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Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Team Up for CPAC Hate Fest

Robert Spencer with loon Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer with loon Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are joining forces (a regular occurrence) and holding an “event” at the  Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) slated for February 19 from 10 am until noon. CPAC is billed as the “preeminent yearly conservative gathering” and will have such worthies as Glenn Beck (who will be the keynote speaker), Andrew Breitbart, John Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum and many others. The sponsors include such far right-wing organizations as the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the John Birch Society, Focus on the Family, the Heritage Foundation and others.

I imagine there will be a cadre of undercover liberals and documentarians, the Max Blumenthal’s of the world who will cover all the craziness that we are accustomed to from right-wingers. If he is there, I am sure one of his exposes will be covering the anti-Muslim loonacy sure to be on display at the Geller-Spencer event.

Pamela Geller brought to our attention the event over on her website Atlas Drugs, oh excuse me Atlas Shrugs in which she practically begs for donations because she complains that she is not funded by big right wing groups or persons (just ask your buddy Spencer he gets paid a pretty penny by the David Horowitz Freedom Foundation). We can’t confirm whether Geller gets funded but it is a little hard to believe she doesn’t have her hand deep into the pockets of the right-wing hate racket.

Here is the hilarious post from Pam replete with her usual over the top verbiage and endless hyperbole:

Last year in an unprecedented event at CPAC, Geert Wilders met Joe Sixpack, and it was good.

This year, Atlas does not disappoint. We are ratcheting it up a few notches. Robert Spencer and I are organizing a joint venture to educate, elucidate and scare the bejeezus outta ya. (emphasis added)

Pam sums up in one sentence what her and her friends’ agenda is with regards to “Mooslims” and “Islam,” “to scare the bejeezus outta ya!” Can it be any clearer they are using the buffoons on their site, manipulating them with fear mongering, but don’t expect the zombies who are deluded into following her to budge because it seems they love a good horror show.


Jihad: The Political Third Rail
What they’re not telling us about the war on America

It’s Friday, February 19th from 10 am until Noon.

We are still firming our speakers up, but here is a list of the invited:

Wafa Sultan [confirmed]
Doctor, author, “A God Who Hates

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff [confirmed]
Criminal complaint filed for  “hate speech” under Austrian law
Human Rights Activist

Steve Coughlin [confirmed]
Leading Islamic Specialist at the Pentagon, who was fired by Islamic infiltrators

Simon Deng
Former Slave in Sudan, leading human rights activist against jihad

Lt. Colonel Allen West [confirmed]
Running for Congress, Future Leadership

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer


Rifqa Bary [invited]
teenage apostate

Kurt Westergaard [invited]
Danish cartoonist targeted for death by axe-wielding Muslim

The latest assassination attempt on Kurt Westergaard’s life by an axe-wielding Muslim (in his home with his five year old granddaughter present) has thrown an axe a wrench into this …………

Rifqa Bary is a free American. She should be free to speak anywhere she wants. Should she not?

Plan to be at CPAC this year, or at least in DC, and set aside Friday, February 19th from 10 am to noon. I need your help getting it off the ground. I will not be charging for attendance, but it costs.

No one underwrites me. No one. Not a penny.

All of these right wing organizations have donors, big donors, small donors …. and fund raising arms. They are, by their very nature, fund raising machines. Not Atlas.

Huge thanks to BigFurHat for the killer art ………. he’s da best!

If you can contribute, please do (and those who have — G-d bless you).

The woman is after money! Does she have any self-respect at all?

