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Barrie Osborne: Matrix Producer Plans Muhammad Biopic

This guy was behind the Lord of the Rings as well. Should be something interesting to look forward to.

Matrix Producer Plans Muhammad biopic

Producer Barrie Osborne cast Keanu Reeves as the messiah in The Matrix and helped defeat the dark lord Sauron in his record-breaking Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now the Oscar-winning American film-maker is set to embark on his most perilous quest to date: making a big-screen biopic of the prophet Muhammad.

Budgeted at around $150m (£91.5m), the film will chart Muhammad’s life and examine his teachings. Osborne told Reuters that he envisages it as “an international epic production aimed at bridging cultures. The film will educate people about the true meaning of Islam“.

Osborne’s production will reportedly feature English-speaking Muslim actors. It is backed by the Qatar-based production company Alnoor Holdings, who have installed the Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi to oversee all aspects of the shoot. In accordance with Islamic law, the prophet will not actually be depicted on screen.

“The film will shed light on the Prophet’s life since before his birth to his death,” Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mustafa, Alnoor’s chairman, told al-Jazeera. “It will highlight the humanity of Prophet Muhammad.”

The as-yet-untitled picture is due to go before the cameras in 2011. It remains to be seen, however, whether it will be beaten to cinemas by another Muhammad-themed drama. Late last year, producer Oscar Zoghbi announced plans to remake The Message, his controversial 1976 drama that sparked a fatal siege by protesters in Washington DC. The new version, entitled The Messenger of Peace, is currently still in development.

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  • Hi Barrie, Please read the Quran & The Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) before doing the movie.. If you do, the moviw will be a HIT… Insha allah

    Salams to Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi… Make sure not to damage the image of Islam… Cos if it happens you will be judged by Allah…..

    Assalamu alikum – (Peace be upon u all…)

  • Chris

    How do you make a motion picture biography of a major historical figure without ever showing them on screen?

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  • Daniel

    @ Durendal–

    The same could be said about large chunks of the Bible, such as the conquest of Canaan and the genocide of the Amalekites.

  • Saeed

    Rocky how many Muslims actually participated in riots? One and a half billion Muslims and the media shows a few hundred hotheads shouting and people like rocky emerge from under their rocks to blame everyone. Well done rocky, how very intellectual you must be, blame an entire religion for the actions of the few, you must then think all Catholics are child molesters too! Or do you just save your warped observations for Muslims.

  • Durendal

    I don’t think such a movie could ever be broadcast in the West due to it’s graphic content.
    But then something tells me they will whitewash and leave out the most graphic and objectional parts.

  • jock


    A small band of scoundrels in the world’s ranks will riot over anything and everything. Remember the reaction to the Davinci Code? The rest have learned to live with it. And in this case, they might just enjoy it

  • Rocky Lore

    So how long before the Muslims riot over this movie, just like they did over cartoons and quotes?

  • moyayo

    I hope all goes well with the production, and having it hit the big screen soon

  • Greg :(To Mosizzle)

    Oil Production for some countries like Saudi Arabia reaches 9 Million barrels per day, which means:
    9 Million Barrels x$ 75 oil price for one Barrel = $675 M

  • Mr man

    Yes, I was hacked there too whilst trying to access this site for a few minutes. Seems like sinister plots are afoot to try and stop this site being beamed. More underhand tactics from the Islamaphobes, no doubt…

  • Justin

    This is exactly what we need, because Americans have a hard time humanizing anyone or anything until it becomes a major motion picture. Go figure.

  • NassirH

    Terry Jones–AKA Burn a Koran day Pastor–having Child Porn is apperantly a lie. We don’t want to stoop down to Robert Spencer’s level. We don’t need to lie like him.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    I have a feeling that Anti-Muslims will bash and say horrible things about this. And they will try to have the film banned and that say how evil this film is and we have to deal with more silly controversies.

  • NassirH

    Jake Gyllenhaal will play Salman the Persian.

  • racebending?

    will they hire a european descent actor to play an arab religious/historical figure? engageing in something similar to yellowface where white actors play east asians?

  • Aziz

    not really sure if this is the way to go. it almost sounds like “arab money” in action.. The Message was a great movie, not just because of its novelty as the first islam/ancient arabia related movie, or because of anthony quinn’s superb performance, but because it was Al-Aqqad’s true vision and no one had to pay him to do it…
    if Barrie Osbourne or whatever multi-million dollar director he ends up hiring, want to do a movie revealing “islam’s true message” then id like to see them make a movie that reveals their actual views of islam’s true image instead of a Qatari by-proxy view..
    this is also the case with even arab/muslim producers and directors, just watch this year’s ramadan historic drama productions and youll know what i mean…

  • Spencer’s conscience

    Looks like we Muslims will have to brace ourselves for another “controversy”.

  • nat

    Whoa, were you guys hacked for a while there?! Creepy.

  • the film producer

    We are proceeding speedily with the movie. We have now completed the three drafts of the scripts and it is going to be an amazing Epic

  • Sam Seed

    Wow, can’t wait. I liked The Message, which starred Anthony Quinn.

  • mindy1

    this could be good or bad

  • islamispeace

    Sounds like an interesting project. I am looking forward to seeing it.

  • Mosizzle

    I have feeling the Islamophobes are going to launch their own counter-film in which they force their own view of the Prophet.

    Too bad they don’t have $150 million. Ha!

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