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Why is Ahavath Torah Synagogue Inviting Wafa Sultan?

Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan

The Ahavath Torah Synagogue in Stoughton, MA has invited anti-Muslim bigot Wafa Sultan who has called Islam and Muslims “backward,” “primitive,” the Qur’an “evil” and who has been exposed to be a fraud, she has also lied about her biography and history, (click here to learn more about Sultan).

Is this the kind of people that Ahavath Torah wants to promote especially in the times we live in? It seems the Synagogue is either unaware of Sultan or is not interested in harmony or critical dialogue and factual knowledge about its Muslim neighbors but instead seeks to plant the seeds of animosity and hate. We hope the Synagogue reconsiders this decision and heeds the words of Rabbi Stephen Julius Stein who warned against Sultan and described her as “Islam’s Anne Coulter.”

Controversial Muslim woman to speak in Stoughton

Sultan is a Syrian-born American psychiatrist who speaks out about what she believes is wrong and hateful about aspects of Muslim culture.

Sultan will speak at Ahavath Torah Congregation Thursday, Dec. 3, at 7:30 p.m.

Sultan is known as “That Muslim Woman on Al Jazeera,” singularly distinguished to speak her mind in a culture that would seek to subjugate her every thought, opinion and emotion. Subsequently, she has been hailed by Time magazine as one of the world’s most influential people and is looked upon as a defiant, passionate force against the misogyny she argues is inherent within Muslim culture itself.

Sultan is a Syrian-born American psychiatrist who, three years ago, caused a firestorm in the Arab world for a series of incendiary interviews on Al-Jazeera TV, in which she challenged the Muslim world to act against the culture of hate and intolerance that she said has defined Islamic thinking for centuries. Growing up in Syria, Sultan said she had seen firsthand the oppression clouding Muslim society, particularly, she said, in its abhorrent treatment of women and its wildly inaccurate view of the West. Now, she is a proponent for women’s rights in the Middle East.

This event is the second in a series of national and international renowned speakers coming to Ahavath Torah Congregation. The synagogue will be celebrating its 90th anniversary with an education series. Each month, topics such as race, politics, the Middle East, and climate will be discussed by experts.

For reservations, at $15, call 781-344-8733 or e-mail

I would recommend all those concerned to email or call Ahavath Torah and express politely why they believe Wafa Sultan is a terrible choice as a speaker and the harm that this will do to Muslim-Jewish relations in Stoughton.

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  • i find it amusing and ironic in an absurdist way how muslims can criticise jews over a few instances of anti-muslim sentiments…..when the muslim culture and media everywhere all across the middle-east is saturated with jew-hatred.
    also, if my country was being besieged [60 years and counting] by hate filled imbeciles who are not now, and never have been interested in peaceful co-existence…i think it might begin to affect my attitude towards them.
    as a uk observer, i am continually amazed at the israelis self restraint, and how they usually manage to be so surgically precise when a military operation is forced upon them, due to various terroristic provocations by the philistine-ians [missiles, suicide bombers etc].
    muslims should put their own house in order [vis-a-vis jew-hatred & trying to delegitimise israel] before they contemplate criticising others.

  • SoulPilgrim

    One underlying problem to this story is the extent of religious bigotry that has penetrated the organized Jewish community. Of course some of the most articulate spokespersons for Palestianian human rights are Jewish, as are some of the most effective critics of the current rightwing government of Israel. But the amount of Islamophobia, anti-Palestinianism and sheer anti-Arabism within many Jewish organizations is overwhelming. And the media silence about it is deafening.

    I’ve never read a single story anywhere about the growth of this kind of hatred. It’s all philo-Semitism, the sense that everybody has to ignore Jewish hate and aggression because they’ve been victims. That’s just the other side of anti-Semitism–they’re two sides of the same coin.
    We will only overcome philo- and anti-Semitism when we start to treat everybody the same, and see everybody as being essentially held to the same standard.

