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Gary Bauer Has Amnesia about How Muslims are Treated

We’ve known for a while that Islam is being used by the far right as a stick with which to bash their liberal enemies. Long-time career politician Gary Bauer makes that clear in his newest screed at Human Events, reproduced on the hate site JihadWatch.

Gary Bauer is an associate of firebrand evangelical John Hagee where they both serve together on the board of Christians United for Israel (CUFI). Much has been said about the looniness of CUFI and its wayward spiritual advisor, John Hagee, such as their eagerness to provoke the end times and their support of hardline Israeli policy. The special report from Jews on First about the CUFI conference records numerous strange and arguably dangerous beliefs including from Bauer himself. Needless to say, Bauer’s bias is evident in his latest editorial. He writes:

Few Americans would deny that Judeo-Christian beliefs and values informed the Founding of this country and that they continue to shape much of American life today. Nor would many of us deny that Americans who embrace Islamic values are a distinct minority here.

Implicit in this second sentence is the canard that “Americans who embrace Islamic values” are embracing values opposed to the Founding of this country. This is, of course, the message  people like Bauer, his friend Robert Spencer, and the anti-Muslim blogosphere are shouting everyday, explicitly or by innuendo. It flatly denies the historical reality that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are so entwined in their common roots and the process of mutual cultural exchange that serious historians believe we should really speak of an Islamo-Christian civilization.

Nevertheless, Bauer continues:

I raise these two facts because of an emerging reality: that, in a variety of contexts, American Muslims are treated better than American Christians. That might seem like a bizarre assertion, so think about it in another way: What if the Christians were treated like Muslims in America, and Muslims like Christians?

This is the crux of Bauer’s argument: “in a variety of contexts, American Muslims are treated better than American Christians.” He bases this on a litany of liberal crimes; but of course, within the context he selectively constructs (and without the context he chooses to ignore). He says:

If Muslims were treated like Christians, Muslims would be mocked by late night TV talk show hosts and lampooned in crude cartoon parodies. If Christians were treated like Muslims, conspicuous Christianity would be celebrated by our elites as a sign of our diversity and open-mindedness, not disparaged as an embarrassment, a nuisance and a breach of the law.

Of course, it is wrong to mock and deride entire religious or ethnic groups, but to suggest that Muslims have not likewise been disparaged by TV stars, radio hosts, pundits, and politicians is willful ignorance (has Gary Bauer been paying attention to 2010?). What about Bill O Reilly, Bill Maher, South Park, Draw Muhammad Day, Brian Kilmeade, Pat Robertson, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, or numerous others? What about obstruction of mosques? As for crude cartoon parodies, did he read JihadWatch today? He continues:

If Christianity were treated like Islam, our students would be taught a white-washed version of Christian history, with the troubling bits miscast or omitted from textbooks and lesson plans.

By this I assume he is faulting the Texas State Board of Education, and similar institutions, of not including Islamophobic myths into their official curriculum. Bauer and company would like our textbooks to tell us how uniquely violent Islam and Muslims are.

His editorial continues by citing more cherry-picked and anecdotal “evidence” to conclude that the liberal “cultural elites” have sold Christianity up the river all the while Muslims get off the hook. We are left feeling that we should be incensed at those cultural elites who treat Islam better than Christianity. The reader has no more room for sympathy in his heart for those freeloading Muslims who have had it too good for too long. Not a shred of empathy for the challenges faced by his fellow American Muslim citizens. However, Bauer does end his piece with a noteworthy observation:

I’m not in favor of burning the Koran, and I don’t think insulting or defaming symbols of any religion constitutes art. At a time of the year when intolerance for public displays of Christianity is most acute, it is my Christmas wish that Muslims and Christians would be treated equally.

Good to know you are against burning the Quran, Mr. Bauer. That’s a step in the right direction. It is wrong to insult the holy symbols of different religions (a message we have repeated many times here at Loonwatch). As for intolerance of public displays of Christianity, it seems quite a stretch (considering the giant Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Centre, for example), but I do agree that Muslims and Christians should be treated equally. However, that will never happen until the far right (including you and your associates, Mr. Bauer) give up using Islam as a divisive wedge-issue just to score cheap political points. You cannot honestly complain about American Christians being treated worse than American Muslims while you do not give Muslims the same respect you are demanding for your self. Your arguments reek of tribalism and nativist populism.

Mr. Bauer, some day Muslims and Christians in America will be treated equal, but it will be no thanks to you or CUFI.

