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ACT! For America’s Veteran Defenders of America

ACT! For America, or as they are better known Hate! for America have created what they are dubbing a joint project, Veteran Defenders of America. ACT! for America is the organization led by class A loon Brigitte Gabriel, it regularly defames Muslims and insists Islam is trying to take over America.

In my previous article, ACT! for America is better known as Hate! for America I wrote,

ACT! for America has a problem. Its first problem is that it was founded by Brigitte Gabriel. Yes, the same Brigitte Gabriel the New York Times called a “radical Islamophobe” and who in the past has made statements like “Arabs have no soul,” and “Arabs are barbarians.” She might be novel eye candy for some (which I’m guessing is the reason Bill Maher had her on his show) but it is clear that Brigitte Gabriel is a whacked out fundamentalist with a seething rage against Muslims and a determination on the one hand to destroy Islam and on the other to make as much profit in the process.

The other problem with ACT! is that it is an organization filled with the types of people we see at Tea Party rallies. You know the ones who dress up in late 18th century regalia a la George Washington or carry around posters about Obama being a Kenyan, or Hitler, or Joker or a Marxist Mooslim anti-Christ coming to change America from a Christian nation into the Soviet Union.

The ACT! for America scheme essentially boils down to an organization masquerading as a “defender of Western Civilization” akin to the claims of other Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. They have a binary view of the world, the Bush mantra of “you’re either with us or against us.”

Now Brigitte and her goons are creating an organization of veterans who will be opposing “terrorism” (i.e. Islam) under the guise of “protecting our freedoms.” This development is pretty hair raising in light of the fact that threatening rhetoric has been observed from members of other anti-Muslim organizations who profess to also be veterans or soldiers in the US military.

We reported earlier on the existence of self-purported veterans in Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA) who made pronouncements of murder and genocide against Muslims,

Veterans know how to “lock and load.” They have honed their skills in the greatest and most powerful military in the world. When populists and fear-mongers unite to dredge up xenophobia, bigotry and hate against Islam and Muslims it lends itself to influencing our veterans and military personnel, especially considering they are involved in two wars in Muslim countries and are stationed on bases throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Simple logic forces us to question: how many of the returning veterans are going to leave the fight against Muslims on the battlefield? Is it safe to venture that the process of dehumanizing the enemy, his religion, his culture, his race will not be limited to the battlefield but will actually see itself transported to the homeland, at least by a small minority?

When we combine this with those who seek to capitalize on anti-Muslim hysteria it is a volatile cocktail, and if the Veteran Defenders of America are any indication it is getting organized — and armed.

Richard Van Waes, founder and operating chair person of the Veteran Defenders of America has this message on his website,

The United States of America has long enjoyed freedoms no other country in history has ever known. The founders of our nation had vision to give us documents that entrusted freedom to all citizens.

As veterans, we swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and to defend it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Quite simply, unlike any period in our long history, our freedoms are in jeopardy. Our domestic borders have been silently invaded with people who intend to harm us. There are thousands of terrorists and terror cells within the United States borders who have one goal as their agenda – the destruction of America as we know it. This simply cannot take place.

Most of us have families. I have children, grandchildren and extended family who all need protection. You, as a veteran, have training, skills and experience that uniquely enable you to respond to our government’s message that encourages family and community preparedness, citizen awareness and service to our families and our communities.

We’re asking all able-bodied veterans to join Veteran Defenders in an alliance to ensure our freedoms. REMEMBER, we ALL can contribute some of our skilled training, in some small way. Over 18 million strong, we are a valuable and frequently overlooked resource to our nation.

May God bless you, your family and our nation. The time is now, join us.

The idea that our domestic borders have been “invaded by people who intend to harm us,” that there are “thousands of terrorists and terror cells” within the United States who seek to take our freedom and destroy America is quite familiar. It is the language of paranoia, the language of those who sow the seeds of conspiracy to advance their own agenda. It is the same language that was used against Japanese Americans to justify the Internment camps, against Blacks to take away their personal freedoms and to perpetuate Jim Crow.

It is vital to the future of our nation that such organizations do not go unopposed and that the military, veterans of conscious, institutions such as the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) band together to ensure that this vitriol against Islam and Muslims does not spiral out of control.

Update: We thought it would be notable to point out the views of some veterans in response to this. John Bryant a former veteran himself and loonwatcher has this to say in response to the article,

“As a vet with kids in uniform, I find it unbelieveably offens[ive] that these assholes would use the symbols of our five services who fight to defend the constitution (including the first amendment, all of it!) to somehow equate service and patriotism with hate and bigotry!”

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  • Vann Fleming

    Looks to me Veteran Defenders is exactly what is needed……a strong NON POLITICALLY CORRECT platform with the cahones to offset the full scale assault on the Declaration of Independence, Constitutionally Limited Government and the rush toward socialism by Congress and Obama and his unelected bureaucrats and Czars. Would suggest all of you who are opposed do some serious homework.

  • Odd post Icevet, and why do you post on such an old thread? Anyway, in answer to your stuff; if they were genuinely were about what they list then I’m OK with that. Fact is that they are with ACT! which, frankly, shows how they really are. Why do they associate with ACT! if that is what they really want? They don’t, ACT! is BS.

    Also, can you please explain to me how the Muslim Brotherhood are so dangerous? Do you know they have been around for nearly a hundred years now and in that time didn’t even manage their first goal which was the overthrowing of Egypt’s regime? One hundred years and then a bunch of youngsters come up, have a revolution and topple the regime in weeks. We are meant to be afraid of these guys?! Stop repeating talking points and get some reality…

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    You want to protect your constitutional liberties
    Does that include freedom to practice religion with out state intervention ?
    You only want to protect against Muslim terrorists
    What about non muslim terrorists ?
    Protect against shariah law
    er why ? and what evidence do you have that its a problem

  • Icevet

    Its obvious that most of the former commentors/attackers of Veteran Defenders of America have NOT read the VDA Mission and Purpose statement on their website.
    A) To defend America…… (from terrorist, not just average muslims).

