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Tell Bill Maher About a Mohammed You Know

Religious Freedom USA has a campaign in response to Bill Maher’s bigoted comments on Muslims.

Tell Bill Maher About a Muhammad

Last Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher expressed his fear that the Western world could be taken over by Islam in 300 years. Why? Because “Muhammad” was the most popular baby name this year in the United Kingdom.  “Am I a racist to be alarmed by that?” he asked.  “Because I am, and it’s not because of the race, it’s because of the religion.”

Not only does Bill Maher wrongfully assume that all Muhammads are religious Muslims, but he goes on to assume that as a Muslim, you are incapable of being a productive member of Western society. We find this to be horribly misinformed—but we don’t want to tell him that, we want you to!

Since he already made it clear that he isn’t interested in apologizing for his statements, I think we can one up him. Introduce Bill Maher to a Muhammad you know.  Tell him about your friend, or coworker, or family member who goes by the name Muhammad.  Tell him how this person, Muslim or not, is a hardworking, good-natured, and patriotic American, and how in spite of Mr. Maher’s prejudiced labeling, Muhammads are no more of a threat to Western society than Johns, Mikes, and even Bills.

Islamophobia is becoming increasingly rampant in America, and the time to stand up against it is now.  This poses an opportunity to repaint the discussion of Islam in America with the human faces of our Muslim friends and neighbors.

Check out what Bill Maher said below, and find the link to email himabove the clip.  Let’s tell him about some great Muhammads, and help him realize that Muslim Americans, named Muhammad or otherwise, are an integral part of the American community.  If he gets a thousand emails from all of us, perhaps Bill Maher will rethink his sloppy analysis of Islam in America.

Email the show:

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  • samlebon

    Maybe one day Bill Maher could be between life and death and he would be saved by a doctor named Mohamed. Who knows.

  • Ali Husayn

    I wonder why he is “concerned” about the name Muhammad. Many of my cousins are named Muhammad including my brother and they all are peaceful and good people. Sounds alot like intolerance to me.

  • Sourin Mahbub

    Bill Maher is a numbskull that throws infantile fits of rage when his idiot audience fails to laugh at his jokes, which has happened on numerous occasions.

    That’s how I see him really. An attention-seeking pathetic little man. People of his calibre are bound to say something idiotic in their misguided attempts at entertaining morons.

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