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Loonwatch Wins Brass Crescent Award

The Brass Crescent Award 2010 wrapped up this past Friday, LoonWatch was nominated for several awards including Best non-Muslim Blogger, Best Blog and Best Blogger. Loonwatch won the Brass Crescent Award for Best non-Muslim Blogger, and our very own Danios received honorable mention for Best Blogger.

The category of Best non-Muslim Blogger was accompanied by the question, “Which blog writen by a non-Muslim is most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialogue with Muslims?” The category included such luminaries as Glenn Greenwald and Richard Silverstein, genuine writers who have made a tremendous contribution to the fight against Islamophobia while at the same time striving for true understanding in matters that effect us all. We would love to share this award with them since this award is in some respects a recognition of them, individuals whose articles we have featured and utilized.

One point that must be made in relation to this award is that Loonwatch is a cooperative and not a solo venture which the title of the award, “Best Non-Muslim Blogger” may confuse, in our case “Best Non-Muslim Blog” may have been more appropriate. We have writers from a diverse background including Muslims, Christians, Jews and even agnostics and it is this team that continues the tremendous work of “deconstructing the lies” and inanities that is the anti-Muslim blogosphere and machine.

We would also be remiss if we did not once again include our heartfelt thanks and recognition to all the Loonwatchers on our site and beyond who make Loonwatch the finest and most professional anti-Muslim exposing site out there.

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