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  • Rob

    “The understanding and tolerance for the victim mentality of many muslims is reaching the end. We are tired, annoyed and about to be angry.”

    I suppose invading several countries and killing thousands of civilians since Gulf war 1 wasn’t enough. Perhaps it’s time for another final solution.

  • Awesome

    “The South Park episode was never aired because of threats made by muslim groups.”

    – Specifically threats made soley by “Revolution Muslim”, an unpopular group of phony Muslim radicals, founded by “former” Zionist extremist and Israeli-American dual citizen; Yousef al-Khattab (a.k.a. Joseph Cohen).

    “Molly Norris who started everybody draw Mohammad day did it because she cares about 1st amendment rights, not because she is against Islam. Ms. Norris has been forced to quit her job, change her name and abandon her life because of multiple death threats.”

    …from one phony radical Muslim group of 2-10 people based in New York, which no Muslim takes seriously, and which the authorities can’t seem to be bothered arresting.

    “You are not helping yourself by the attitude you have adopted on this website. You are, in fact, causing yourself and your community damage.The understanding and tolerance for the victim mentality of many muslims is reaching the end. We are tired, annoyed and about to be angry.”

    – You can get angry until you’re blue in the face, and it won’t change a thing. The facts are what they are, and if the victimization of Muslims being mentioned on this site bothers you so much, then either don’t read this website, or better yet, do something about the victimization, like denouncing it, and doing what you can to prevent Muslims from being victimized. It would be a lot better than getting hung up on over-sensationalized stories of threats from people no one likes.

  • AJ


    Think of it this way. Now if you are my neighbor and I roll down my window and I utter some profanities at you every day, ridicule you, your way of life, make fun of your kids, how you look like, although I am still in my house, I am sure police will be called and I could get arrested for harrasment. But you could stand in your yard, burn my holy book, draw Muhammad in your yard and piss on it, obstruct my places of worship but I should just deal with it since I am a Muslim and I am damned for life.

  • Dan

    @Whitney: “The South Park episode was never aired because of threats made by muslim groups.”

    That’s a lie. Only ONE Muslim group made a stupid threat, and no one in the Muslim community in the U.S. takes them seriously. The only ones who took them seriously was CNN, irresponsibly I might add, and gave these bozos more publicity than one could imagine.

    Comedy Central then decided to decline airing the cartoon due to a threat by one fringe group, one that is run by 2 retards. If anything, CC overreacted by a major factor IMO.

  • PS: Molly Noris has just been mentioned as a ‘Anti-Loon of the year’ on this website, something I agree with entirely given her calm rational in the face of all the anger and her distancing from the hate fest that was Everybody Draw Mohamed Day:

  • Whitney, if you read Loonwatch’s coverage of the Southpark episode, you’d get a clearer picture of the so called ‘treats’, made by a random group of about 12 ‘Muslims’ who are bared from many Mosques because of their vile views and hatemongering. It was, once again, blown out of all proportion by the usual suspects. Not once were normal Muslims allowed to have their views heard on the issue! Most if not all of us couldn’t give a damn about the Southpark thing, Southpark takes the piss out of everyone, the episode wasn’t with malice and in fact Mohamed has appeared in episodes before (as one of the Super Best Friends along with Jesus, the Buddha and Moses among others) with no complaints. Read here:

    However, at the same time, bashing Muslims is becoming more and more mainstream and it is not nice to be on the receiving end of it. I know that most people don’t partake in it and never will, but it is becoming more common and acceptable to do it. When have you seen Congressmen or Senators of all people bash members of a religious group to win votes? Or to see news pundits do the same? For a political candidate to go to the polls purely on his or her stance against a group? Or for said group to be displayed as taking over the US with no proof to back it up? For their places of worship to be obstructed and for people to take them to court over it? Or for a state to enact discriminating legislation against them? This is not a victim mentality here, this is worry about what this leads to.

  • Mosizzle

    “You are not helping yourself by the attitude you have adopted on this website.”

    You didn’t specify what the attitude is. This website isn’t run by Muslims, it is run by people from different backgrounds who oppose Islamophobia. It has numerous times supported freedom of speech and did not call Molly Norris an Islamophobe. Actually, Loonwatch published one of her cartoons with the statement “From Molly Norris, who we support and is one the Anti-Loons of the year:”.

    So please, Whitney, tell me what is wrong with the “attitude” of this website because I see nothing wrong with it.

    “We are tired, annoyed and about to be angry.”

    I certainly hope that it isn’t a threat for violence, because that would contradict what you were talking about.

  • Justin

    @ Whitney, what is wrong with the attitude on this site and how is it damaging the community?

