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Christians Pray for Jesus to Invade Muslims Dreams Before Michigan Becomes an Islamic State

Lou Engle wants to convert Muslims by invading their dreams, I guess that beats literally invading their countries. (hat tip: M)

Detroit prayer rally aims to convert Muslims

An evangelical group known a The Call, headed by Lou Engle, is planning a prayer rally at Ford Field in Detroit in Nov. 11 with the goal of converting Muslims before they turn Michigan into an Islamic state.

In a Youtube video, Engle and another pastor, Rick Joyner, say that the event will use prayer to send dreams of Jesus to the Muslims and convert them:

Joyner: One of the things Detroit has become known for in our nation is the largest Muslim community in our nation, and Dearborn, it’s growing. Many havesaid there actually is an attempt to make Michigan our first Muslim state…. You cannot understand our modern world today without understanding Islam, and the Lord called them hypocrites who did not know the Signs of the Times. We need to know and understand this issue, we have to. And Islam is in our face, everywhere we return. And here, in America, this is the one place where it is most in our face, right now…

Engle: At 11-11-11 the Lord just clearly showed to us, you got to pray all night long because it’s when the Muslims sleep and all over the world right now Muslims in the night are having dreams of Jesus, we believe that God wants to invade with His love Dearborn with dreams of Jesus. We’re gathering together to say God, pour out your grace and revelations of Jesus all over Dearborn and the Muslim communities of North and South America.

Joyner and Engle were also two of the primary movers behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally in Houston in early August.

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  • Géji

    Mr/Mrs @Twiceasnice….. You absolutely have no idea of how many idiots we have to answer on a daily basis, who reason like you, think like you, and uses their abitities to type to communicate their utter nonsensical notion of superiority, and deep seeded comtemptment for the “other”, without even possessing a basic knowledge about that hated and looked down upon “other”.

    You said that “dislike” and “hating” Islam is not “bigoted”, “racist”, or “phobic”.
    Well i’ll live you with this, the last time someone “disliked” and “hated” someone elses religion?? We had WW2, and 6 million human beings gassed solely for their religious believe. So you will excuse me if for me, its people who thinks like you that worry me deeply and scares the hell out of me.

  • Anj

    I personally find it amusing when you tell your Christian friends that the term Jesus is not found in Hebrew or Aramaic! Jesus wouldn’t know his name is Jesus!
    As for Muslims then there is an enormous amount of respect for “Jesus” or yeshua ( eesa ibn maryam).
    We consider his message is in absolute unity with the message of the prophet of islam!
    Infact you will find a large chunk of the Muslims living will be called eesa, in honour of the prophet of the Christians!

  • twiceasnice

    All religion is dumb just some faiths worse than others. Their prayers mean nothing.

    I worry more about what Muslims will do in the name of their faith: suicide bombings, stoning/beheading/hanging gays, adulterers, apostates, killing those that “insult” their supernatural superstition, rape victims needing four witnesses to prove rape, child marriage, women’s inequality in inheritance the list goes on. Flogging minor transgressors, gross human rights abuses.

    Really even though my comments never see the light of day, you need to point the finger at your own “cult” dressed up as a religion. Hating, dislike Islam is not bigoted, phobic or racist!

    You’d all be mindful to remember that.

  • Mustafa

    Alhamdulillah for the new Khalifate of Michigan?

  • marwan

    i had a wonderful dream of Hazrat Issa (pbuh) when I was 16. i sat in front of him, hugged him and kissed him on both shoulders. This experience confirmed me in my own faith and certainly did not convert me to Christianity! Some of you have alluded to accounts of so called conversions and the mechanics of this are indeed interesting. Without going in to too much detail I would highly recommend (The Psychology of Religious Conversion) by William Sargent. It would seem that if you can create suitable conditions u can make a person believe anything!

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  • Géji

    “I am sick and tired of the name of Jesus being dragged though the Islamophobic mud!”

    I agree with you, people should say enough is enough. However I’m afraid Jesus(pbuh) has been dragged not only through the hateful rhetorical side of the Islamophobia mud, but also in the mind of many fanatic Christian zelots – [including former president Bush and some in the military] – they really believe they’re on a path of a crusade commanded by Jesus(pbuh). Remember the “jesus rifles” scandal and the pig fat bullets, not to mention wacko Bush’ infamous call to France’s president Chirac, or the “army” of Bible armed evengelical missionaries that have been unleashed in Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan and beyond in the Muslim majority world. So in their twisted mind there is a war of “Jesus(pbuh) Army” vs “Muhammad(pbuh) Army” going on.

