass holding out? I hear they sent out an update requesting that if your jihad pass includes “the sharper” blade as well as pushing you to the end of the beheading line (after the JOOS, XTIANS and moderates), you must get dotted lines tatoo’d on your neck, otherwise the deal is off.

    Oh yeah, I think it’s called the “Daniel Pearl” rider or something.

    ENJOY THE JIHAD, you useless infidel.

  • Antiislamist

    This is all taqiyya bullshit. Islam is the most totalitarian system in human history, you QuranicLoon!

  • jacob

    Geller looks like a .50 cts edited

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  • Harsy

    auntie Says:

    if islam is so tolerant, why is the christian and jewish exodus from the middle-east still continuing. why is it that that region is the last place on earth anyone would look to for asylum.
    i wonder how many asylum applications iran saudi-arabia and pakistan get each year?”

    You think that has something to do with lack of political freedom, economic hardships and other such challenges of the developing world?Someone who migrated to the west from Pakistan,i can tell you first hand that it was all about better education and job prospects.
    And unless you have been living under a rock, MAJORITY of people in UAE are Foreigners!That includes many non-mulsims Europeans, east asians, south asias, americans, etc. Things might have changed and become a little more dangerous for caucasians in the area, but with 1.4 million Iraqis dead and millions injured, wont you expect a little blow back?I mean after all, those 1.4 million muslim death were justified due to the death of 3000 New yorkers(an equally inhumane incident).

  • if islam is so tolerant, why is the christian and jewish exodus from the middle-east still continuing. why is it that that region is the last place on earth anyone would look to for asylum.
    i wonder how many asylum applications iran saudi-arabia and pakistan get each year?

  • Well, well well, if it isn’t the neo-Nazi troll known as “elric666″ from Stephania Harris’ blog. I remember your antics there didn’t last too long. Note also the oft repeated and utterly retarded and disingenuous line that Muslims cannot be the victims of racism because Muslims aren’t a race(never mind the fact that Muslims are seen as a “race” by the usual suspects). Last I checked Jews aren’t a race either(with European, Asian and African followers) yet its considered antisemitism to target them.Religion is not only about faith but also about identity, background and culture, and Muslims are overwhelmingly non-white. Islamophobia is racist, and so is antisemitism.

  • Egads! Good work Loonwatch to get bashed by the hater in chief! Many warm congratulations!

    Wow, who knew I was so destructive? Being slightly to the left and friends with Muslims, wow, Western Civilization wave goodbye. Dang. At all costs keep Christian American women away from those Muslim bloggers online! AHHH!!!

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