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Pamela Geller’s Followers Go Nuts (Or Are Nuts, or Something)

Even Jeffrey Goldberg is dishing it out to Geller’s followers.

Pamela Geller’s Followers Go Nuts (Or Are Nuts, or Something)

Jeffrey Goldberg

Please, nutty people, leave my e-mail inbox alone! I’ve been flooded with mail from defenders of Pamela Geller, the shrieking bigot who thinks all Muslims are evil, that Muslims live under her bed, that Muslims short-sheeted her bed at summer camp, and so on. Here is one such letter:

Pamela Geller is right, you want to see America and Israel destroyed. Why do you love Muslims so much? Are you a secret Muslim?

You got me! I am a secret Muslim. Well, not a secret one anymore. I’m actually known in Occupied Palestine as Abu Tsuris. I was a summer intern with Hamas (in the press office) and I’m hoping to get my M.A. in Shari’a from al-Azhar University, where I also play for the lacrosse team.

It is amazing to me how Geller’s followers think of Islam the way they believe Islam thinks of Christianity and Judaism. For the record: I’m a proud Jew, not observant enough, but trying, and I also admire many aspects of Islam. I don’t believe this to be a contradiction. I love Islamic art and architecture and poetry, and I appreciate the manner in which Islam provides meaning and solace to its followers. I appreciate Islam’s firm stand against idolatry, and I also find comfort in Islam’s stunning diversity. Included in this diversity, of course, are streams of Islam I find disagreeable, and one or two I find repugnant. But Islam, like Judaism, and like Christianity, is a universe. It is not a monolith, as Pamela Geller and her ilk would have you believe. Some of the best people I know are Muslim, and some of the worst are Muslim. The same holds true for Judaism. Pamela Geller is a terrible bigot because she believes that Islam is an intrinsically evil system, and that everyone who adheres to this system is intrinsically evil..

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  • Interesting read, with good links below.

    The Council on Foreign Relations has invited people to contact them regarding the influence of the likes of Spencer and Geller on Islamophobia.


    Analysis Brief

    Oslo’s Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Radicalism
    July 25, 2011

    Christopher Alessi, Associate Staff Writer

    The Nation’s Robert Dreyfuss asks how much influence did Islam-bashing conservatives like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have on fanatics like Brievik.

    Weigh in on this issue by emailing

  • To those who queried about the Angry Arab,

    It’s nothing to do with his being Arab, but his marxist atheist views, make him look at things through his atheist eyes, much like Chris Hedges for example and it’s not necessarily compatible with Islam.

    I read something of his that could be construed to be anti Islam and that put me off him.

  • NassirH

    What’s wrong with The Angry Arab? I usually like what he has to say. That he is a marxist or atheist is irrelevant.

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