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A Crazed and Unstable Pamela Geller Bad-Mouths Victims of Oslo Terrorist Attack

Anders Behring Breivik, the self-confessed Norwegian terrorist who killed over seventy-five innocent civilians, was a huge fan of anti-Muslim bloggers such as Jihad Watch‘s Robert Spencer and Atlas Shrug‘s Pamela Geller.  In fact, Breivik cited Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch dozens upon dozens of times in his manifesto.

Meanwhile, Pamela Geller reproduced an “email from Norway” that sounds like it came from Breivik (or somebody linked to him)–an email with an ominous warning:

We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast.

Geller specifically stated that she hid the identity of the emailer in order to prevent his arrest or prosecution.  After the Oslo terrorist attack, Geller had the same theory we did: the “email from Norway” sounds like it could be from Anders Behring Breivik.  And so, Geller stealthily removed the offensive line (about stockpiling weapons) from the “email from Norway.”  The question we asked yesterday was: could Pamela Geller have prevented the Oslo bloodbath by reporting the Norwegian emailer to authorities?

When news of the terrorist attack broke, the mainstream media–along with the anti-Muslim blogosphere including Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller–quickly blamed Muslims.  They called it “Norway’s 9/11” and stressed that it was the “worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history.”

But when it was revealed that the actual perpetrator was a white, blond and blue-eyed Christian–and an anti-Muslim right-winger to boot–then suddenly their tone quickly changed.  When it became known that the terrorist was in fact one of their own fans, suddenly they called for nuance and discretion: don’t rush to judgment, they implored.

Robert Spencer wrote an article entitled “The Blame Game,” whining that people were unjustly linking the terrorist to “counter-jihadists” like himself.  Funny how Spencer makes a living off of six degrees of association when it comes to Muslims, but suddenly cries foul when he is on the receiving end.

In that article, Spencer argues that it simply doesn’t make sense to link Breivik to the “counter-jihad movement.”  Fumed an irate Spencer (emphasis is ours):

1. Freedom fighters preach free speech, freedom of conscience and equality of rights for all people, against Sharia and Islamic supremacism that denies those rights, advocating only legal means of protest and dissent.

2. Some nutcase who allegedly expressed allegiance with the freedom fighters kills people, none of whom are preaching Sharia or Islamic supremacism.

3. Media assumes that #1 caused #2 and blames freedom fighters.

We had issued a response to this article, pointing out that Breivik was targeting people deemed to be “jihad-enablers:”

The obvious problem with Spencer’s logic is that it does not include his and other anti-Muslim loons’ consistent denunciations of “leftists” as jihad-enablers. This is a key tenant of the so-called anti-jihadist movement. They hate the left, or more specifically, anyone who treats Muslims with a smidgen of fairness and tolerance. Spencer and Geller consistently and constantly portray the left as those who would sell out the West to the scary Mooslems. Spencer’s hate site Jihad Watch is filled with posts denouncing the “Leftist/Jihadist alliance,” warning his readers of how the left will happily allow the Mooslem hordes to overthrow the West and “dhimmify” its population.

Breivik adopted this view of the left.  Paul Woodward notes that Breivik argued “that cultural conservatives should not identify their main opponents as Jihadists, but instead should focus their attention on those he regards as the ‘facilitators’ of Jihadists, namely, the proponents of multiculturalism.” It was these liberals and “multi-culturalists” that were the target of his rampage.

If a Neo-Nazi targeted and killed white people, this doesn’t mean that his killings weren’t related to his Neo-Nazi ideology if the targets were “race traitors” (white people who married black people, etc.).  Similarly, Anders Breivik was targeting non-Muslims who were “jihad-enablers” or “facilitators of the jihad.” (For the record, LoonWatch itself and other “leftist websites” have been accused of this.)

Proof that this was indeed the case can be found in the fact that Anders Breivik chose Utøya island as the target of his terrorist attack.  The island is owned by the Workers’ Youth League, the youth wing of the Labour Party, which is affiliated with Socialist International.  Apparently they were also sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.  These were left-leaning people who were targeted by Breivik, who in his mind were not only were socialists but jihad-enablers!

The Oslo terrorist chose to attack during the youth summer camp, which explains why an overwhelming majority of his victims were teenagers.  To make his attack even more grotesque, Breivik dressed up as a police officer, fooling children into coming out of hiding by claiming he was there to help them–only to shoot them when they did come out.

This was a truly heinous act.  Instead of mourning the dead, Pamela Geller–Breivik’s “spiritual benefactor”–is now bad-mouthing the innocent dead.  She calls the victims of the terrorist attack “anti-semites,” arguing that the summer camp is an “antisemitic indoctrination center” where they play “antisemitic war games.”  Blares the insane and lunatical Pamela Geller:

Utoya Island is a Communist/Socialist campground, and they clearly had a pro-Islamic agenda.

Aha! So, Pamela Geller’s comrade-in-arms Robert Spencer was just blowing smoke when he claimed that Breivik’s choice of victims just didn’t jive with the “counter-jihadist” ideology.  In reality, these dirty communists/socialists “had a pro-Islamic agenda.”  They were communists and pro-Islamists–that’s a two-for-one bag of hate for right-wingers.

And just like any good right-winger, Geller transitions swiftly between Communist references and Nazi/Hitler references, likening the victims to Hitler youth:

Glen Beck was not far off when he compared it to the Hitlerjugend or Young Pioneers.

The Young Pioneers was the youth organization for the Soviet Union, once again exhibiting how crazy right-wingers like Pamela Geller can move from Islamists to Nazis to Communism all in one breath.