    1) Protect our Constitutional liberties…..whats wrong with that ?

    2) Protect against Muslim terrorist ..such as the Muslim Brotherhood,
    please do not say they are the “good guys”, they are dangerous.

    3) Protect against Shariah Law in America.

    To use all LEGAL means to defend America, VDA members are not
    ” Rambo’s ” as some Marxist make them out to be.

    I am glad that many veterans are banding together to do all they
    legally can to save this nation.

  • Awesome article , I’m going to spend more time researching this subject

  • John Nosser

    Most of you who comment on this site accuse others of hate, then you spew it out like the possessed girl on The Exorcist. I feel like hurling from reading your comments. Change the name to Loon Group its more appropriate. May G-d help us if there are too many people like you in this world.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Hey Jihad Bob, your sugar daddy Chernick is feeling the heat,

    The Park51 money trail – Laura Rozen: The Park51 money trailSeptember 04, 2010
    Categories:Think Tanks.The Park51 money trail
    POLITICO’s Ken Vogel and Giovanni Russonello dig into the money trail of the Park51 Islamic community center, and the campaign against it:

    The think tank, the Center for Security Policy, which also produced an ominous Web ad opposing the mosque for the ground zero coalition, had a $4 million budget in 2008 (the last year for which it has filed tax returns).

    Its chief operating officer, Christine Brim, declined to discuss her group’s donors or its support for the coalition but, in a blog post, criticized POLITICO for asking about funding for both mosque supporters and opponents — which she said “implied a moral equivalency between ‘both sides.’”

    In fact, neither side’s funding is quite so clear-cut or ominous as their critics allege.

    In addition to the donations from Qatar and the Saudi prince, Rauf’s nonprofits — the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement — also received a healthy dose of funding from mainstream American foundations that bankroll countless apolitical organizations.

    The Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Deak Family Foundation, the Henry Luce Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Swanee Hunt Family Foundation and the William & Mary Greve Foundation combined to give $650,000 from 2006 to 2008, according to foundation grant reports reviewed for POLITICO by the conservative Capital Research Center. …

    But there’s also big money behind the mosque opposition, as highlighted by the relationship between [David] Horowitz’s Los Angeles-based nonprofit, Jihad Watch — the website run by Spencer “dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology play in the modern world” — and Joyce Chernick, the wife of a wealthy California tech company founder.

    Though it was not listed on the public tax reports filed by Horowitz’s Freedom Center, POLITICO has confirmed that the lion’s share of the $920,000 it provided over the past three years to Jihad Watch came from Chernick, whose husband, Aubrey Chernick, has a net worth of $750 million, as a result of his 2004 sale to IBM of a software company he created, and a security consulting firm he now owns.

    A onetime trustee of the …Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Aubrey Chernick led the effort to pull together $3.5 million in venture capital to start Pajamas Media, a conservative blog network …

    The David Horowitz Freedom Center had a budget of $4.5 million last year, according to its tax filings, of which $290,000 came from the conservative Bradley Foundation, which also gave $75,000 to the Center for Security Policy last year. Horowitz has received an average of $461,000 a year in salary and benefits over the past three years, while Spencer has pulled in an average of $140,000, according to the center’s IRS filings.

    UPDATE: Here’s a link to the 2008 990 filings for Chernick’s charitable foundation, the Fairbrook Foundation, that shows donations to a wide range of groups, including the American Friends of Ateret Cohanim that funds Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, The Investigative Project on Terrorism, MEMRI, The Center for Security Policy, over $900k to the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, $150k to American Jewish Congress, ADL, the Middle East Freedom Forum Fund, another David Horowitz group the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, the pro-Israel campus advocacy group Stand With Us; $80k to Gary Bauer’s “American Values,” the pro-Israel media monitoring group CAMERA, $150k to the “Council for Democracy and Tolerance” of Alta Loma, CA, which listed as a fellow and senior fellow Nir Boms, a former Vice President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and a former Israeli embassy official; the group is listed as promoting the “Obsession” video; the former president of the Council, Tashbih Sayyed, a Pakistani-American Shiite journalist who died in 2007, was also an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute and a member of the Jihad Watch board, both also supported by Chernick’s foundation; the Council for Secular Humanism; $80k to a group called “Defend the West” whose address is a UPS box in Santa Monica, CA but whose website domain is registered to Nina Cunningham of Quidlibet research and the former chair of the Illinois regional branch of the Republican Jewish Coalition’s National Women’s Committee who is listed on tax forms as a director of the Clarion Fund which funded the distribution of 20 million copies of the “Obsession” DVD; $50k to the Heritage Foundation; $50k to the Hudson Institute; etc. etc.

    Similar donations in 2007 and 2006, including $190k in 2007 to the Hudson Institute; $200k in 2006 to the Zionist Organization of America, and $250k to ZOA in 2005; $60k in 2005 to the Central Fund of Israel, a U.S. nonprofit that funds settler security and other programs in Israel, and on whose board (listed in 2008 as vice president) is Itamar Marcus, who heads Palestinian Media Watch; $25k in 2005 to fund projects by Tariq Ismail at the Council for Secular Humanism (the funding for Islamic secularism contrasting with the foundation’s generous funding of Jewish religiosity, including Aish HaTorah of Los Angeles); $120k in 2005 to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, on whose board Chernick’s wife Joyce Chernick served.

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