  • Whitney

    The South Park episode was never aired because of threats made by muslim groups. Molly Norris who started everybody draw Mohammad day did it because she cares about 1st amendment rights, not because she is against Islam. Ms. Norris has been forced to quit her job, change her name and abandon her life because of multiple death threats. You are not helping yourself by the attitude you have adopted on this website. You are, in fact, causing yourself and your community damage. The understanding and tolerance for the victim mentality of many muslims is reaching the end. We are tired, annoyed and about to be angry.

  • Nordin

    Does Gary Bauer has any relationship with Glenn Beck or Bill O Reilly? Maybe all three of theme share the same braincell. I mean; Really! Really! Really! Is he serious? Well I know what he should wish for 2011. A new brain will be very useful

  • Awesome

    Empty vessels make much noise.

    – And your rants are a perfect example of that; they make a lot of noise, but are devoid of anything substantial.

    The Muslims have learnt one new word ISLAMOPHOBIA and they are harping on it day and night with their empty skulls.

    – Muslims never would’ve learned about “Islamophobia”, had it not been for the Islamophobes. You can thank them for it. Or better yet, just thank yourself since you’re one of them. You might also want to check up on the “empty skull” collection that you allude to, since Muslims have no such collections.

    Gary Baur has truthfully expressed his opinion.

    Which, of course, is not grounded in reality, but in his own fictional world.

    Muslims are treated much better in the Christian countries than the other way round.

    Because Christians in Muslim countries can practice their religion, congregate, work, travel, eat, own property and participate in society as they please, and that is just SO much worse than how Muslims are treated over here./sarcasm

    Go and find out how the Christians are treated in the Muslim countries ,following the footsteps of Mohammad who came as an ANTI-CHRIST and agent of DEVIL.

    Except you can’t really be an “anti-Christ”, when you speak the truth about Christ and practice the same religion as him (albeit with slightly different rules). Futhermore, you can’t really be an “agent of the Devil”, when you curse him.

    There was nothing spiritual about him.Only carnal,demonic and political.

    Yes, because submitting to the Almighty, and practicing patience and transcending your own desires, is just SO “carnal”, “demonic” and “political”./sarcasm

    The recent attack on the Christians in Iraq,Nigeria,Egypt and other Muslims countries should shut the Muslims up,but they continue barking incessantly,because they lack the thinking cells in their brain which lies between their legs and their private parts in their thick skull.

    Because the recent attacks on Muslims in the US, the UK, Germany and other countries somehow shouldn’t fall into the equation. At least, if you are a racist, right-wing, born-again Repugnantcan Christian fudamentalist hypocrite… like HalalPorky. To them, the fundamental physical characteristics of a human being magically change if they convert to Islam. But then, if you can believe in a 10,000 year old Earth, you can believe in anything.

    There is a saying that if you PISS in the desert ,It won’t make it fertile.It is the waste of your Piss.It is waste of time to continue arguing with the SNAKES in human form called Muslims.

    Snakes have brains and are intelligent. So are Muslims supposed to somehow be snakes in human form in one instance and yet brainless in another? What a strange inconsistency. But then, this is coming from someone who calls himself “HalalPork”, so it’s not so surprising.

    Magical snake men? Brainless people? Empty skull collections? Pork’s really pushing the believability of his fantasies.

  • AJ

    Every day millions of Muslim Americans contribute to this society as vendors, chefs, farmers, engineers, lawyers, architects, restaurateurs, mathematicians, doctors, professors, etc, etc. They think of this country as their country. Some were born here, some converted, some came from other countries for better opportunities, etc. Their purpose is to spend their lives doing something good and taking care of their families just as anybody else’s. Shame on lunatics like Gary Bauer, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and their ilk and the loons that roam on this board for delegitimizing these ordinary Muslims’ lives and marginalizing their rights for their own shameful agenda.

  • Sam Seed

    Ah me precious! Who let the pork out!

  • Mumija

    Porkboy is off on one, look at him go. It is pompous people like yourself that make Islamophobia a reality. You purposefully go to sites that you know would be visited by muslim readers to express your hateful and racist views with the sole purpose of offending people. I don’t know why you bother, you yourself admit that it is a waste of time towards the end of your idiotic post. Do yourself a favor, instead of posting utter garbage on the net, pick up your Bible and develop that “love filled spiritual” side of yourself.

    P.S. Note that i didn’t say anything negative about your religion, just your foul speech. See it as another proof that Christianity is not under as much attack as Baur would have you belive.


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