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Pamela Geller: Getting a Free Pass on Her Anti-Muslim Beliefs?

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller unfortunately has been all over the news recently. First because she was an invited speaker at a Tea Party conference in Tennessee, second for her and her  hate group’s (SIOA) active role in opposing the proposed Mosque in Manhattan that is near ground-zero, and for her inciting Ad campaign that essentially calls on people to “Leave Islam.”

Geller doesn’t make any distinctions between radical Muslims and Islam, she doesn’t blame Islamism or violent Islamism but instead impugns the whole religion of Islam.

Video of Geller being interviewed about the anti-Muslim Bus Ad’s (hat tip: Abdullah):

[youtube: 350 300]

There are a number of things wrong with this video, it is too easy on Pamela. No where is her background or radical conspiratorial beliefs brought to the fore to inform the viewer. The fact that she is the looniest blogger out there should be the first piece of biographical information that we hear. This is the equivalent of interviewing a KKK member or an anti-Semite and not bringing up their zany ideas.

Should a woman who believes and regularly states that Obama is an anti-Semitic, Jihadist Mohammadan who is aiding the Iranian regime get a pass? Does someone who calls for the Golden Dome Mosque (Masjid as-Sakhra) to be destroyed and replaced by a Jewish temple get a pass? Should a historical revisionist who says Hitler adopted Jihad and was inspired by Islam to commit the Holocaust get a pass? Should someone who states that Israel should nuke Mecca and Medina be given a pas?

The scary thing is there is so much more that we can go into in regards to the loonie and wing-nut beliefs that Pamela Geller holds dear to her heart but what’s the point, we have documented it all and it is easily retrievable by anyone who cares to search for it on our site. Unfortunately, none of the news reports, including the one above see fit to challenge Pamela on her obvious as day and night hateful beliefs.

In the meantime James Wolcott took the words right out of my mouth,

Hey, Look Who Just Crawled Out From Under the Creaking Floorboards

The Crypt Keeper‘s number one soul sister herself, Pamela Geller, making the pages of New York Daily News this morning with her bus-ad campaign against Islamization, which apparently the three-card-monte suckers who read her blog bankrolled by breaking into their piggy banks, forking over all those quarters they were squirreling away for the slot machines on their next Atlantic City day-trip.

Ms Geller will no doubt be miffed as only she can be miffed (at the top of her lungs) at having her blog characterized as “replete with attacks on Islam and unfounded claims about President Obama.”

Unfounded!?! Only if you insist on trifling nuisances like evidence and a faint semblance of plausibility.

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