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Top 10 Most Popular LoonWatch Pieces Of 2009


It has been a crazy 2009, we began our little adventure here at Loonwatch about eight months ago to monitor and expose the comical and disgusting world of Islamophobia. In that time we have gathered a pretty formidable team: Emperor, Garibaldi, Mooneye, Danios, Zingel, Darter and the sporadic contributors American Sole and Barbel.

The year has been wacky and sad, we witnessed Islamophobic murders, violence, and incitement, the continuing repitition of the double standard of castigating all Islam for the crimes of a few Muslims in the media, we saw crazy conspiracy theories revolving around Barack Obama’s supposed “Mooslimness” increase, and much more and Loonwatch has been in the middle of it all, documenting and breaking it down.

We have taken on Robert Spencer and JihadWatch, for the past few years he had been either mostly ignored or left unscathed but through our exposes such as Zingel’s devastating revelation that Spencer’s site was connected to “F***” and Danios’ thorough and explosive dissections of Spencer’s arguments he has been exposed for the hateful fraud that he is. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Spencer is scared of Loonwatch, when there was an open challenge for him to rebut our refutations he slithered into silence.

We have documented the Blog Wars in the anti-Muslim blogosphere, the humiliation they had to deal with when we exposed how they had fallen for one conspiracy theory after another such as the insane Gaza mass wedding pedophilia conspiracy. From the Fathima Rifqa Bary case all the way to the Swiss minaret ban we have covered it all, and we can only promise that with the continued participation and support of our indefatigable readers we will keep bringing explosive exposes and incisive commentary on the loony world of Islamophobia!

Without further ado these are the top ten most popular pieces of 2009 from Loonwatch (we tallied this by posting those pieces that had the most traffic on the site):

1.)Pamela Geller: The Looniest Blogger Ever


Pam Geller is the looniest blogger ever. Quite a distinction, but she has earned it through her vigilant anti-Muslimism, constant Islamophobia and hatred of Obama.

2.)Fathima Rifqa Bary Needs to Read Her Bible; Final Word on Islam and Apostasy


Fathima Rifqa Bary’s pastor has convinced her that the Quran commands her to be killed for converting. In this expose we deal with the veracity of the claim.

3.)Anti-Muslim Blogosphere Runs Amuck: Forced to Eat Crow


The anti-Muslim, Islamophobic Blogosphere was riled up and accusing the world of turning a blind eye to Pedophilia but then they had to eat crow. See why.

4.)Geert Wilders Wants to Tax Women who Wear the Hijab


Geert Wilders, friend of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller calls for a tax on Muslim women who wear the hijab. Where are the condemnations against this attack on the values of “Western Civilization?”

5.)Wafa Sultan is Better Known as Wafa Stalin

Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan advocates the nuking of Islamic countries whose religion she likens to Nazism. She also seconds Geert Wilders call to ban the Quran.

6.)The Church’s Doctrine of “Perpetual Servitude” was Worse than “Dhimmitude”

Robert Spencer next to his Perpetual Serf Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer next to his Perpetual Serf Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer can’t stop talking about “dhimmitude.” In this mini-book, we neutralize the argument by examining the Church’s doctrine of “Perpetual Servitude.”

7.)Temple University Rejects Geert Wilders

Temple University Rejects Geert Wilders

Temple University Rejects Geert Wilders

Temple University administrators allow Geert Wilders hate speech over the unanimous objection and rejection of the student body and faculty. (Updated)

8.)Muslim Americans Must Obey U.S. Laws; Nidal Hasan Disobeyed Islamic Doctrine

Major Nidal Malik Hasan

Major Nidal Malik Hasan

Islam enjoins believers to obey the laws of the land, which is why millions of Muslims seek to be upstanding and loyal Americans.

9.)Loonwatch Exclusive: Robert Spencer’s “f**” & “f**”

"Islam Scholar" Robert Spencer Exposed

"Islam Scholar" Robert Spencer Exposed

A LoonWatch Exclusive takes a look at the latest scandal associated with the internet’s premiere anti-Muslim bigot.

10.)Debbie Schlussel and the Great Blog Wars

Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel has been described by the LATimes as a trigger happy anti-Muslim zealot, she is also a pioneer in the Great (Civil) Blog War.

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  • Frank

    Anybody can register any URL and redirect it to any other website. This was not the work of Robert Spencer, but dishonest smear merchants such as yourselves. Actually reading what Robert Spencer writes about Islam and Muslims would prove once and for all that he is anything but a hatemonger. He is one of the foremost intellectual freedom fighters of the modern era (Along with Geert and Pamela, although I admit she is extreme, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice).

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  • Sam Seed

    Guys you have done me proud! As a Muslim I am glad that people like yourselves have the passion and the time to see and expose the truth. You are like Gods shining lights. May God Almighty bless each and every one of you!

