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Pastor who Wants to Burn Korans uses N-word

Pastor Terry Jones’ face is becoming all too familiar these days. The Harley Davidson riding, handle bar mustachioed loon pastor has not only called for the Koran to be burned but also produced this highly bizarre video,

We know now that the currency that Pastor Jones thrives on and attempts to capitalize on is “shock” coupled with demagoguery. Does the white haired Jones really not understand why it is offensive for a White person to say the N-word?

He surely remembers the Civil Rights movement and the Jim Crow era, doesn’t he? He plays naive in the beginning of the video, playing off of the dictionary definition of the N-word but ignores or just plain fails to mention the historical import of the N-word, how it was employed by Whites to demean, subjugate, humiliate and scorn Blacks.

This video is particularly interesting when we came across this article at the Friendly Atheist site that questioned Jones on whether he has been treated unfairly in the media,

Have any of the media reports of this event portrayed you unfairly or inaccurately? Would you like to set the record straight on any particular issue?

We have been accused of being racist. We are not attacking a race. In other words, we are not attacking the Moslem. We love the Moslems and hope that they would come to true salvation. What we are attacking is Islam, the religion, and Sharia law, the political system.

Not a racist? What do you think?

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  • Christian-Friend

    “Hence you are basically pagans and you have no right to feel superior, being a Muslim.The Jews and the Christians are the TRUE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK and WORSHIP THE TRUE LIVING and LOVING GOD.”

    If that’s not bigotry, I don’t know what it.

  • Anthony Garcia

    He makes a good point. I don’t agree with the religious part, but that word has a dark history and people use it like it’s cool to say it.

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  • Abdullah

    And your dumbass still doesn’t know about a fucking paragraph break. Like I advised you earlier about swimming in Texas and the rip currents, a new storm is on it’s way please I’ll give you the plane fare for you take a dip in the ocean and get your reward from Allah.

  • Abdullah

    @halal jerk-off

    You’re a fucking idiot. I already set you straight when you didn’t even know what taqqiyah was and claimed I was doing it after saying I used to be christian.



  • Porky, first of all, if you want to provide evidence, just f***ing provide the evidence instead of threatening me with it. Even IF I was worshiping some false pagan god, this is no way to conduct intelligent discussion.

    And if you were capable of reading, you’d have seen that I have addressed your allegation of 6 different “versions of the Qur’an” which is bollocks. Before the death of the Prophet (PBUH), there was only one official Quran, written in one dialect (of Quraish), memorized and inscribed by his followers. After his death, there were people who wrote down the Quran in other dialects of Arabic, which on the other meant alterations in how words are written and thus changes in semantics. Uthman would have none of that and had these Qurans burned, because they didn’t use the one original text and he prevented this from propagating.

    Your allegation that different Qurans were revealed is therefore simply false. There was only one, and even if people wrote down others later on, the leader of the Muslims put a stop to it. So instead of trying to throw false accusations around, be thankful that historic Muslims made sure that the Quran stayed in the intended form.

    Moving on: Kissing a black stone said to come from paradise is not idolatory, just as little as kissing a fellow human being is worshipping them. You’re grasping at straws. And do you really have the guts to say WE shouldn’t feel superiour? Well how about this, pighead:

    (Wikipedia): “In the Roman Catholic Church, a Catholic meeting the Pope or a Cardinal, or even a lower-ranking prelate, will kiss the ring on his hand.”

    “In the Eastern Orthodox Church [..] The priest then blesses them with the sign of the cross and then places his hand in theirs, offering the opportunity to kiss his hand. Orthodox Christians kiss their priest’s hands not only to honor their spiritual father confessor, but in veneration of the Body of Christ which the priest handles during the Divine Liturgy as he prepares Holy Communion”

    Also see the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics on “Kissing Sacred Objects”, where Jews and Christians are also mentioned extensively.