    Whats even more pathetic and ignorant on those fanatic evangelicals part, is their total unawareness of the fact that the Qur’an is full of Jesus(pbuh)’ history, mission and purposes, and that Muslims not only know this history full well, but beyond the confusion and mythology, who he also was, as he preached the message of the Oneness of God. And the fact remains t’ll this day he is revered as mutch as Muhammad(pbuh), and has the same status as him in Islam and for Muslims.

    As for those fanatics “praying” for Muslims’s dreams to be invated by Jesus(pbuh), Thanks but Jesus son of Mary already lives in Muslims’s dreams as the Prophet send some 2000yrs ago by Allah The One God.

    And Muslims do follow him way better than those hateful fanatics. But perhaps Jesus(pbuh) should invade their dreams – [and the dreams of @cartoon(Porky), @Susanna and other fanatics] – to erase and destroy from their hearts and minds, the hate and prejudice perpetraded in his name against Muslims whom I’m certain he already knows loves him and follows him as a guide in this jungle we call world.

  • Truth Hurts

    @The BigT89 & Ilm > I love the responses, what else can one do but laugh & pity them.

    Surely there must be some element of common sense? I could not convert purely because of dreams, that is like taking them seriously as those who hear voices telling them to murder their spirit-possessed children.

    P.S. In no way do I mean to offend my Christian brothers/sisters.

    I suppose these dream trespass inciters are far better comic value than those whose invasions are of violent force.

  • Fox news

    The guys are missing the point. It isn’t much of a big deal that Christians believe Jesus will invade dreams. They are free to believe so and must have their own reasons to believe so.

    What matters is the mentality behind it of the supposed muslim takeover of their state, which is being driven into the mind of their followers planting the seed of “us vs them”.

  • Jack Cope

    Ah you you have a direct phone line to ‘Satan’ and asked him Mr Pork? Or did you fax? Thought he got rid of the whole fax line. And God, you e-mailed Him and asked right? You’re dull.

  • Cartoon

    @ Curly :It would be SATAN ,telling you that Islam is a true religion.It won’t be GOD.

  • Deadroads

    Well…if invading their countries didn’t work out so well, why not their dreams? There are questions, of course…like how do you do a parachute drop into someone’s cerebellum…and can I now bust out my favorite Cheap Trick album, Dream Police?….

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  • Sam Seed

    A common saying amongst some Christians is ‘Jesus loves you’. I say bring your proof. Don’t put words into the Messenger’s mouth. For all I know, Jesus was never called Jesus in his lifetime, rather he would have been called Esau or Yeshua in original Aramaic. Would Esau like to be called ‘Jesus’? You can ask him on the Day of Judgment.

  • Curly

    @Abdullah Hashim,
    Yeah, for your information, some Muslims told me too. If I pray earnest God, God would revelate Prophet Mohammad to me and informed me Islam is the true religion. (Shrug-shoulder)

  • RDS

    The Dream Police, they come to me in my head~ (music)

  • Solid Snake

    Heh, I better inform my dream citizens that they will be liberated soon from my tyyranical rule! Haha! The imaginary statue in the middle of dreamland will be torn down and all will cheer! Until sectarian violence civil war erupts between the dream sect and nightmare sect! And paid “third party” dream security units will be hired by the occupying forces! Chaos will ensue! These people willl have to continue sending dream soldiers into my dreams to fix the mess they caused! They will eventually set up a puppet dream president!

  • Isa

    Give me credit for the title

  • Isa

    I think someone should make a documentary about this, and call it “A Nightmare on ‘Ilm Street.”

  • farlowe

    “All Muslims already believe in Jesus and make no distinction between him and Muhammad (PBUH)”

    Jesus and Muhammad are quite different characters, on both a literal and a mythical level.
    It’s a bit like comparing the sacred heart (anahata chakra) with the will-to-power of the navel chakra. Both valid but quite different.

  • Franczeska

    Invading Muslims’ dreams. Like in the Freddy Kreuger films?

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