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Geert Wilders: “Jordan is the Only Palestinian State that Will Ever Exist”

Geert Wilders, the peroxide dyed anti-Muslim neo-Fascist Dutch politician is adding to his list of bigoted comments. Not only is he for banning the Qur’an, taxing the hijab, expelling immigrants, and ending all Muslim immigration to the Netherlands but he is now pontificating on the Palestinian/Israeli issue.

Forget the two-state solution! Wilders believes Palestine will never exist as an independent country, and he repeats the Golda Meir line that Jordan is the only Palestinian state. Essentially he has thrown his weight behind Occupation, displacement, theft of land and violence against Palestinians…again. The question is how crucial is the Palestinian/Israeli issue to the Netherlands in the first place, and why does Wilders see a need to comment on it? (Hat tip: Anneke Auer)

Wilders’ Tweet:

Jordan is the only Palestinian state that will ever exist. Judea/Samaria are Israel’s the more settlements their the better

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  • LaRoja

    Fascist. What about Syria and Lebanon. Wilders made a dangerous and hateful comment which should offend any sane person.

  • Tony Ryals

    Paradoxically it was Geert Wilders himself who requested that Queen
    Beatrix reward the suspect Dutch passenger Jasper Schuringa who was
    conveniently aboard the Christmas flight 253 to Detroit and who
    tackled the Nigerian ‘crotch bomber’ with a medal of some sort
    although he prefers cash.One could actually come to believe based upon
    the facts that both Geert Wilders and Queen Beatrice protect and give
    aid and comfort to the very Israeli ’security’ company that allowed
    9/11 to happen in the first place and led to the deaths of almost
    3,000 in New York WTC on 9/11/01 and according to some,over 1,000,000
    dead in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of trying to pen all the
    blame on Muslims in
    Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Both Geert Wilders as well as Queen Beatrix appear to have blood on their hands.

    ICTS International at Schiphol,etc.,is run by Israeli government
    connected money launderer(and mass murder suspect), Menachem
    Atzmon,(convicted in Israel in the 1990’s for taking money from
    Israeli government account and giving it to Netanyahu’s Likud Party)
    who headquarters ICTS in the Netherlands but they bought Huntleigh
    airport rent-a-cops with its Logan Airport Boston security contract by
    incorporating in Senator and now U.S.Vice President (and
    ‘Catholic-Zionist’)Joe Biden’s state of Delaware and using the shares
    to defraud investors,launder money and of course ‘accidentally’ allow
    Menachem Atzmon to board their flights into the WTC in the first place
    !And even though Menachem Atzmon was convicted of fraud in Israel he
    runs your airport ’security’ in the Netherlands thanks to Queen
    Beatrix,Geert Wilders and other corrupt Dutch politicians who protect
    them !
    Is the Netherlands really a country ? I think it’s either an Israeli
    or Rothschild corporation.The Israeli ICTS International that controls
    Schiphol Airport also ‘guarded’ Logan Airport,Boston as well as Newark
    on 9/11 and also allowed Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’ to board an
    American flight from DeGualle Airport shortly after that,(even though
    they had allowed him to fly to Israel supposedly to visit Hamas prior
    9/11/01)and more recently allowed the Islamic Nigerian ‘crotch
    bomber’,(whose father is an Israeli arms dealer),to fly aboard flight
    253 from Schiphol Airport to Detroit with his ‘crotch bomb’ on
    Christmas 2009.Someone should call the police.

    Passengers help foil attack on US-bound plane
    26 Dec 2009 … A spokeswoman for police at the Schiphol airport in
    Amsterdam declined comment about the … Jasper Schuringa subdued
    alleged terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Northwest Airlines 253
    … Queen Beatrix – still impeccable after 30 years ….. Geert
    Wilders’ Indonesian roots define his politics, ……/passengers-help-foil-attack-on-us-bound.html

    WTC,9/11,ICTS International,NY Mosque:Netherlands Geert Wilders,Barack
    Obama Declare 9/11 Official April Fools Day

    What do Mansoor Ijaz,Barack Obama,Geert Wilders,NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg,
    Asra Nomani,Judea Pearl all have in common besides opening their big
    mouths again this
    time re the construction pro or con of a ‘9/11 Mosque’ ? They all know
    that the two planes
    that hit Rudy Giuliani’s WTC and now Mayor Bloomberg’s ‘ground zer0′
    on 9/11/01 were
    under the ’security’ of ICTS International-Huntleigh owned(through
    stock fraud) by felon Menachem
    Atzmon and his fellow Shin Beit Israeli crime family.They allowed
    Richard Reid the shoe bomber who
    Daniel Pearl was investigating at the time of his beheading in
    Pakistan to board an American Airlines
    flight to the U.S.from DeGualle Airport France even though they knew
    who he was having facilitated his
    trip to Israel on El Al from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam pre 9/11!

  • Amina A

    Samaria”Shemron” and Judaea “Yehud”are the preferred names for the West Bank among the Judaeo-fascists and their supporters

  • Also, what is up with him referring to ‘Samaria’? It’s not interchangeable with Israel, but rather a historic name for a region in the north. Sure, it’s important, but not a modern name for any country. If we are going to start going by that logic then we may was well declare an independent Carthage, Akkad, Numidia, Sidon or Troy!

    Admittedly, that would actually be pretty cool… I think I’m going to refer to myself as the King (or should I say Malik?) of Neo-Carthage from hence forth. Now to find myself an elephant…

  • Well then, using Geert’s logic, the Netherlands doesn’t exist as a country either. It should actually be several little countries like Holland, Zeeland, Flanders, Namur, Brabant, Frisia, Artois, etc. The modern day state of the Netherlands is ignoring the historic REALITY of each country’s respective independence, as well as their historical ties with the modern day countries of Belgium and Luxembourg.

    But maybe we should go back further. After all, the 17 provinces were all legitimately ruled by the Hapsburgs in Spain! And that was as recent as a mere few centuries ago! So I suppose this means that we should accept historical FACT and allow Juan Carlos I to rule over the Dutch-speaking provinces, right? I’m sure Geert would embrace that! In fact, the King of Spain should have all of the Netherlands, Naples, Milan, Sicily, Sardinia, not to mention most of the Americas. And the Philippines…

    Of course, I’m being facetious here, a fact that may be lost on some of the readers. Still, it’d be hilarious if Geert were to find out about this and get enraged, no?

  • DrM


    Excellent point. I don’t think it’s so much Torah illiteracy among Zionists but lying which they shamelessly excel at. “God gave us this land” they’ll you but if you ask them if they believe in Almighty, most will say no.

  • Amina A

    @ DrM;
    the funny thing is that the Torah _actually_ refers to the land as Philistine (same as the _Arabic_ pronunciation of Palestine) at the time of Abraham; he goes to live in the land of Philistine (ie, in Hebron).

    But Torah illiteracy also seems to be a function of zionism

  • DrM

    Zionist logic:

    Palestine never existed because there was no country called Palestine in the Bible.
    People don’t exist because there is no country named after them. Navajo, Apache, Comanche do not exist because there was no country called Native People.
    There is no country called Greenland because there aren’t any Green people.
    But Israel existed because the Bible said it did, on a square Earth.

  • DrM


    Wilders supports “israel” because he has Jewish ancestry. He claims to be an atheist of Roman Catholic background but his roots are ‘Indo’ (an Indonesian-European, an ethnic mix that originated when the Dutch colonised Indonesia). :

  • chief

    If you look closely at youtube, wilders face looks like a horse faurt.

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