Look at the all stars on the list of confirmed speakers, they include Wafa Sultan (bettter known as Wafa Stalin) who we exposed as a hateful, lying poseur playing off the ignorance of her audience and also an advocate for Nuking Muslims.  There is the Austrian, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff whose claim to fame is that she has been charged with hate speech for saying “Muslims rape children” and believes that Austria’s culture is in danger because of Islam. There is Steve Coughlin who we are supposed to believe was an Islam specialist and was “fired from the Pentagon” by so-called “Islamic infiltrators.” Maybe these infiltrators were also the Islamic congressional interns who were “spying” on America for the world-wide Khaliphate? There is Simon Deng who seems to have taken his horrible experience in the Sudan into an all out crusade against Muslims, and of course there is the Biblical Literalist Allen West, the near court-martialed former lieutenant running for Congress on the platform that Palestine should not exist and that all Palestinians should move to Jordan.

Seems like a swell bunch doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t end there, they also “invited” Fathima Rifqa Bary, the poor girl whose life they have constantly intefered in and labeled as the “apostate.” Throughout the whole saga involving Rifqa Bary it is instructional to note that it is only Pam’s group that have been eager to label her an “apostate,” none of those evil Mooslim organizations, ISNA, CAIR, MPAC, ICNA, MAS, Muslim Advocates, etc. have ever called her “apostate.”

So if you want to get together to see a group of flunkies, bigots, charlatan’s and clowns then don’t miss out on this show February 19th that will “scare the beejuzus outta ya!”

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  • George Carty

    Bill, over a million people marched in London to protest against Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War. Did Tony Blair take any notice?

    If a democratically-elected prime minister ignores such a demonstration, what makes you think a gang of terrorists would be swayed? Many of the worst terrorists are takfiris anyway, who believe that any Muslim who disagrees with them isn’t a real Muslim.

  • bill

    Lets all answer one question:
    do Islamic terrorists use the quran to justify their acts?
    The answer is obviously yes.
    So why is it being a bigot or islamophobe to critize this religion? The muslims in this country, and all over the world, need to rid themselves of this strain of virulent islam. They need to be marching in the streets over the killings and terrorism that is done in their religions name. The only time I see muslims get riled up is when someone criticizes their religion or muhammed (sp).

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  • Imad

    @ Cole:

    I do not hate rifqa bary cuz of her religion. I couldn’t care less whether or not she’s Muslim, and I have a lot of non Muslim friends. But when she lies about her parents and demonizes her former religion, that’s what I have a problem with. In what way did I suggest that it had to do with her being Christian?

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  • It seems that Pamela Gellar will be one of the gimmicks that these so-called conservatives love to get whenever they come to a town!

  • Imad Says: I’m coming to absolutly hate rifqa bary. She seems like a spoiled brat and is probably loving the attention. I have a feeling she’s gonna confess that she was lying, e whatever, well see.


    I thought this site was about watching loonies !!

    You have a video where you are highlighting – Jewish racism against Obama – but you turn a blind eye to someone on your own site – who says that the ‘hate’ Rifqa for wanting to exercise her freedom of religion – in objection to her parent’s wishes.


    This is one of the reasons why the Left has been accused of siding with Islam against the freedoms – we hold dear!!

    You would rather get rid of the freedoms so that we don’t ‘offend’ Muslims right!! It is already happening in Europe. They are already trying to curtail freedom of religion [i.e. no one can leave Islam] shamefully to get the Muslim vote and to avoid offending them – which could be deemed racist. But in Europe thankfully many on the Left are waking up –

    Why don’t you feature a video like this on your site:-

    “Sheik Tells Children the Story of Palestinian Female Suicide Bomber Wafa Idris”

    Perhaps that would be too loonie!!

  • OK, yet again the pic in which she is DRAPING herself onto Robert Spencer, her little Mikrasian troll (I can say that, coming from a long line of Mikrasian trolls and being one myself, but I DID make it to 5’1″ dammit, and I’m cute for a Mikrasian troll!!!), but ANOTHER YEAR OF CPAC!!!

    Send me to liveblog Pamela! Seriously, neither of them are very tall, I can keep up in the crowd, I used to have to run through crowds with a Beta when I worked for a TV station, this will be just like that, except running after even more despicable “talent” As they’re known. Please, let’s send a crew and PLEASE let me on it! I’ve begged the Sadlies for years now! Besides, me, with a camera on Pamela would make her go utterly ballistic. You know it would.