    This shows that you’re either completely clueless, a raging hypocrite or an industrial strength idiot. I’d say all of them. If you’ll accuse Muslims – one of the staunchest monotheists out there, beside Jews – of idolatory, show some bloody consistency and accuse the Jews and Christians of the same. After all, they wouldn’t withstand the ridiculous standards you’re setting to Muslims either.

    Further evidence that you’re trying to act smart in vain: You say “Hazrat Usman” and “Hazrat Umar”, and while “Hazrat” or “Hadrat” is an Arabic honourific title, it is not used by traditional or modern Sunni Muslims to describe the Caliphs, but rather by Muslims from around South Asia, whose indigenous language is not Arabic. Are you South Asian, porkface? I guess not.

    Your hero Wafa Sultan has been covered in depth here already. Take that garbage elsewhere. And MEMRI, well they’ve been trashed by facts as early as 8 years ago. Read that and howl.

    Seriously pork, I like Christians and Jews, but I think you’re a truly rubbish representative for them. Thank God that only a tiny minority of them are as stupid as you are, otherwise had all of them been at your mental level, I really would’ve had enough reasons to feel superior as a Muslim!

  • @SPHINX :So you do not believe that USMAN burnt the copies of Quran.Shall I give you evidence of that? Unfortunately,you worship Allah- the pre-Islamic pagan god worshiped by pre-Islamic Pagan Arabs,Mohammad and the Quran.Do you know that your Prophet used to kiss the BLACK STONE at KABBA?That is also Idol worshiping.Hazrat Umar was once asked why he kissed the black stone?He replied that he had seen the Prophet doing that.Hence you are basically pagans and you have no right to feel superior, being a Muslim.The Jews and the Christians are the TRUE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK and WORSHIP THE TRUE LIVING and LOVING GOD.Read the book by WAFA SUTAN an EX-MUSLIM.The title of the book is:THE god that hates or go to MEMRI on Internet.

  • Porky, shoddy try.

    Binge drinking (actually any kind of alcohol consumption) is forbidden in Islam. Which is why I have serious doubts about how devout this Atta guy really was.

    Furthermore, the only correct way to dispose of a Qur’an is by burning it, rather than throwing it in the rubbish. But as we learn in Islam: “Truly, actions are by their intentions”. If you intend to want to respectfully end the life of a damaged or unneeded copy or portion of the Quran with dignity, you set fire to it. However, if you intend to burn it to inflame hatred and insult people, you basically suck as a human.

    Besides, whoever gave you that rubbish idea that there were “6 versions of the Quran”? Towards the end of his life, the Prophet (PBUH) sat down with around 40 of his companions who were literate, and recited down the entire Quran in its present-day order. Twice. The companions compared their work to make sure none of them had erred, and with that the eternal form of the Qur’an had been defined.

    Furthermore, “Allah” is Arabic for “The God”. That name was not new under Islam, and it was perfectly normal for people to call themselves Abd-Allah before Islam. And don’t you come again with that moon-god rubbish, as it has been condemned to the garbage heap of rumours long ago. So your point is?

    Indeed, old swine. Try to learn Islam for a change.

  • @ anon-e-mouse ;Is binge drinking or burning of Quran permissible in Islam? So,according to your logic,Ata Mohammad was alright for not burning the Quran during his act of terrorism but binge drinking was alright.How convenient!!!You will never find a Synagogue without a Torah in it or a Church without a Bible.So ,do you know that your prophet ordered a Mosque to be destroyed which was built without his permission?What happened to the Qurans which were there?Do you know that Hazrat USMAN burnt 6 versions of the Quran and kept only one,which is used today?Did the other versions not contain holy verses?Infact,Quran is nothing but the proclamations of Mohammad to satisfy his desires and attributed to pre-Islamic Pagan deity called Allah.What was your prophet’s father’s name?Abed-Allah,which means WORSHIPPER OF ALLAH.Was he a MUSLIM?I don’t think so.Try to learn ISLAM for a change.Log on to

  • anon-e-mouse

    at porkie pies, sucker fool you dont get halal pork, yea yea i understand your thinking, sarcasim, wit etc etc or lack thereof, but its stoopid. ah well stoopid is as stoopid does. No religious muslim would ever blow up a mosque etc, for that porky pig, you have to look at your paymasters in the mosssad. just like atta went binge drinking and left a quran behind. you are a fool look in the mirror and see one. common sense is not so common, porky pie.