    Sure, you have to make allowances, we do that all the time. Race, religion, gender are all important. History is important. But as soon as some group starts to use their piece of history to justify murder and torture and ethnic cleansing, you know damn well they’ve internalized the same evil that was used against them. People in the current government of Israel think and act the way they do because they’ve internalized the hate of European anti-Semitism. They can hardly wait to act it out against the Palestinians.

    I despise the press of this country, and I won’t cry when daily journalism bites the dirt. The New York Times wouldn’t let a letter in their Letters to the Editor column if it was signed with an Arabic name, and that was their actual policy for decades. Likewise they wouldn’t let anyone report on the Palestinian experience. The Wash Post won’t even use the word torture when it’s used against Muslims. To hell with them.

    This century is going to be rough, and I don’t like the echo chambers that right and left are devolving into. But the press can’t be trusted. Again, I offer as Exhibit “A” the fact that nobody, but nobody, is reporting on the hate being ladled out by the older generation of neo-con influenced Jewish leaders. When will we able to see Jews as people instead of markers for somebody’s precious Christian guilt? Does the Christian belief in redemptive violence have to be extended to everybody else?

    The worst thing about these Jewish apostles of hatred is that they’ve given up on the two-state solution…and yet the Muslim organizations they vilify support it. Who’s the best friend of Israel, CAIR that supports the two-state solution or Abraham Foxman of the ADL who makes excuses for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians? Think about it.

  • Reply to “Kafir Harby”

    Kafir Harby,

    I took a look at your pathetic blog and saw your a staunch Israel supporter. Of course it would be wrong of me to blanket all of Jews to be hateful towards Muslims, but it is fair to say that your just one of the many Israel supporters who are against Islam. So yeah. Loonwatch has exposed these so called “ex-Muslims” faster than people have been trying to “expose” Islam since it’s beginning. Sad, sad, sad.

  • This is how the arabs handle the truth: by demonising the messenger. How pathetic. This is why arabs will allways be losers. Wide-mouthed losers.

  • James,

    I agree as well, I don’t think most Jews and Christians agree with bigots such as Sultan. The worst elements amongst them, usually neo-cons and fundies do.
    Thank you for your polite email.

    Seductive, I didn’t take from James’ original post that he was being apathetic but just stating that he believes some of these institutions know about the bigots they are bringing in.


  • James


    I’ve already sent a polite email to them. Here at loonwatch, I can editorialize. At the very least, they know she’s anti-Muslim/anti-Islam. That’s enough for me to say that they are aware of her views. No, I don’t think Jews (or Christians) in general agree with bigots like Sultan. If I believed that, I’d be no better than the Islamophobes.

  • Seductive


    Hi bro, I totally agree, i’m planning on emailing tomorrow, and asking others to do so too. Thank you for a succintly written report.


    Please don’t have such a negative and apathatic attitude. A polite email, short and to the point with supporting evidence goes a long way towards moving people to do the right thing. Every single email, letter, phone call add’s up. I realised that, after i used to think “what difference does it make”, and discovered it does make a difference.

    Even if they do know, they may not be aware of how wrong or ill informed or self serving this woman is, and it may help them think twice when they realise they will be offending others, as it can backfire. They cannot then ever complain of hatred or anti-semitism, if they’re promoting Islamophobia.

    If Judea Pearl, a man whose son was killed by extremists could walk out of a talk given by her, then it will make them think and hopefully see light.

    God guides people, but you have to make the effort and prod them:)

  • James,

    I hope that they are not aware of her views but it is likely they are. This kind of support for hate is unacceptable. There needs to be a step from exposition to activism, and to call out those institutions who are giving credence to this kind of hatemongering. I hope Muslims and other concerned citizens, including fellow Jews and Christians come together in an interfaith coalition and ask the Synagogue to reconsider.

  • James

    They most certainly are aware of her views. Just like the synagogues that invited fascist Geert Wilders were aware of his views. Because you know that hate against Muslims is perfectly acceptable. And only extremism in mosques is worthy of coverage.

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