    P.S. I think “the Talent” created that name for themselves; no one else would have decided on calling them “the Talent”, dammit.

  • Shuama

    I hope so because come on,her father has known about her being Christian for four years.He is so radical,he allows his daughter not to cover up,he even allows her to wear shorts and then shake and stretch her body in front of non-Muslims.He even displayed her cheerleading pictures in his house,all of sudden,he just gets up and wants to kill her,unbelievable.I hope she just tells the truth,her parents did not deserve this at all.

  • Yusuf

    Thanks for the link Imad.

    “In a statement read by Rifqa’s attorneys, both she and her parents said they loved each other and believe counseling is the best route.”

    It looks like she will be revealing something. Is her brainwashing wearing off? The old Rifqa I think would have continued with the case.

    Good to see that the family is beginning to heal. Hopefully this ridiculous story will soon be over.

  • Imad
  • Ryan

    wait, can cass find anything about cooghlin that wasn’t written by islamaphobes? The only ones i can find are on blatantly islamaphobic sites.

  • Alcatraz View

    This shows that Pam is a fraud, her thinly veiled attempt to sound legit are bogus….it’s all about $$$$$$$$$$$$ with her.

  • Cassidy

    Fun fact: when not writing hate speech Robert Spencer moonlights as a free lance yard gnome.

  • Imad

    @ shuama

    i think ur proposition is more likely, but she’s young and emotions have more power over her. Guilt mite be eating her Alive as we speak. Besides, wasn’t she a REALLY good student? She mite get a better job then the islamiphobic industry

  • Ryan

    wait. that’s what mccarthy did in the 50s. I think Cassidy’s making a joke. McCarthy pulled that crap, and I think he’s making a joke about it.

  • Sir David

    Caasidy. Why dont you publish the list? Lets see who is on it.

  • Shuama

    ‘I’m coming to absolutly hate rifqa bary. She seems like a spoiled brat and is probably loving the attention. I have a feeling she’s gonna confess that she was lying, e whatever, well see.’

    Sorry man,it`s never gonna happen,if anything she will join the rest of these guys in the anti-Islam crusade,I hear it pays a lot.A book deal,television and newspaper intviews,articles,the donations for bodyguards she does not need.Speaking at conferences,Christian tv shows,campus tours,offers from rightwing think tanks,all this may be in the works and she will make a lot of money,what she says does not have to be true,the audience,even if they find out,do not care.

    Get ready as soon as she turns 18,you will see.If you want to get rich,just say you are an ex-muslim,it doesn`t have to be true.Like I said,the audience will accept whatever you say and whoever does not accept that is a ‘liar’.

  • Cassidy

    ‘There is Steve Coughlin who we are supposed to believe was an Islam specialist and was “fired from the Pentagon” by so-called “Islamic infiltrators.”

    That’s because he has a list of 205 people in the state department who are members of the global muslim cabal!

  • IbnAbuTalib

    In the picture at the beginning, the two look like Siamese twins.

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Looks like the circus is in town! Judging from the names, we are set for one helluva freak show! I bet the bearded lady, Spencer, will gather the most crowd!

  • Ilm

    I thought CPAC was full of schizo’s? When did they start accepting Loons as part of their line-up? The right-wing just keeps on getting weirder and weirder. To think Regan was part of these people.

  • Imad

    I’m coming to absolutly hate rifqa bary. She seems like a spoiled brat and is probably loving the attention. I have a feeling she’s gonna confess that she was lying, e whatever, well see.

  • Surya Dharma

    Goody! The circus is coming to town!!

  • iSherif

    God, Pamela is practically groveling here! Not a penny? Haha!

    And I do hope the Max Blumenthal’s of the world somehow manage to get inside and give us the scoop on all the crazy happenings at CPAC. Will be fun 🙂

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