More disgustingly, Pamela Geller mockingly and sarcastically refers to the young kids (who were the victims of the Oslo attack) as “little dearies:”

I saw at least one article that had photos of previous summers with the little dearies and their handlers assembling Israel-bashing displays.

Then she mentions something about “red diaper[s]” (wtf?)–I guess a reference to raising kids as communists.

And then we have Pamela Geller coming dangerously close to justifying the shooting, saying:

Breivik was targeting the future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives, including violent gang rapes, with impunity, and who live on the dole… all done without the consent of the Norwegians.

Don’t you get it?  Anders Breivik killed people who were enabling violent gang rapes!  He killed rape-enablers!  Is that even a crime?  Shouldn’t he get a medal for that?

Can anyone imagine the reaction had Norwegians (or Muslims!) mocked the victims of 9/11 in this way?

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  • Alpha Omega
  • truth

    Pamela galler is totally crazy as well as doom. She has no human feeling, I even wonder the kind of traning she is giving her four children.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Hahaha, wow… David WHOREowitz is begging for money? Well screw him. He’s already got plenty, and I wouldn’t lift a finger to help him if he goes broke through his own stupidity. BUT… is it just me or do I detect a hint of jealous? Is he upset that Breivik didn’t mention him?

  • proletariat

    the real question is, when will the left’s nuts drop and the fight back start? the prophet (PBUH) didn’t teach muslims to sit idly by as they are slaughtered, and anyone who could credibly call themselves a leftist wouldn’t do so either.

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  • How Islamic inventors changed the world

    Pam Geller And Robert Spencer Using Links To Norway Terrorist For Fundraising Campaign

    Aug 1, 2011

    From ThinkProgress:

    When the accused Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik’s so-called manifesto surfaced on the internet in the aftermath of the attacks, many commentators quickly took note of the citations to — and wholesale reproduction of pieces by — a group of American bloggers who fancy themselves ‘counter-Jihadists.’ Though no mainstream media outlets alleged that any responsibility for the attack rested with Islamophobic bloggers like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, the clear influence they had on Breivik’s anti-Muslim ideology garnered coverage in outlets like the New York Times.

    Now Geller and Spencer are leveraging all the attention to raise funds from their supporters. In the past week, both Geller and the David Horowitz Freedom Center — the group that houses Spencer’s Jihad Watch blog — sent out e-mail portraying themselves of victims of what Horowitz, in his letter, called attacks from the ‘international left.’

    In his July 26 email, Horowitz wrote that Spencer was under scrutiny ‘[b]ecause some of Robert’s ideas happen to have been cited by the lunatic responsible for the carnage.’ According to a ThinkProgress analysis of Breivik’s so-called manifesto, Spencer and his Jihad Watch blog were cited a combined 162 times in the 1,500-page document. (Horowitz was cited once.)

    Horowitz goes on to offer up a pamphlet he and Spencer are writing — titled: ‘Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future’ — and asks for donations, linking to a page to donate online.

  • Julieann Wozniak

    What is it with Beck and Nazis? Are they also hiding in his shorts? I find the American right wing’s dance with fascism more than a little alarming, and greatly offensive. My uncle, John Rohulich died at St. Lo….fighting Nazis. His name is on the town honor roll, for godsake. Most of the Jews in Europe were butchered by Nazis and Pam Geller just luuurves her fellow loon from Norway. Boje moi!

  • Michael

    Excellent article on Al-Jazeera English. Foxman, Zionism and Islamophobia.

    Read it here:

  • melodius

    I fail to see much of an ideological difference between neocon intellectuals and the movement’s terrorist fringe. Moreover, their reaction proves that they have no fundamental problem with Breivik’s actions, only with the light it sheds on them. Which also means that it is very probable that we’ll see more of the same in the future.

    One question though: will Geller and her ilk be prosecuted under the USA Patriot Act ? Will they be sent to Guantanamo ?

  • safak

    Guys she is doing this for money… Obviously shes going to try every despicible tactic in the book to keep her job going. You can’t expect someone to have a complete change of career after nearly 10 years of earning lots of money and some fame and TV time, and recently a subtantial fan following. So obviously she will throw every Nazi, communist, socialist label she can hurl at them, since nothing else is saving her ass at this point anyway…

    Whats dangerous about all this is that now showing support for Palestinians grants you a death wish! If her followers believe this (leaving Geller aside) then I would worry about more attacks like Norway in the future…

  • Isa

    Allah’s Nur is nowhere to be found in this woman. It’s a shame.

  • NT

    Please watch this very interesting video and pass it on!

  • eslaporte

    When the loons surround themselves with other loons – they have no idea of what the sane and rational world is really like.

  • Skhan

    Dudes look! Pammy’s wearing a necklace that says LOVE on it!!!!!! XD!!!!!

  • Sourin Mahbub

    Our biggest mistake is repeatedly thinking that somehow Pamela the witch, and her fellow reactionary subhumans, can be rehabilitated off of their vision of a divisive and bizarre world. Hypocrisy and outright displays of moral turpitude seem like the normal course of action for them.

    Its not a matter of differing values either; they’re just simply mentally underdeveloped. Reasoning doesn’t work with them. I think we should make a concerted effort to ridicule these clowns to the point where they cease to be relevant, and it becomes “uncool” to hold views similar to theirs.

  • NassirH

    “Why is this a surprise to anyone?”

    I’m not surprised. Islamophobes, including Geller, have said worse in the past. The difference is that less people cared and noticed back then. The attack in Norway brought a lot of unwanted attention to the Islamophobic blogosphere.

  • Nemo Fish

    The more extreme and hateful she becomes, the sooner people will discover the true devil behind her face! Still, you will find fans who support her even if she explicitly endorses violence.

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