  • saeed

    Halal pork what you fail to mention is that the vast majority if Muslims do not see the Taliban as Muslims, in fact the Taliban were a creation of western powers to fight the Russians, so if they do blow up mosques which in turn burn qurans we all know where their warped acts stem from.Also there has been more condemnation from pious Muslims condemning the Taliban and their like then anyone else, in Mosques all over the world every friday extremism is condemned as are extremists but of course you are not interested to hear that so you won,t,the head of the largest Muslim organisation in world recently issued a fatwa and released a 400 page explanation on why the Taliban and their ilk are not any part of Islam but as stated the media in west will over look things like this because it is not the image they want the world to see, what you fail to ask is why the taliban sometimes blow mosques up, and I will tell you , it is because those mosques are preaching against them and against extremism, have you heard of the awakening council in Iraq? The vast majority of suicide attacks are against them, why? It is because they also preach against extremism and Bin Laden and his like, I really could go on but people like you are not interested in a reasonable discussion, And it is not Muslims with whom you cannot have a reasonable discussion it is the idiots who think they know about Islam because they have looked a few websites or read a book very selective in its verses from the Quran,I could be selective too and look into the bible and torah and pull verses out but unlike you I prefer to look at the bigger picture. I believe as a Muslim the right of all to follow whatever faith they chose with freedom, you however do not, who exactly is reasonable? Also I have set up a facebook page group called ” Big up the Bible” basically it is for people of all faiths to show respect to the Bible and its teachings, we want everyone to read their bible on oct 7, the day of the attack on afghanistan, we want to show we do not think of it as a war by christians just as 9/11 should not be seen as an attack by Islam, anyone care to join?

  • @ ATIF :It is an ugly truth that you can NEVER have a reasonable discussion with a Muslim about Islam because he would go to any extreme to defend that lie be believes in.It is waste of your time.A Muslim is indoctrinated to believe right from birth that coal is white in and milk is black.Hence,it is like pissing in the desert.It would never would never turn it into oasis.It is just the waste of your piss.Those whom GOD wishes to destroy,HE first makes them MAD.That is the problem with the Muslims and that was the problem with Mohammad,whether you believe it or not.The choice is entirely yours.

  • Is it not strange that when the Taliban attack the Mosques and blow up and burn the Qurans in Pakistan,Iraq and other Muslim countries,you simply do not see any reaction from the pious Muslims?Can any Muslim kindly enlighten about that?Sadly,HYPOCRISY-THY NAME IS ISLAM!!!

  • Talk to Action, where Chris Rodda (MRFF activist) and Rachel Tabachnik have columns, launched this campaign

    MRFF To Donate a New Qur’an to Afghan Army for Every One Destroyed by Jones

    After being contacted by scores of its active duty military clients asking the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to do something in response to Terry Jones’s planned “Burn A Koran Day,” MRFF has decided that the most appropriate response would not be to try to stop Jones, but to donate to the Afghan National Army, as a gesture of good will and a statement of opposition to this entirely un-American act of religious bigotry, a new Qur’an for each one destroyed by Jones and his followers.

    The following will run as a full page ad in the Gainesville Sun on Friday.

  • Illinois Lutheran

    I’m a Christian and shouldn’t even think this way I know, sorry. But the more I read about this guy the more I think we should just have an
    International Burn Pastor ***** Day.

  • Islamophobes need to condemn this video. They’re always running their mouth saying that Muslims don’t condemt their own wackjob twits.

    Although, when Muslims do it is met with screams of “Taqiyya”.

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