  • AF

    Kafir Harby aint it funny that despite “Pamela and Robert” hating of Islam, this religion is the fastest-growing religion in the world ? And many of the new converts are western women. How do they say… theres no such thing as “bad pubblicity”… suck it up! ;D

  • Kafir Harby

    Hey Arab Moddadokka, Pamela and Robert are doing a good job exposing the religion of piss and shit, isn’t it? That’s why a useless eater like yourself goes through all this trouble, LOL !!

  • iSherif

    Yup, LW has become almost a part of my life now, amazing work guys, thanks so much to the admin and all our columnists and Happy New Year Everybody!!! 🙂

  • Thank GOD for you guys! No kidding – it if weren’t for you – and your hard work, my head would explode. I see a ton of Islamophobic garbage – because of the work I do. THANK YOU for exposing these morons for what they are!

    When are you going to expose mypetmorons? (jawa) Maybe you have and I missed it. They are even worse than Spencer.

    Happy New Year!

  • AF

    Oh i forgot, im gonna start translating many of your articles in Italian, in the next year, and spread them around, i hope thats OK with ya’ll! Obviously im gonna cite the source.

  • AF

    I dont have a favourite, this whole site is a big, great, huge favourite! A big thanks to all the contributors and the people who started this very much needed site!

  • Mooneye

    Zingel, no problem chief, Garibaldi is still it. Of course, the visitors and commenters on this site deserve a big thanks, they make it a success, so yeah Dolly, eat your heart out, haters like you make this site more interesting, so thanks for your contributions too! I hate to break the news to you, but LW has only been around for a less than a year, it’s only uphill from here darling, so if the sight of more commenters makes you queasy, then you had better pack up and leave while you got time. I recommend JihadWatch, you’ll find a lot of people there who will soak up your kool aid and echo it back.

  • Dolly

    While you’re thanking your ‘pretty formidable team’, why not thank your pretty formidable commenters as well?

    Hang on… *smacks forehead*

    Of course, they’re the same people under different names! Congratulating themselves on another brilliant article!

    The only good thing this website has to offer is me.

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  • Nissa

    All excellent articles! It is really heartening and helps with the rage issues that there are such amazingly smart and well read people out there to counteract all the ignorant bigoted nonsense!

    Happy New Year and keep doing what you’re doing!!

  • Zingel

    oops, sorry Mooneye, congrats to you. Garibaldi, you still get the honor of most prolific blogger, and hey, you got number three!

  • Nabeela thanks for the wonderful comment, it made me laugh but really your participation and comments have been a great support and I look forward to seeing you around here for a long time!

  • Thanks Zingel but that credit goes to Mooneye! I also hope to see more bloggers on here!
    That story was really easy to cover as it was so explosive. People just can’t believe someone is that crazy to propose that and that there are those that would take him seriously!

  • OstEuropa43

    my number 1 would be taxing women who wear hijab. Geert is so crazy

  • leonora

    wow, what a great idea. I didn’t anticipate seeing the top 10 here on Loonwatch ^_^

  • Nabeela

    H’mm, that’s nice, the top 10, ugggggggh it HAD to be Pamela Geller at the top, even though she has serious competition. LOL

    To all Loon Watch editors and columnists:-

    May you be even more successful in the coming year, may list of exposed loons grow ever longer, and a big thank you for all you do, the entire team is wonderful and dedicated, and I love you all and the website 🙂

    I want to wish the Loon Watch team and all readers a happy and prosperous year. May 2010 bring joy and success and happiness to all.

    So people? What are your new years resolutions or wishes? anything interesting? unusual?

    I have some i’d like to share 😉

    1. Loon Watch rockets into the Top 20 most popular websites on the internet!!!

    2. To see Phylis Chesler, Melanie Philips, Andrew Bostom and David P Goldman (Spengler) added to the Loon Watch list of Islamophobes

    3. Cassidy finally creating his own forum on and stops pestering us here.

    4. George Soros donates a million dollars to Loon Watch.

    heheheheh so next year, let’s see which of the above comes true… 😉



  • Zingel

    Garibaldi, you’re modest, you still claim 2009’s number one piece (on the shreiking harpie, Pam Geller). Congrats and keep them coming! LW, Hope to see another half dozen new bloggers for 2010!

  • mrJinx

    10 of like 200 excellent pieces by LoonWatch this year. Excellent job guys, you have filled in a much needed and much gaping void on the blogosphere, we need more sites like this to preserve the sanity of Americans who are bombarded with anti-Muslim hatred and vitriol via the cesspool of islamophobic blogs out there that have emerged like rats after the pied piper.

    Happy new year Loonwatchers, may the next year bring more successes!!

  • Personally, I really enjoyed Danios’ article that pretty much pulverized Spencer, “Perpetual Servitude was worse than Dhimmitude.”
    It was excellent, as were many other articles.
    From Zingel, I really loved the expose, but I also enjoyed the piece about Spencer colluding with Euro-Supremacist. That was a zinger!
    American Sole had a nice piece deconstructing Douglas Farah way in the beginning too.

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