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Bill O’Reilly on the “Muslim Problem”

Mediaite posted an interview that O’Reilly had with Ahmed Rehab. In the interview O’Reilly spews more Islamophobic statements.

Bill O’Reilly Has ‘Gentleman’s Disagreement’ On Iranian Threat With CAIR Representative

Bill O’Reilly is not letting the issue of Muslim go, even if it cost him Joy Behar’s company on The View. O’Reilly invited Ahmed Rehab of the Council on American-Islamic Relations on the program earlier tonight for a lively debate in which he accused Rehab of dodging his question on whether Iran is a threat to America, Ahmed alleged the same thing about his Iranian question, and it didn’t get much more conciliatory from there.

Rehab opened the conversation up aggressively, correcting a statement made on Friday’s Juan Williams-hosted Factor that the Muslim community had not responded to the conviction of the failed Times Square bomber. O’Reilly thanked him for the correction but once again asked Rehab to respond to what he perceives to be the biggest threat posed by the international Muslim community, the Iranian state. “Let me ask you this,” Rehab responded, “how many countries has Iran attacked in the past 50 years?” O’Reilly responded with historic notes from the Iran-Iraq War and sternly warned Rehab, “let’s not play games here.” This prompted a back-and-forth in which both parties accused the other of dodging the question, while Rehab interrupted by clarifying that he is “not a fan of the Iranian regime… I just don’t like it when you exaggerate the reality.”

O’Reilly agreed to a “gentleman’s disagreement” with Rehab on whether the “good Muslims sit it out” or are vocal enough against extremism, an incredibly agreeable tone considering the extent to which the two challenged each other’s opinions during the segment.

The conversation from tonight’s Factor via Fox News below:

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  • Abdul

    Why doesn’t O’Reilly tell us about the evil US regime and the barbaric Israeli regime of terror that tricked the US-Zionist puppet Saddam Hussian and Iraq into attacking Iran and millions of people died because of the US-Zionist lies and deceit? Why doesn’t O’Reilly tell us about the Iran-Contra scandal that exposes how the US regime and Israeli regime of terror supported Iraq and Iran?

    Why doesn’t O’Reilly tell us about the illegal US invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and South America has caused the deaths of tens of millions of people around the world instead of inventing nonsensical fairy tales to frame Muslims who are victims of US-Zionist terrorism?

  • Abdul

    O’Reilly is a barbaric liar for twisting and distorting facts to slander and frame Iran. The more he lies, the more we know that he is just a highly hypocritical racist zionist who blatantly ignores the US-Zionist crime against Muslims such as the US-sponsored Zionist crime against Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon etc and the US crime against Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan. We may call the US-Zionist regime the Nazi regime of the 21st century and O’Reilly is just a Gestapo pig !

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  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq


    “Muhammad, President Obama is traveling to Muslim countries right now i.e. Indonesia, etc. I don’t know what his agenda is but I’m hoping that he’s striving for peace with the Muslims and not the other way around. He’s been a disappointment lately, however, I don’t think he’s crazy enough to start a war against Iran. If not for moral reasons, than for economic reasons at least.”

    i’ve never been quite too sure about Obama and his policies or intentions. The war against Iran, if it comes, inshaAllah it never does, will come if the neocons, right-wingers,Christian extemists, et al have their way and prevent his re-election.

    Allahu A’lam

  • Khushboo

    Muhammad, President Obama is traveling to Muslim countries right now i.e. Indonesia, etc. I don’t know what his agenda is but I’m hoping that he’s striving for peace with the Muslims and not the other way around. He’s been a disappointment lately, however, I don’t think he’s crazy enough to start a war against Iran. If not for moral reasons, than for economic reasons at least.

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq


    “Muhammad,I can’t stand that traitor Zudhi Jasser. He only adds fuel to the fire and helps cause more hate. You should read what Congressman Ellison has said about this guy who made “The Third Jihad”. Republicans and bigots(most of Tea Party) all love him and call him an “exception” to all the other “bad” Muslims. He’s against Juan Williams being fired and is against the Islamic Center near ground Zero and accused Imam Rauf of being a radical. He’s a sellout and a disgrace to all of us moderate Muslims.”

    In a way calling Rauf a radical makes him just like the Muslim haters. i’m right there with you in your condemnation of him. He should really give thought to the fact that those giving him support( bigots,right-wing republican muslim haters, Christian extremists ( John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Jack van Impe, Pat Robertson,etc) all hate him, secretly or openly for being a “muslim”. In fact many in the anti-muslim world have accused him of “stealth jihad” and of being a secret radical engaging in taqiyya. He is the poster boy for the anti muslim slogan “the only good muslim is a dead muslim or an ex-muslim”

    As far as the article in question, the muslim problem refers to how Muslims and Islam stand in the way of western expansionism and forced western hegemonic control of the globe. The world is being westernized under the guise of modernization and globalization. It seems only Islam and Muslims present an obstacle to this “goal”.

    Bill O’Reilly is on the same bandwagon of the folks who stoked the fires of war against Iraq, and Afghanistan i might add, under false pretenses. They are gearing up to legitimize their desire for war against Iran, by fooling the rest of the world into thinking Iran is a major threat. I cannot but help to wonder if the goal of certain Western powers isn’t to destabilze the entire muslim world in order for multinational companies and governments to exploit their natural resources. And co-opting Christian and Jewish Zionist extremists who want a war with Islam/Muslims is pretty easy to do if you think about it. An unholy Aliiance indeed.

    Allahu A’lam

  • Syed

    mindy1 – According to professor Wiki, “Iran is a party to the NPT, but was found in non-compliance with its NPT safeguards agreement and the status of its nuclear program remains in dispute.”
    The only non-signatories to NPT are India, Israel and Pakistan. North Korea withdrew from the NPT.

  • mindy1

    @Stephen, not calling you a liar, but I thought Iran did not sign it.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Jack Cope,

    Everyone hated India and Pakistan whne they went nuclear, but a few years later, both countries were embraced and “forgiven”.

    The same will happen to Iran.


    I agree with you, that nobody should have nuclear weapons ideally, but the truth is they do, and as such everyone else has the right too. Heck if i were a head of statein the Middle East, rest assured i’d want to be a nuclear power. Not to go on the offensive or to threaten neighbors but as a bargaining chip.

    You said it’s worrying that Iran could threaten Israel, but do remember, if a Kahanist or right wing Likud crackpot got into power in Israel or if there were a military coup, so could Israel threaten the Middle East, with her nuclear arsenel. The hard line extremists are always threatening to wipe Israel’s enemies off the face of the earth.

    The Armeggedon cult in the USA back Israel primarily for this purpose, (a war which will lead to Jesus return and they get raptured, whilst the rest of humanity go up in a fireball or convert) and they’re always trying to bring about this scenario. They came close to blowing up the Middle East in the Iraq war years. It could happen again.

    No, we can’t let the insipid impotent dictators of the Middle East to stay in power and encourage this scenario. They’re partly responsible for the influence that the US wields in the Middle East. It has to go.

    I wouldn’t mind Europe taking over America’s role in the Middle East though, or Russia or China. But not the USA.

  • jihad bobs dad

    Stephen G Parker I doth my hat to you, you are right, he did not even say Zionism should be wiped from the map.

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